With charisma you cast a spell over everyone

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With charisma you cast a spell over everyone

Every one of us knows her: That one person who just captivates everyone, who is persuasive, shines and outshines everyone around her. How does she do it? We'll tell you: she has charisma!

But what does it mean? Charisma is not tangible, it surrounds some people like magic. Together we take a look behind this magic and show you how you too can become a charismatic personality.

What is charisma?

Anyone who has charisma has a very special presence. It triggers a real wow effect in fellow human beings. But how do you define it? The sociologist Max Weber tried. For him, a charismatic person is a person who manages to charm the real world, which is characterized by science.

He described charisma as something extra-ordinary, which is not available to everyone and gives the corresponding person the ability to act with special personal devotion.
But it was actually the Christian theologians who coined this term. They introduced it about two millennia ago and attributed it to people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, charismatic people were characterized by knowledge, wisdom and of course Faith off.

Until today, the meaning has changed a bit, but the basic idea is still the same. Someone who is charismatic is blessed with a special aura and charisma. Let me tell you: charisma gets you ahead. Not for nothing is it attributed to numerous stars and starlets, bigwigs of large global corporations and successful politicians.

The 4 types of charisma

Not all charisma is the same. It can be divided into four subtypes, characterized by the charisma and the effect it has on other people.

Exude authority

Charismatic individuals are often perceived as particularly self-confident. This inner strength and conviction gives them prestige and influence. They captivate their fellow human beings, earn recognition and, in a certain sense, even awe - in a positive sense! This is referred to as authoritarian charisma, which characterizes former U.S. President Barack Obama, for example.

The great visionaries

You have a dream, a Visiona conviction that they follow at all costs. People like Martin Luther King, who unwaveringly stick to their ideas, have visionary charisma. They are born leaders who inspire, motivate and make others perform at their best.

With focus ahead

Focused charismatics always listen very carefully, observe what is happening around them and absorb new information particularly quickly. People simply look up to someone who has these gifts. A prime example of this is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, for example.

Friendliness wins

Fourth in the group is the friendly charisma. It is a classic example of: "Either you have it, or you don't". It is characterized by authenticity and empathy. People who are in the environment of a friendly charismatic person immediately feel understood, accepted and simply comfortable. This makes these charismatics true artists when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Relationships is concerned. Particularly well-known representatives of this are, among others, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama.

charismatic person

7 Characteristics of a charismatic person

We have already discussed a few times that a charismatic person immediately casts a spell over his or her fellow human beings. But how exactly does he or she do it? What characteristics make a charismatic person?

1. a confident appearance

At the top of the list is presence. As soon as he enters the room, he takes it over completely and the full attention is focused on him. He achieves this by adopting an upright posture, moving through the room with confident body tension and radiating self-assurance.

2. individual personality

A charismatic person stays in the mind because his personality makes him stand out from the crowd. Of course, everyone is individual, but numerous people adapt to their environment in the best possible way so as not to stand out and simply go with the flow. However, this is not the way to set new milestones. Those who walk through already existing footsteps will never leave their own. Charismatic people know this and pave their own way, no matter how difficult it is.

3. pursue ideals single-mindedly

Having big goals does not make a person charismatic. Pursuing one's own ideals separates the wheat from the chaff. It's the people who move forward purposefully and don't let themselves be sidetracked, no matter how difficult it is - these are the true charismatics.

4. the heart in the right place

Despite all the external effectiveness and determination, one thing must not be lost: the heart. Charisma includes good nature, Empathy and friendliness. After all, the term has a positive connotation and is not characterized by intimidation or even fear.

5. with focus ahead

A charismatic person is always focused and never forgets what he stands for. He concentrates fully on his plans and always keeps a close eye on his environment. If circumstances change, he immediately adapts his plan and does not let it throw him off track. The focus always remains upright.

6. a good portion of courage

Anyone who wants to leave their own footprints on the earth and stand up for their convictions needs a lot of courage to be successful. Those who stand out from the crowd and perhaps also polarize do not have it easy. Charismatics don't let headwinds stop them, but keep moving forward until they reach their goal have achieved.

7. an inspiration and motivation for all

The power with which charismatics lead the way and the way they stand up for their convictions is simply inspiring. Their courage is infectious and also motivates others to finally pursue their goals.

Can charisma be learned?

For many years, it was assumed that charisma was a gift you were born with or not. Learn it? Impossible! Or is it? Of course, it is easier for one or the other to appear charismatic.

Some people will find the Self-confidenceThe willpower and the talent to inspire and carry others along are simply innate in some people. Others, on the other hand, have to learn this first. In fact, there are people who, for example, are not able to feel empathy to any great extent. But in most cases, all the qualities that form charisma can be learned.

But there's a catch: just because you have all these qualities doesn't mean you're charismatic. It's not you who decides that, but the people around you. The perception of others is decisive. Otherwise, anyone could proclaim themselves a charismatic. Nevertheless, we want to conclude the question of whether charisma can be learned with something positive: There is something of it in all of us. The only question is what we do with it.

Charisma as a speaker

8 tips and exercises for more charisma as a speaker

So that you can finally awaken and fully develop the charisma that lies dormant in you, we have put together a few tips and exercises for you. They will help you to learn how to present yourself as a true charismatic and to be perceived as such by those around you.

1. show yourself confident

The fact is - self-confidence is one of those things. Not everyone finds it easy to appear confident and stand up for their own convictions. Nevertheless, this forms the basis for charisma.

The first step to becoming more self-confident is to become more acceptjust as you are. Only when you have achieved this, you will be able to face your fellow men openly and to convince them with your aura.

2. clothes make the man

True to the motto "dress to impress", many believe that it must necessarily be the pantsuit, so that you attract all eyes and appear important. But nowhere is it written that it makes you charismatic. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that jeans and a T-shirt will eliminate your charisma.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfit. If a well-fitting pantsuit gives you a boost of self-confidence, then go for it! If, on the other hand, you feel dressed up in it and not at all like yourself, then let it go. After all, charismatics are authentic and don't play a role.

3. work on your body language

An upright gait, straight shoulders, a forward gaze and a firm step forward - these are the characteristics of many charismatics. The people around you notice more than you think, even if this happens subconsciously. No more crouched posture! A confident posture also has an effect on your inner self and gives you a large portion of self-confidence.

4. be calm and confident

We all know him - that busybody who keeps talking about how busy and stressed he is. Does this person have charisma in your eyes? Probably not. Much more impressive are those who keep a cool head and radiate calm even under stress. Because they are brimming with sovereignty: take a leaf out of their book.

5. do not be afraid to stand up for your convictions

Anyone who is charismatic is not everyone's favorite at the same time. Charismatics have firm convictions that they stand up for, because that's what makes them special. If you try to please everyone and put your goals on the back burner, no one will attribute charismatic charisma to you.

6. do not be afraid of risk

The safe path is easy, no question. But it's also prefabricated and doesn't give you a good chance to leave your own mark. Yet it is precisely these that inspire others. Jump over your shadow and dare to take a risk, as long as you don't act too hastily. A certain amount of control should always be in your hands.

7. always be mentally present

Charismatic people are always on task and listen attentively to their counterpart. They are interested, ask questions and mean it honest. Who does not find such interlocutors great? They show us Appreciation and inspire us with their open eyes and ears. Practice exactly that.

8. don't tense up on your way to becoming a charismatic

Don't put pressure on yourself. Your peers will notice how tense you are and that is neither inspiring nor motivating. You won't become a model charismatic overnight. Say goodbye to that thought. Take the time to implement our tips step by step and then the charisma that lies dormant in you will awaken from its sleep all by itself.

Your journey to more charisma

Inspiring and motivating an audience to finally have the courage to stand up for their convictions is not that easy. Only charismatics can do that. Our Keynote Workbook supports you on your way. Ten tips are waiting for you, with which you can inspire your fellow men.



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