Clear communication

René Borbonus: Clear communication improves the quality of life

A clear communication improves the quality of life, increases productivity and contributes to how effective our interpersonal relationships are.

Unclear communication, on the other hand, leads to misunderstandings, tensions and a high potential for frustration. To avoid such circumstances, it is immensely important to master the art of clear communication.

Rhetoric expert René Borbonus will tell you exactly how you can bring more clarity into your communication. In the following, we have prepared a lecture by René, in which he will give you numerous tips on how to develop clear communication in your private and professional life.

Clear communication and self-perception

"Of all the life skills at our disposal, communication is probably the most powerful." - Mary Virginia Martin

Decelerate everyday life

The fact is: We absorb more information in a day than our grandparents did in an entire week. The consequence: We are cognitively tired. With this vast amount of data, it is no wonder that clear communication is not taking place.

We can confidently do without a large part of the information. Or is it really important that you check your Facebook timeline every five minutes to see what your friends had for lunch?

We maintain that clear communication requires relevance. Therefore, as far as possible deal with Topics that move you forward in life and avoid distractions caused by irrelevant information flows.

Use your time wisely

We owe something wonderful to death. It's the limitation of life. Without the limitations, the design would make no sense at all.

And when the limitation becomes clear to us, we develop the consciousness to think about the design. Because memento mori (remember you are about to die) always leads to carpe diem (seize the day).

Clear communication thus begins clear awareness ahead. In this context you have to ask yourself the question in which areas of life you are still unclear.

Communication in interpersonal relationships

Your ability to communicate is an important means of achieving your goals, whether with your family, colleagues, clients and customers. - Les Brown

Clear communication is not a matter of course. In everyday life we find numerous proofs. Maybe you have experienced one of the two following stories as well.

Example 1: A family travels by car from Bonn to Frankfurt. "Jens, if you don't stop right now, you'll get out here!". Because her son again cannot keep still, which is why the mother cannot concentrate on the traffic.

How do you think the son will react? Will he respond to his mother's threat? Or will he continue with his Punch and Judy show, knowing full well that his mother won't throw him out in the middle of the highway? How do you think the son would have reacted if the mother had shown clear communication?

Example 2: A father is on the playground with his son. ,,Alexander, are you coming? We have to go home." Alexander replies: "No, I still want to play with my friends." "Okay, daddy's leaving now."

How will the son react in this situation? Will he get scared and go home with his father? Or will he calmly continue playing with his friends?

What do we learn about clear communication from these two examples? The answer: Clear communication forms relationships. Relationships shape quality of life. It is worth investing in them.

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