Thoughts create reality: how to shape your life positively

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Thoughts create reality: how to shape your life positively

Thoughts create reality: What sounds rather philosophical at first can be well proven in practice, as the well-known work Thoughts create reality impressively illustrated by Dieter Broers.

This means that you have the chance to influence your thoughts and steer your life in a positive direction. We would like to explain how this works in detail below.

How powerful are our thoughts really?

The fact that our thoughts are incredibly powerful does not need to be explained in detail, as you experience it first-hand every day. Perhaps you know the famous quote from Charles Reade:

Pay attention to your thoughts,

because they become your words.

Pay attention to your words,

because they become actions.

Pay attention to your actions,

because they will Habits.

Pay attention to your habits,

because they become your character.

Pay attention to your character,

because it will be your destiny!

Charles Reade

This Wisdom is true if you observe yourself. Your thoughts influence your feelings and perceptions. What you think about most will be reflected in your reality because your perception is aligned with these situations. Depending on what it is, this fact can be both positive and self-damaging.

Let's assume that you are tormented by a certain level of suffering, e.g. in relation to a physical feature. If you focus on this mentally, it is very likely that situations will arise that confirm your preconceived opinion. It is quite possible that you will interpret neutral situations as negative. This brings us back to the topic of thoughts creating reality.

your thoughts create your reality

The science behind the concept: thoughts create reality

Quantum physics proves that the theory "thoughts create reality" is by no means an esoteric idea. Every thought generates a vibrational frequency, with negative and positive thoughts differing significantly in their frequency.

So far, so good, but this is where it gets really interesting. Similar frequencies attract each other. Put simply, this means that positive thoughts will be followed by further positive thoughts. The same is self-explanatory in reverse.

Your thoughts in turn have an influence on your appearance. With a positive charisma, you attract people and situations that will also provide positive input. Who on the other hand unsafe and depressed attracts negativity.

The laws of consciousness: a deeper insight

As Awareness is the perception of mental states. You are able to perceive emotions such as sadness, joy, excitement, love and Fear to perceive. The laws of consciousness are also referred to as hermetic laws. These include:

  •  The law of spirituality
  • The law of correspondence
  • The law of vibration
  • The law of polarity
  • The law of rhythm
  • The law of cause & effect
  • The law of gender

Even if they have different contents, all laws state that your external experience is always a mirror of your soul. You can find out how to apply the laws of consciousness profitably and what they say in detail in the well-known guidebook "Higher Mind: The laws of consciousness" by Andreas Schwarz.

Your thoughts create your reality: practical examples

The way in which thoughts create an individual's personal reality can be illustrated using numerous everyday examples. Perhaps you even recognize yourself in one of these examples:

Negative example: "I'm afraid to speak in front of people."

You have been told since childhood that you are shy and reserved. This Belief Set you have internalized this so much that you actually tense up immediately when you come into contact with people. You would like to be open and approachable and are tired of being labeled a quiet little mouse - who perhaps can't express herself properly.

You try to approach people more openly, but always with the fear in the back of your mind that you will make a fool of yourself or that they will judge your way of speaking negatively. Now someone actually laughs at a comment you made. You see this as confirmation that you simply can't communicate with people.

Without this conviction, you would probably not even notice the laughter or at least not relate it to you personally. Instead, you would wonder whether the other person has a problem. But because the reaction of laughter touches a sore spot in you, you see your negative assumption confirmed - although this doesn't have to be the case.

Positive example: "I think I'm beautiful."

You are with yourself and your body happyeven if you are not perfect. You don't reject compliments, you accept them. As your self-perception is shaped positively, you will become more sensitive to all the little things in everyday life that confirm your positive self-image.

Let's say you see people whispering about you. As an insecure person, you would worry about what flaw they are talking about. You would feel uncomfortable and humiliated. With a positive attitude towards yourself, you are also open to the option that people might have said something nice: Maybe they were just admiring your dress or hairstyle?

Creating reality with thoughts: step-by-step instructions

We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

Thoughts create reality; Step 1: Identify negative thoughts

In order to change your thoughts, the first step is to become aware of which thoughts are negatively affecting you. It shouldn't be too difficult to find out, as these are usually personal and stressful life issues.

Thoughts create reality; Step 2: Formulate positive affirmations

At positive affirmations are life-affirming sentences that you can use to encourage yourself. However, there are a few rules to follow so that they have the desired effect. The sentences should be formulated in the present tense and none contain negations. Furthermore, they must not be untrue or unrealistic.


"I accept me a little more every day."

"I'm learning to be braver."

"I am sticking to my goals."

Thoughts create reality; Step 3: Use your imagination

Did you know that the human brain is unable to distinguish between reality and visualizations? This is even scientifically proven. So by imagining in every detail how it will feel to have your Achieving goalsyou actually get closer to them!

Your emotions are crucial here. You mentally focus on the positive and attract positive events accordingly. This significantly increases your chances of achieving your goals in real life.

Thoughts create reality; Step 4: Become active

Of course, dreaming alone is not enough to successful to be. No matter how beautiful and detailed you imagine your success: For it to become reality, you have to take action. So boldly implement whatever is necessary!

Thoughts create reality; Step 5: Strengthen resilience

To benefit from the power of positive thoughts in the long term and maintain them even in life crises, you should strengthen your resilience. This refers to psychological resistance. In our Professional article you will receive valuable tips on how you can succeed.

The role of coaching in transforming your thoughts

Transforming your own thoughts is not as easy as it sounds. Above all, traumatic experiences and negative beliefs about yourself can get in your way. A professional coach can help you to recognize and work through these blockages.

Personal development through conscious thought control

Dealing with the topic of "thoughts create reality" and changing your own thoughts requires a lot of willpower and strength. Here you will grow inwardly.

Dealing with yourself is never easy, especially when you have to face difficult issues. Negative spirals of thought always have a cause, which must first be investigated before the thoughts can be transformed.

5 tips to positively change your thought patterns

Here are 5 tips to help you change your thoughts for the better.

1. mindfulness

In your hectic everyday life, always consciously Timeto take a deep breath and notice the beautiful things around you. This will make you more relaxed inside and help you stay calm in crisis situations. more serene. Negative thoughts have a harder time establishing themselves.

2. self-reflection

Deal with yourself without judging yourself. Rather, it's about finding positive solutions to mental stress: Which aspects of your personality do you want to work on? Which trigger points repeatedly trigger negative feelings or even self-harming behavior? Where do your strengths lie and how can you make targeted use of them?

3. gratitude

People who are under a lot of emotional stress often forget all the good things in their lives. In this case, it has proven useful to keep a gratitude diary. Every evening, write down what you are grateful for during the day. grateful have been. In difficult situations, you can pick up the book to give you new courage.

4. pay attention to your surroundings

Are you with people who feed your negative self-beliefs? Then you should - even if it's difficult - extricate yourself from them. toxic relationships solve. Instead, surround yourself with people who give you strength.

5. look for inspiration

Thoughts create reality: so much is possible if you believe in it - and act accordingly, of course. Look for role models who are already at the point where you would like to be. These people certainly didn't always have it easy either.

Thoughts create reality: the path to self-realization through the conscious power of thought

You can use the power of your thoughts to change your perception and therefore achieve your goals faster. Quantum physics proves that positive thoughts attract further positive thoughts - and therefore also positive events. You will always experience what you are inwardly convinced of. You can use this knowledge to your advantage.


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