Patric Heizmann: "When it comes to food, value quality - not quantity!"

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We all know how nutrition works - in theory. And yet, in practice, it often doesn't work. Do you always eat as healthy, vitamin-rich and varied as you should? If so, congratulations, keep up the good work! If not - no problem at all. "You're like the majority. Most people don't have a knowledge problem, they have an implementation problem," knows nutrition coach Patric Heizmann from experience. You carry a permanent battle also between your head and your belly. Your head may know that you should eat more fruits and vegetables. But your tummy wants chocolate. Does this sound familiar?

Eat your fill. Otherwise your stomach will drive you to the next food source.

Patric Heizmann

Of course, we know who wins most battles: usually the gut. And that's why the all-important question is how we get our belly to do what our head has set its mind to. Coach, fitness trainer and entertainer Patric Heizmann knows the answer: "This only works if we always eat our fill. Because if we don't, our stomach grumbles and grumbles and drives us to the next food source."

And at the next food source, we then prefer to indulge in very high-calorie foods. The expert knows: "That's why such nonsense as FDH doesn't work. FDH does not mean eat half. It means frustration through starvation. That's exactly how most diets work. And at some point we get totally frustrated and don't stick it out."

Patric Heizmann: "Protein keeps us full for a long time"

So even if we want to reduce our weight, we have to eat - and eat in such a way that it tastes good and keeps you full for a long time. In combination with endurance and strength training, we create a calorie deficit in this way. However, we should be careful not to eat too many carbohydrates. Patric Heizmann: "Carbohydrates cause a blood sugar roller coaster. Instead, it is protein that keeps us full for a long time and that we should take in more." More on why fish and meat are such good sources later.

Quality instead of quantity

But does it always have to be meat? Patric Heizmann: "I think ethically convinced vegetarians are good. Because I have the feeling that the attitude of many meat eaters is no longer correct. The majority of them are happy when a kilogram of minced meat costs less than a can of dog food." Of course, that can't work.

That's why the golden rule applies: eat less meat and focus on quality instead of quantity. Patric Heizmann also describes himself as a part-time vegetarian. The expert knows what is good for us and has respect for all those who live not only vegetarian, but vegan: "I admire how Vegan to stick to eating no animal products whatsoever."

Animal protein sources

But are animal protein sources fundamentally bad? And what does Patric Heizmann think about milk? He says: "Milk is okay for those who can tolerate it. You shouldn't suck a cow every day, but dairy products are okay in moderation." But the sports and nutrition expert's favorite source of protein is definitely eggs - and egg yolks at that.

Patric Heizmann considers the bad word cholesterol to be clearly overrated. Instead, he knows that egg yolk is very healthy. It contains numerous nutrients for skin, hair and fingernails. Patric Heizmann: "Egg white is the make-up from the inside." Egg white is also a real secret recipe for the eyes. The expert explains: "On the retina there is the so-called yellow spot, the point with the highest visual acuity."

This visual acuity deteriorates during aging. However, egg white helps to slow down this process: "If you want to see well until old age, you should eat the whole egg with egg yolk. Because there are protective substances in it, which protect exactly this yellow spot. Or in short: eggs protect sharp-sighted eyes. So please enjoy your breakfast egg, and on Sundays, even three."

Vegetable protein sources

In addition to animal sources of protein, there are of course also plant sources. These include legumes such as beans, lentils and peas, soy products and nuts. Patric Heizmann: "Nuts have very high-quality fats. The walnut in particular has many omega-3 fatty acids, which are very valuable for the brain." The nutrition professional appeals: "Eat more nuts - preferably a handful a day."

Protein thus promotes the brain, especially creative thinking. But it can do even more, as Patric Heizmann reports: "When we have fun doing something, our body releases the motivational hormone dopamine. Then we have a real synapse party in the frontal lobe. That's when the happy hormones do a polonaise through the body." Put simply, low protein, low dopamine. A lot of protein, a lot of dopamine, and a lot more... good mood.

Exercise and sport

The largest protein store is our muscles. So that it can be refilled regularly, you should do enough sports. However, it is not only about the right exercise in the form of endurance. Strength training is at least as important as endurance training. Patric Heizmann: "Strength training is very effective, especially if you train the abdominal muscle. You should do this regularly to stay fit. So my simple tips are: Eat more protein, step on the gas a bit more when exercising and focus more on strength training when doing so."

The perfect day

Sounds quite simple, doesn't it? But what if the well-known implementation problem comes back? If your knowledge is there, but your inner swine is stronger? Patric Heizmann: "We are all creatures of habit. That's why it doesn't work to radically change everything from one day to the next. There is a reason why we eat the way we do: Because food is often emotionally connected. And this link cannot simply be broken from one day to the next."

But the expert has a solution: "Pick one day a week to be your perfect day. And on this one day you do as much as possible right. Now repeat this day week after week. After four to five weeks, you'll feel different on that perfect day: powerful, satiated, and focused. During the other days of the week, you get to let loose."

And now something exciting happens: Quite automatically you will transfer the special actions of the perfect day bit by bit to the other days. Patric Heizmann: "It worked great for me, too. After all, healthy eating is not witchcraft. In the end, however, it is also true that life is not an endurance test. Food has to taste good and keep you full for a long time." You see, with a few practical tricks, the eternal battle between head and stomach can be ended. Now it's your turn, try it out!

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