What character traits characterize the ENTJ personality?

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What character traits characterize the ENTJ personality?

If you are familiar with the topic of personality analysis, you will certainly have heard something about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI for short). The MBTI differentiates between 16 different personality types. In the following we will deal with the rare ENTJ personality.

What does the abbreviation ENTJ stand for?

The abbreviation ENTJ stands for the following properties:

  • E: Extraverts (Extroversion)
  • N: Intuitive (intuition)
  • T: Thinkers
  • J: Judgers

Let's take a closer look at these character traits:


Shyness and reticence is a foreign word for extroverts. They feel most comfortable in company. Extroverted personalities have no difficulty socializing.


Intuition refers to the much-cited gut feeling. Intuitive people give free rein to their imagination and make important decisions from the gut. Mentally, they focus mainly on the future.


Thinkers analyze all facts in a fact-based and unemotional way. They make decisions with their mind, not with their heart. Logical thinking is one of their great strengths.


Judges value structure. They want everything to go according to plan. A disorganized daily routine is abhorrent to them. This has to do with their pronounced need for control. In both the professional and private spheres, appraisers are careful to keep the proverbial reins in their hands.

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The ENTJ personality at a glance

ENTJ personalities give the impression that they have already imbibed their leadership qualities with their mother's milk. They are brimming with charisma, authority and self-confidence. People of this personality type easily succeed in motivating their environment to achieve greater goals. They are characterized by a rational, decisive way of acting.

Because of their dominant nature, ENTJ personalities are also called commanders. Once they have set goals, they pursue them relentlessly and without regard for losses. In doing so, it can easily happen that they suppress more sensitive characters. Nevertheless, we have ENTJ personalities to thank for many institutions that are indispensable to us today.

ENTJ personalities are among the rarest personality types of all. They make up only 2 % of the total population. Among the female population, the ENTJ is by far the rarest of all personality types.

Strengths of the ENTJ personality

ENTJ personalities are characterized by the following strengths:


ENTJ personalities are absolutely convinced of their competence and leadership qualities. They do not hide their opinions. They speak every truth, however unpleasant it may be. ENTJ people are not afraid of losing their own reputation. They are far too convinced of themselves for that.

Energetic appearance

ENTJ people put all their energy into their goals. They usually achieve what they set out to do. They enjoy watching the progress of their projects. Constantly making improvements does not rob them of energy. Quite the opposite: they feel inspired by it.


Inefficient work is an absolute thorn in the ENTJ's side. His sharp mind helps him to always find workable and time-saving solutions without the overall result suffering. If ENTJ personalities discover inefficient work processes, they will try with all their might to eradicate them.


No matter how great the obstacles, ENTJ personalities will overcome them. A goal that seems unattainable is at most an exciting challenge for people of this personality type. "Can't be done, doesn't exist!" is the Life motto of the ENTJ people.

Acting with foresight

ENTJ people are known for analyzing each task and problem in its entirety. For them, it is not just about managing a current crisis, but about initiating seminal changes. They notice aspects that remain hidden from others.

Charismatic and inspiring

Born leaders exert an inspiring effect on those around them. They find it easy to convince other people of the importance of their goals. In this way, ENTJ people gain numerous supporters, which makes them even more successful. Your Charisma it's hard to resist.

ENTJ people numerous supporters

Weaknesses of the ENTJ personality

ENTJ people struggle with the following weaknesses:

Stubbornness and dominance

The unbroken willpower of ENTJ personalities also has a dark side. Sometimes they really sink their teeth into their goals and visions. In order to win, any means is fine with them. They completely ignore the sensitivities of other people. Sometimes they even tend to consciously dominate others in order to achieve their own goals.


ENTJ people are "quick thinkers". If someone around them takes longer to understand certain contexts, it makes them furious. ENTJs do not tolerate any delay - no matter what it is. They often judge others hastily as stupid or disinterested.


People of the ENTJ personality type always have their own goals in mind. They will not get involved in any projects or discussions that deviate even slightly from their own ideas. You will not find a sympathetic ear or support from the ENTJ.

Emotional coldness

ENTJ people are so obsessed with efficiency, success and rationalism that they lose all compassion. This is especially evident in the professional realm. In the pursuit of their goals, ENTJs are insensitive to merciless. They consider the desires and sensitivities of other people to be annoying and irrelevant.


ENTJ people tend to look down on other people. Those who are too slow in their eyes or hold the wrong values are met with open disdain. To other people, it seems as if the ENTJ thinks they are better than others - which is not an inaccurate way of putting it.

Disturbed handling of emotions

ENTJ personalities reject emotional behavior. This applies both to themselves and to others. If someone shows emotion, they lose respect for that person. Emotions, in their opinion, are an expression of weakness. ENTJ people tend to hurt their partners, friends and colleagues on a regular basis. This does not even necessarily have to be intentional.

Career of the ENTJ personality

ENTJ personalities climb the career ladder effortlessly with their willpower and assertiveness. As you might have guessed, they are most comfortable in senior positions. If the ENTJ has a lot of power within a company, the competition will be in for a surprise. They are powerful, dominant bosses who never lose sight of the goal.

The behaviors that are often perceived as arrogant and arrogant in private settings benefit the ENTJ in professional life. ENTJs radiate an absolutely natural authority that hardly anyone dares to question. Failure is not an option for ENTJ people. They always find ways and means to realize their own goals or the goals of their company.

The born leader

ENTJ personalities fulfil all the criteria of a successful leader. The exact criteria are clearly described in the following reference book:

Leadership personality - structure: The profile of successful top managers

Author: Alexander Schieffer

In their professional environment, ENTJ people attach the utmost importance to order and structure. Those who do not adhere to the guidelines are severely reprimanded. ENTJs have very high expectations of themselves and other people. They are therefore excellent business strategists, lawyers and judges. In the legal profession, they benefit from their objectivity and logical thinking.

ENTJ career

How does the ENTJ behave as an employee and colleague?

ENTJ personalities who are forced to stagnate at low levels of operation are often affected by a major Dissatisfaction plagued. They are visionaries and leaders who do not want to waste their time on unimportant things. In employment, ENTJ people cannot develop their qualities, which inevitably leads to conflict. They cannot stand a position of powerlessness.

It is therefore important for employers to actively promote ENTJ employees and give them responsible tasks. If they get the feeling that they have scope for decision-making and possibly get promoted, this spurs their performance.

In the circle of colleagues, ENTJ personalities show themselves sociable and engaged. They enjoy exchanging ideas with like-minded colleagues. When teamwork is required, ENTJs are only too willing to take on project leadership. Things get difficult when the ENTJ judges one or more colleagues to be incompetent. The ENTJ punishes those concerned with arrogant ignoring, which poisons the team atmosphere.

Relationships of the ENTJ personality

ENTJ personalities begin partnerships much like business relationships: with a structured plan and a long-term goal. What sounds rather unromantic at first, definitely brings some advantages. ENTJ personalities do everything they can to make their partner happy. In doing so, they show a lot of devotion and Enthusiasm.

It should come as no surprise that ENTJs also like to take the dominant part in love. This, by the way, is completely independent of gender. Neither an ENTJ woman nor an ENTJ man would ever be subordinate. ENTJs have responsibilities within the relationship. They are dutiful and faithful. ENTJ people are not looking for short-term adventures, but strive for a long-term commitment.

If these guys realize that their current relationship is heading for a dead end, ENTJs draw a consistent and quick line. They do not tolerate any waste of their life time. The abrupt end of the relationship often leaves the jilted partner distraught and angry. If the ENTJ is not careful, a reputation for ruthlessness soon precedes them, deterring future potential partners.

Passion and planning addiction: How do they fit together?

Despite their great need for control, ENTJ people can be passionate lovers. In an intimate atmosphere, they enjoy acting out their creativity and leaving familiar paths. However, this never happens spontaneously. Even intimate experiences are planned in advance, which can take a bit of the magic out of it if your partner is not familiar with this habit.

Ultimately, the ENTJ wants to make the shared sexuality an unforgettable, fulfilling experience. However, if you want spontaneity, you should take the initiative yourself and hope that the ENTJ gets involved. Sometimes this can be quite successful.

The problem with emotional closeness

Another difficulty arises in the area of emotional support. Since ENTJs judge emotionality as weakness, they find it difficult to offer emotional support to their partners. They prefer to support their loved ones in other ways. Namely, by constructive criticism practice. ENTJs assess all crises rationally and help others by objectively evaluating the situation.

This approach may work for some people, but most would rather have a strong shoulder to lean on. To cry without shame in the presence of ESTJ-It is not possible with ENTJ personalities. It takes a lot of life experience and maturity before an ENTJ can at least partially engage with a partner's emotional needs. Young ENTJs rarely succeed in this.

Which partners fit to the ENTJ?

ENTJs complement each other best with personality types that share similar character traits. Similar needs avoid too much friction and Disappointments. Furthermore, there are indeed some potential partners who feel protected rather than oppressed by the dominance of the ENTJ.

The University of Zurich has Specialist articles dealing with this topic in more detail busy.

One of the positive character traits of the ENTJ is that it can communicate clearly. An open conversation about the wishes and Needs can therefore work wonders. You should just make sure to stay objective during the conversation and not get emotional.

Curiosities about the ENTJ

Below we have compiled some curiosities about the ENTJ that you almost certainly didn't know about:

  • ENTJ people are particularly stress-resistant: of all personality types, they worry the least about work and finances.
  • ENTJs exhibit a very high level of Satisfaction on the job.
  • Of all personality types, ENTJs are the most likely to believe in spiritual powers.
  • ENTJ people are more likely than average to develop heart problems.
  • ENTJs are among the top four personality types with college degrees.
  • An above-average number of small business owners and MBA students can be classified as ENTJ.
  • ENTJs place a high value on domesticity, family, learning and creativity.

Source: MBTI Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 3rd Edition by Isabell Briggs Myers.

ENTJs place a high value on domesticity and family,

Famous ENTJ people

The following famous personalities can be clearly assigned to the personality type ENTJ:

  • Kamala Harris
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Carl Sagan
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • David Letterman
  • Harrison Ford
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Jim Carey
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Steve Jobs

Famous ENTJ personalities from film and television:

  • David Palmer (24)
  • Doctor Strange (Why?)
  • Malcolm X (Why?)
  • Tony Soprano (The Sopranos).
  • Mary Talbot (Downtown Abbey)
  • Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)
  • Francis J. Underwood (House of Cards)
  • Jaqueline A. Sharp (House of Cards)
  • Milady de Winter (The Three Musketeers)
  • River tam (Firefly)
  • Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
  • Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

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