What character traits characterize the ESFP personality?

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What character traits characterize the ESFP personality?

Even though every person has his or her own distinctive personality, it can be observed that distinctive personality traits always show up in a comparable way in different people. The division of people into personality types has a long tradition in psychology. Over the years, various personality concepts have been developed.

One of the best known personality models is the Myers-Briggs System. A distinction is made between 16 different personality types distinguished. The ESFP character is the third most common personality type among the female population. Among men, about 7 % can be classified as ESFP. The ESFP loves to create hullabaloo and be the center of attention. Hence, he is also known as an entertainer.

What does the abbreviation ESFP stand for?

The abbreviation ESFP stands for the following characteristics:

  • E: Extraverts (= Extroverts)
  • S: Sensors (= Receiver)
  • F: Feelers
  • P: Perceivers (= perceiving)

Let's look at the character traits detail:

Extraverts (= Extroverts)

Extroverts enjoy basking in the light of attention. They are usually the center of their circle of friends. They are outgoing and open-minded. Their enthusiasm is contagious. In a new environment, it doesn't take long for them to make friends.

Sensor (= Receiver)

Sensitives live in the here and now. They don't waste their energy speculating about the future or rehashing the past. They are practical and always base their decisions on tangible facts. Speculating about what might be going on in the background is far from their mind. For them, the only facts that count are those that can be proven.


Feelers have a keen sense of other people's emotional needs. They like to help and mean their help sincerely. Feelers trust that their feelings will point them in the right direction. Is someone in their environment unhappyfeel the need to cheer the person up.


Perceivers love spontaneity in their everyday life. They lead a flexible and adaptable life. They do not like to commit themselves bindingly to one thing. They much prefer to keep several options open and wait to see what will turn up. Their intuition for useful opportunities helps them to find profitable Making decisions.

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The ESFP personality at a glance

People of the ESFP personality type are cheerful and pleasant contemporaries. They know how to make the best of any situation. They have a distinctive Charisma. When they enter a room, the party begins. ESFPs spread hustle and bustle and good mood. Hardly any other personality type manages to carry away his fellow men so much in his euphoria.

ESFPs are masters of entertainment. They like to be in the spotlight and see the world as a big stage. Therefore, it is not surprising that many notable stars classify themselves as ESFPs. The ESFP is most comfortable when surrounded by people. He is sociable and, despite his affinity for the limelight, takes pleasure in the little things in life.

In addition, the ESFP has an outstanding sense of style and trends. People of this personality type attach great importance to fashion, styling and body care. They also like to try out new styles. However, the ESFP often tends to live beyond his means. He is so carefree and spontaneous that it sometimes gets him into trouble.

Strengths of the ESFP personality

The following strengths distinguish the ESFP personality:


ESFP personalities live fully in the present. Therefore, they are very sensitive to the perception of real and tangible changes. If these vibrations do not go in the desired direction, the ESFP can intervene immediately. If they are harbingers of desired change, the ESFP seizes opportunities before others have even registered them.

Excellent People skills

ESFPs don't like to be alone. They spend most of their lives in company. As a result, they encounter numerous different characters and learn to size them up fairly quickly. ESFP personalities can converse with all other personality types. They always find the right conversation topic.

Practical predisposition

ESFPs do not burden themselves with speculation. They accept situations as they are without adding to them. ESFP personalities always act fact-based, which leads to constructive results. They work quickly and purposefully. People of this personality type rarely get bogged down. They reliably filter out unimportant information.

A flair for the perfect appearance

ESFP personalities are born aesthetes. They pay a lot of attention to their external appearance and like to try out new stylings. But they also always demonstrate a high degree of creativity in their actions. They see every situation as an opportunity to perform. Other people often ask the ESFP for advice when it comes to style advice.


Standards and traditions don't mean too much to the ESFP. It does not shy away from its Leave comfort zone, in order to gain new experiences. People of this personality type are extremely eager to experiment in all areas of life. They have no difficulty in standing out from the crowd. This makes them feel alive.

The ability to enjoy

ESFP personalities want to enjoy life to the fullest. They are courageous and open-hearted towards new challenges. Their greatest concern is missing out. Few other personality types appreciate the pleasures of life as much as the ESFP. Gloom and brooding play no part in his life.

ESFP personalities want to live life to the fullest

Weaknesses of the ESFP personality

The ESFP personality struggles with the following weaknesses:

Conflict Averse

ESFP personalities tend to ignore conflicts and hush up unpleasant facts. Freely according to the motto: What has not been said is not real. Instead of dealing with conflicts, ESFPs often ridicule difficult situations. Other people often feel that their concerns are not taken seriously.

Lack of critical faculties

ESFP personalities can handle criticism very poorly. They often react inappropriately or even indignantly. People of this personality type often feel cornered by criticism, even if this was not the intention of the person criticizing. They lack the ability to deal constructively with appropriate criticism and to use it for positive change.

Risk appetite

ESFPs quickly feel bored with their everyday lives. They are always on the lookout for a new thrill. To do so, they often take risks that could potentially harm them. ESFP personalities don't think much of long-term plans for the future. They prefer to plunge headlong into adventure. By the time they realize that another path would have been more sensible, it is usually too late.

Uncertain future

This weakness follows on from the risk aversion discussed earlier. ESFP personalities feel a real aversion to making binding plans for the future. They do not think about the consequences of their current actions for the future. They are convinced that they can change course at any time if necessary. Unfortunately, this does not always correspond to the facts.


Even in their school days, ESFP personalities find it difficult to focus on a single task. As a result, they often get bogged down. Even when talented, ESFP personalities often don't stay on the ball long enough to achieve greater Achieving goals.

Career of the ESFP personality

ESFP individuals strive for career paths that enable them to cooperate and communicate with others. Through their empathy they manage to adapt to the mood of their work environment. In a cheerful atmosphere, ESFP personalities flourish. If the atmosphere at work is dampened, they try with much Empathy support and motivate their colleagues.

ESFP personalities are perfectly suited to the events industry. They are dedicated tour guides, sales people and event managers. All professions that aim to generate good vibes magically attract people of this personality type. Numerous ESFPs can also be found in show business. They are celebrated singers, actors and comedians.

ESFP people combine emotional sensitivity with independence and resourcefulness. The winning union of these traits opens the doors to impressive career paths. As long as they can please others with what they do, they are happy themselves. This is why ESFPs can also be found in social or medical professions.

Career of the ESFP personality

ESFPs need contacts and challenges

Jobs in which there is no interpersonal interaction cause the ESFP to atrophy emotionally. For this reason, lonely office jobs as well as home office freelancing are not right. In addition, the job itself must also be challenging. If everything always follows the same pattern, the ESFP will quickly feel bored.

For a smooth career, ESFPs need to feel that they are not only appreciated, but genuinely liked. If ESFPs have the impression that they are merely tolerated and tolerated, this inhibits their performance and creativity. They depend on the approval of their superiors and colleagues in order to feel that they belong. If these conditions are met, ESFPs master every challenge with flying colors.

Relationships of the ESFP personality

ESFPs enjoy the lightness of being. This trait also extends to the topic of love and partnership. ESFPs are not averse to non-committal adventures. When they meet someone, they want to savor the happiness of the moment with them. The ambition to get to know each other slowly and to create the basis for a common future is usually not pursued by the ESFP.

What the ESFP says today about its new romance can be null and void within a week. Here today, there tomorrow: this is the love motto of the ESFP. This is especially true at a young age. ESFP personalities have the Needto let off steam. If a romance bores him, the ESFP will end it even before it can develop into a serious relationship.

In later life, however, most ESFP personalities manage to work on their volatility when it comes to partnerships. To do so, however, they must realize that investing effort and commitment in a single relationship can be worthwhile. But even the relationships that don't last are usually remembered by their partner. This is where the creativity and ingenuity of the ESFP comes in.

Just do not commit

ESFPs avoid conflictual issues because they are unable to deal with them. This is also reflected in partnership communication. Serious topics are usually addressed only in passing and, if possible, lightened up with an ironic joke. This can irritate or even annoy the partner. The refusal to become serious and binding leads, in the worst case, to the Separation.

The aspect of the lack of Critical faculties plays a decisive role in the ESFP's love life. If an outsider wants to dictate how the ESFP should lead their love life, they will become quite angry. If their own partner criticizes them, this is even more hurtful. The advice not to take the criticism personally, but to see it as a helpful impulse, often misses the mark.

Because of this fact, ESFP people usually look for an environment from the outset that has a similar attitude to life as they do. In this way conflicts can be avoided. The ESFP hears from his like-minded friends and partners only what he wants to hear. This may be convenient, but it does not give him the chance to personal development denied.

Curiosities about the ESFP

The following interesting facts about the ESFP personality are guaranteed not to be known by everyone:

  • The ESFP personality type prefers to solve problems using emotional coping strategies. They rarely draw on spiritual resources.
  • ESFP personalities prefer practical learning to theoretical learning.
  • Of all personality types, ESFP personalities are most likely to attain a college degree.
  • Of all personality types, the ESFP watches television the longest (up to 3 hours per day).
  • Of all the personality types, the ESFP has the second highest satisfaction in marriage.
  • The ESFP belongs to the personality types that have the highest Satisfaction in professional life.

Source: MBTI Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 3rd Edition.

Famous ESFP people

The following famous people match the ESFP personality type:

  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Dolly Parton
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Elvis Presley
  • Bob Hope
  • Paul McCartney
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Serena Williams
  • Elton John
  • Adele
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Miley Cirus
  • Steve Irwin
  • Adam Levine

Famous ESFP people from film and television:

  • Jack Dawson (Titanic)
  • Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel)
  • Ygritte (Game of Thrones)
  • Dandelion (The Witcher)
  • Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
  • Peregrin Took (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Give Bluth (Arrested Development)
  • Lindsey Bluth Fünke (Arrested Developement)
  • Angela Montenegro (Bones)

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This topic is discussed, inter alia, in the scientific textbook "Integrated communication in theory and practice". vividly described by Manfred Bruhn, Siegfried J. Schmidt and Jörg Tropp.

Almost everyone knows the phenomenon that you can have a wonderful conversation with some people right away, while you just don't warm up to others, even after many years. Knowledge about the different types of communication can help to remedy the situation. This is a great advantage, especially in professional life.

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