ENFP personality: The activist among the personality types

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ENFP personality: The activist among the personality types

Even though every person is individual, certain personality types pretty much exactly. Finding out your own personality type has numerous advantages. You learn to see through recurring patterns of behaviour and to change them if necessary. Personality models give you insight into hidden facets of yourself.

In the following article we would like to look at the ENFP personality type. This comes from the Myers-Briggs modelwhich ranges between a total of 16 personalities distinguishes. The ENFP is considered the activist among personality types.

ENFP meaning: What does the abbreviation stand for?

The letters ENFP stand for the following abbreviations Character traits:

  • E: Extraverts (Extroversion)
  • N: Intuitive (intuition)
  • F: Feelers
  • P: Perceivers

Let's take a look at the properties in detail:

Extraverts (Extroversion)

Extroverts enjoy being the focus of attention. They are outgoing and adventurous. Their enthusiasm is contagious. They feel no shyness about starting conversations with strangers or integrating themselves into a group.

Intuitive (Intuition)

Intuition is the ability to follow one's inner voice. Intuitive people often have premonitions about the future, which later turn out to be correct. However, a rational explanation cannot be found for this. Colloquially, the ability is called gut feeling.


Feelers are very emotional and empathetic. They are aware of their own feelings and those of her fellow human beings. Being able to help others fills her with joy. Feelings also play a key role in important decisions. If something doesn't feel good inside, feelers distance themselves from the situation in question.


Perceivers are very flexible contemporaries. They are freedom-loving and refuse to submit to rigid rules. Making decisions is sometimes difficult for them, as they like to keep several options open. However, their spontaneity comes in handy when it comes to quickly finding their way in new situations.

As mentioned at the beginning, the ENFP is also called an activist because of its characteristics.

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The ENFP personality at a glance

About 7 % of the population can be assigned to the ENFP personality. If you meet an ENFP, there is no way you will miss them. These personality types make sure to stand out from the crowd. They are charming and independent free spirits who vigorously stand up for their beliefs. Their goal is not to make their mark. ENFPs are in search of emotional Connectedness with other people.

ENFP personality types place little value on stability and material security, but rather strive for freedom and creativity. They see life as one big puzzle. Instead of systematically sorting the individual pieces of the puzzle, they decide what might fit together based on emotional considerations.

His peers admire the ENFP for his character traits. Not infrequently, the activist finds himself in the position of a leader or even guru, although he does not want to embody that at all. He does not appreciate the monotonous routine tasks that a leadership position entails.

Strengths of the ENFP personality

The ENFP has many enviable strengths:


ENFPs perceive everything that happens around them. They attach meaning to everything, believing that every small aspect is part of something bigger. Nothing escapes their attention. Accordingly, they are able to seize opportunities immediately. Conversely, they are able to react quickly to undesirable developments.


People of the activist personality type do not hesitate for long: they go out into the world to gain new experiences. In contrast to many other people, they don't mind changing their own Leave comfort zone. They are open to new ideas. They want to put together and understand the big puzzle called life.


ENFP personalities feel the urgent Needto share their insights with the world. Other people are all too happy to let themselves be swept along by the current of their Enthusiasm entrainment. This results in new contacts from which the ENFP benefits emotionally. He takes other people's opinions seriously and incorporates them into his life.

Excellent communication skills

Whether small talk or in-depth conversations - the ENFP is good at both. Of all personality types, they have the greatest talent when it comes to communication. This is an advantage, because otherwise the ENFP would not be able to express their ideas so eloquently and convincingly. The ENFP is so adept at various communication techniques that they can problem-free to the topics he or she wants without this seeming forced.

The ENFP is universally popular

ENFPs can get along with any kind of person. This is due to their empathetic, open-minded and cooperative character part. Their circle of friends is often mixed. They manage to mediate between two conflicting parties. Their intuition helps ENFPs to strike the right note.

relaxation skills

Activists have a very valuable gift that other people crave: they can easily switch from work mode to relaxation mode. ENFPs love life and know that it's okay to just have fun sometimes. Everything doesn't always have to be about success and achievement. A stressful, conflicted day at work doesn't stop them from becoming the life of the party in the evening.

Sometimes even friends and relatives are surprised by the activist's exuberant zest for life.

Strengths of the ENFP personality

Weaknesses of the ENFP personality

Especially with such a popular and communicative personality type, it is instructive to look at the weaknesses:


Activists have a thousand creative ideas. However, they are overwhelmedto put them into practice. They are not comfortable with small-scale work; they get bogged down in it. ENFPs are dependent on people who help them to manage work tasks in a structured way. Otherwise, the ideas, even if they sound so wonderful in theory, would always remain just ideas.

Lack of concentration

ENFPs prefer to focus on exploring interpersonal relationships. They like to philosophize about life. However, if there are tasks ahead of them that Routine and administration, their interest wanes. As a result, they can no longer concentrate. Lack of Concentration results in faulty work.


Those who are popular are often asked for advice by other people. Activists take the concerns of their fellow human beings seriously. They listen to them carefully and want to help. However, with so many requests, it is not always possible to respond to all of them. This can be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time.

ENFPs analyse too much

Noticing everything and attaching importance to every little aspect can be very tiring. ENFPs do not succeed in simply letting things rest. They often lie awake for hours at night and ponder about why someone said something, what it might mean, and what to do now. ENFPs must learn not to assume a profound meaning in every word and gesture.

Too emotionally charged

The ability to express emotions is rightly considered healthy and natural. However, ENFPs often overshoot the mark and harm themselves in the process. Especially when they are under a lot of pressure, they tend to escalate emotionally. As a result, they push other people away and possibly suffer professional disadvantages.

Too much aversion to rules and control

In our society, it is simply impossible to live completely free from control. There are standards and regulations that no one can escape - not even the ENFP. However, the ENFP is reluctant to accept this. He wants to remain the sole master of his own destiny, without the influence of others. The Battle against external control, which the ENFP can never win, exhausts its forces.

Career of the ENFP personality

As their name suggests, activists would like to conquer the world. With regard to their Career this means that they are faced with inexhaustible possibilities. With all the options, how do you decide? This is very difficult for the ENFP, as they are fascinated by so many different (professional) areas.

ENFP personalities can take advantage of their multi-layered interest. They should try to delve deeply into the particular professional subject matter they ultimately choose. In the professional context, the ENFP also has its social competence benefits. This makes him a capable team player.

The activist's logic does not refer to technical-machine interrelationships, but always to interpersonal interaction. They use their sensitive powers of perception to find out why certain people act in a certain way. By understanding the background of the behaviour of their fellow human beings, the ENFP can specifically respond to it and improve the working atmosphere.

Which professions are suitable for the ENFP?

ENFP personalities are best placed in the field of human sciences. They can also be competent psychologists, coaches, counselors, politicians, diplomats, or detectives. In all these professional fields, one must understand how the human psyche works. The latter is the hobbyhorse of the ENFP character.

Moreover, in the above-mentioned professions there is never any boredom or monotony. The ENFP's need to accompany and drive development processes is fully satisfied.

Which professions are not suitable for the ENFP?

ENFP personalities should refrain from professions where there is a strict hierarchy (e.g. military professions). It is in the nature of the activist to question the status quo and to look for ways to improve it. The latter, of course, is wholly undesirable in hierarchical occupations. All monotonous professions (assembly line work, bus drivers, call centers, etc.) are also unsuitable.

Monotony makes the activist in the long run unhappy and even mentally ill. In general, monotony at work is a health risk. A bore-out (opposite of burn-out) sets in. The consequences are comparably fatal. This is confirmed by recent case studies.

When working with ENFP, pay attention to the following:

When working with an ENFP personality, it is important to appreciate their creativity and inventiveness. ENFPs are motivated by inspiration and appreciate an open, supportive environment that encourages their creative processes. Make sure to give them enough freedom to develop their ideas and avoid forcing them into too rigid or restrictive structures. Their ability to come up with innovative solutions and inspire teams with their energy can be maximized if their needs for flexibility and recognition are taken into account.


ENFPs have no problems finding a partner. Their Charm one succumbs all too quickly. Activists see their partnership as a process of learning. They want to explore and understand each other's souls. They care deeply about sharing all the varied experiences that life has to offer with their partner.

Hesitant dating is not for the activist. If he likes someone, he will show his affection openly. The man or woman of his heart is literally showered with sincere compliments. The ENFP attaches great importance to a stable relationship. In order to consolidate this, he pulls out all the stops to show the partner his reliability and Loyalty to prove.

ENFPs are also able to have unconventional relationships. They believe that love cannot be squeezed into a social corset. This is why they are able to Happy partnership even under difficult conditions (e.g. a long-distance relationship).

When a relationship fails, the ENFP is tormented with guilt...

Can the ENFP fulfil its Relationship not salvageable despite great commitmenthe's plagued by guilt. He spends nights pondering where the mistake might have been. If he does not find a plausible answer, this gnaws significantly at his Self-esteem. This can lead to clinical depression. Sometimes it takes many years before the ENFP opens up again to a new partner after a negative experience.

To prevent this development, the ENFP must understand that two parties are always responsible for the failure of a Relationship are responsible.

The ENFP is passionate

Also in the area of sexuality, the ENFP is all about exploring and improving. He is able to fully engage with his partner. However, his open nature in other areas of life should not be misunderstood. For the ENFP sexuality has a deep emotional meaning. He does not perform frivolous acts.

Curiosities about the ENFP

Curiosities about the ENFP

The following interesting facts about the ENFP personality type are not known by everyone:

  1. On average, ENFP women suffer less frequently from heart disease.
  2. ENFP men suffer less frequently from chronic pain than the population average.
  3. According to psychologists, ENFP children most often have problems at school.
  4. There is a strikingly high number of ENFP personalities among the highly gifted primary school pupils.
  5. ENFPs attach great importance to their social environment. They want a life with lots of friends, their own family and a nice home.
  6. ENFP personalities are more likely than average to work in advisory professions.

Famous ENFP people

The following prominent personalities can be clearly assigned to the ENFP personality type:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Mark Twain
  • Robin Williams
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon)
  • Will Smith
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Russel Brand
  • Joan Baez
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Meg Ryan

ENFP personalities from film and television:

  • Spider-Man
  • Michael Scott (The Office)
  • Piper Chapman (Orange is the new Black)
  • Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)
  • Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)
  • Hoban Washburne (Firefly)
  • Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)
  • Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Jennifer Keller (Stargate Atlantis)

Characteristics of the ENFP-T personality type

The ENFP-T personality type, also known as the "turbulent mediator", is characterized by high emotional sensitivity, adaptability and a deep desire for personal growth. These individuals are particularly open to change and constant self-improvement, making them lifelong learners. However, their turbulent nature can make them more prone to self-doubt and insecurity, especially in stressful situations. When dealing with ENFP-Ts, it is important to honor their creative ideas and support them in their quest for self-development, while helping them to strengthen their self-confidence.

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