6-Minute Diary: Focus on the Good in You

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6-Minute Diary: Focus on the Good in You

In everyday life, you struggle with the usual obstacles: Late trains, traffic jams, annoying colleagues - it's hard to stay cool. Instead, you're constantly brooding and worrying. Practice focusing more on the positive things in life. You can learn how to do this with the 6-minute diary. Regularly reflecting on your thoughts and writing them down will awaken your attention and make you feel better. Gratitude for the pleasant little things. What are you for today grateful? What fulfills you? 

How does the 6-minute diary work?

Think positively - that's exactly what the 6-minute diary is made for. It works according to the principle of positive psychology. So you don't just think about the bad things, but focus more on the good.

This does not mean repression: Of course you know that negative experiences are part of life. But the new attention helps you to find a counterweight and to see the experiences from a neutral perspective. After all, a glass half empty is always half full.

The effort is small: Only six minutes are needed to get you to the positive Self-reflection to get used to. This change works similar to other habits. After a few weeks, you'll have trained yourself to have a positive mindset and can incorporate it into your everyday life.

Be patient with yourself

And how does that work exactly? Familiar thought paths are like well-trodden roadways. You go down them again and again and therefore don't manage to free yourself from the negative pull. That is why Patience necessary to leave these paths and create positive paths instead. To create one's own path of thinking off the beaten track - science speaks of neuroplasticity here.

Sometimes it may seem boring to you to write down the positive sentences over and over again. But it is exactly this repetition that is important to change your vision.

The good thing is that your positive attitude shifts your previous view of everyday problems. You free yourself from disturbing thoughts, from the pressure to perform and from the anger about things that you can't change anyway. Instead, you feel more and more gratitude for the beautiful and special things - even if they are sometimes just little things.

the 6 minute diary

What's in the 6-minute diary?

For positive self-reflection, the 6-Minute Diary is precisely structured. In the 6-Minute Diary template, there is typically one page for every single day. On it are six thought-provoking items. You deal with the first three points in the morning, the other three in the evening.

The morning food for thought is:

  1. What am I grateful for ... (3 things)
  2. How do I make this day special / wonderful?
  3. Positive self-affirmation/self-affirmation

Gratitude helps you to be in the Start day. Then it's about your positive inner attitude, that is, what you intend to do. Then there is the affirmation that gives you new courage.

In the evening, you deal with questions like these:

  1. What good did I do that day?
  2. Could I have done anything better today?
  3. What did I experience today that was great/beautiful? (3 points)

By using the Diary you become aware of the special, beautiful little things. You engage with your surroundings, with other people and with your own personal development.

Also interesting are the additional questionsthat appear on a weekly or monthly basis. These encourage you to reflect more thoroughly. Successes and Feelings of happiness will find a place here. You can also write down what you are already looking forward to. During the monthly self-reflection, you will focus even more intensively on your mood and the different areas of your life. Family, job, Sports - Have you made any progress? You can see this by comparing it with the previous month's check. Other monthly topics relate, for example, to courageous decisions, current stress factors or your worries.

Why is it a valuable tool for your own development?

When you write in the 6-minute diary every day, you get to know your weaknesses and strengths better. You don't stick to your previous attitude, but rethink it. The 6-minute diary as a reading sample shows you in which direction the path leads. This makes it a helpful Tool for a positive development.

When you write, you become aware of the beautiful things that surround you. This makes you happier and more content. Suddenly, everything is a little easier for you - even in a stressful job, you discover positive elements.

Regular self-reflection is particularly valuable. It helps you to develop in a targeted manner. With a positive attitude, the future lies before you like a wide selection of possibilities - and not like a threat.

With the regular entries in the 6-minute diary, you strengthen your self-confidence and your sense of gratitude and optimism. Accordingly, you move forward with courage and motivation.

Advantages of the 6-minute diary

If you work with the 6-minute diary every day, you will reap the benefits after a short time:

The simple outline and the thought-provoking suggestions make you more attentive. You react more relaxed and you notice the kindness of other people more. The great thing is: If you yourself are more balanced, this has a positive effect on those around you. A good-humored greeting is followed by a nice echo - someone thanks you for holding the door open - with such small, good deeds, the day goes much more pleasantly.

Interesting effect: Even without looking at the 6-minute diary, you think more often about what you are going to write down. This makes you more aware of your own thoughts and actions.

The Wellbeing through gratitude is also an important benefit. The positive and grateful feelings strengthen your health and also the mental Resilience. International studies show that even physical illnesses heal better as a result. That is exactly why it is useful and important to consolidate gratitude in everyday life.

How many weeks can I use the 6-minute diary?

The classic, the 6-Minute Success Journal PUR, is enough for 24 weeks if you enter something every day. Other diaries are also designed for a similar period. Experience reports show that the 6-minute diary often lasts longer than half a year. Mindfulness is trainable. And the 6-minute diary is a practical tool for this.

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