Get rid of negative thoughts: How mindfulness can help you do it

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Get rid of negative thoughts: How mindfulness can help you do it

Negative thoughts, fears and self-doubt are familiar to everyone. As long as these only last temporarily and a change of perspective can take place under your own steam, this is not particularly dramatic. But what can you do if your negative thought carousel doesn't want to stop? We'll tell you how you can get rid of negative thoughts using modern psychological findings.

How negative thoughts can affect your well-being

Our thoughts have tremendous power over our well-being. What you believe in will most likely come true because you subconsciously behave according to your (negative) beliefs.

For example, if you are convinced that other people are using your Trust basically take advantage of each other, it will be difficult to have a harmonious partnership. This example can be applied to all other areas of life.

5 steps to get rid of negative thoughts and think positively

Step 1: Analyze your negative thoughts

Question where your negative thoughts come from. Most of the time, these are beliefs that were formed in childhood. Check these beliefs to see if they are still valid today or if, in retrospect, they ever were. Most of the time this is not the case.

Step 2: Rephrase negative thoughts

Once you have identified your negative thoughts, you need to reformulate them. It is important that it is a formulation with which you can identify. Lying to yourself is definitely not helpful.

So it makes little sense to tell yourself that you are slim as a whip when in reality you suffer from obesity. How important it is that the affirmations are coherent can be seen from a scientific elaboration of the University of Zurich.

Let's stay a little longer with the above example.

  • Instead of, "I'm undisciplined and can't do this."
  • Lieber: "I work on myself every day and achieve my goals."

Step 3: Consolidate positive beliefs

Positive beliefs formulating positive beliefs alone is not enough to get rid of negative thoughts. For this, it is important that you really internalize the positive beliefs. You can do this by repeating them silently to yourself in critical situations or by writing them down.

Step 4: Focus on positive experiences

Once you have internalized your positive beliefs, you will notice that your self-image and demeanor change, resulting in positive experiences in the outside world. These experiences will help you let go of your negative thoughts.

Step 5: Mindfulness

It can happen from time to time that an old negative Belief Set made yourself heard. You should therefore have a strategy ready to ground yourself again. All forms of mindfulness training, such as yoga, progressive Muscle relaxation or Meditation.

Overcoming negative thoughts

Mindfulness: The key to overcoming negative thoughts

All feelings have their right to exist. This includes the negative emotions with it. With the help of Mindfulness you can succeed in fathoming them. Mindfulness training is about focusing on the present, accepting your thoughts as they arise, and looking at them in a non-judgmental way. The value-free aspect is crucial to getting rid of negative thoughts.

For example, practicing mindfulness can look like bringing your attention to your breath or a part of your body: How does it feel right now? Warm or cold? Is the breath flowing fast or slow? If negative thoughts come up, notice them and let them pass. Meditation is also a proven mindfulness practice.

How do I manage to get rid of negative thoughts? 8 tips

1. schedule fixed brooding times

The assumption that getting rid of negative thoughts would work overnight is unfortunately an unrealistic wishful thinking. However, so that the thoughts do not take up too much space, it can help to schedule fixed times during which Brooding is explicitly allowed. This way you create a limited time frame, which is a first step to get rid of negative thoughts.

2. write down negative thoughts

Many people find it helpful to put their negative thoughts down on paper. The expression to get something off one's chest has its justification. Feel free to try out how liberating writing can feel.

3. avoid the bed as a brooding trap

Maybe you manage to suppress your negative thoughts during the day by distraction, but in the evening in bed the carousel of thoughts turns even faster? You are not alone in this.

As soon as you notice that you can't get to sleep because of brooding, get up for a few minutes and distract yourself. If you don't want to get up, reading a few pages in a book or listening to a radio play can help.

4. talking about one's own concerns with other people

Sometimes your own worries seem half as burdensome when you talk about them with other people. Tell someone you trust what's bothering you and get feedback. An outsider can sometimes give you completely new impulses on how to get rid of negative thoughts.

5. do not build up pressure

As already mentioned, it takes time to get rid of negative thoughts. So do not put yourself under pressure. When a negative thought comes, notice it and let it pass. The more you try to compulsively suppress negative thoughts, the more penetrating they become.

6. distraction

If you are in a negative thought spiral, you will not reach a constructive solution anyway. Therefore, distraction can work wonders. Meet with friends, play sports or do something creative. When the negative thoughts have calmed down, you can look for solutions with more strength.

7. setbacks are part of life

Negative thoughts usually come up when you have a personal Disappointment experienced. This is painful, no question. However, setbacks do not mean that all your efforts have been in vain or that you will never reach your goal. Who accept can accept that setbacks are part of life, does not easily get caught up in negative thoughts.

8. strengthen self-confidence

Low self-esteem and negative thoughts are mutually dependent. Conversely, a strong self-awareness help to get rid of negative thoughts. To improve your Strengthen self-confidence, there are various options, such as the use of coaching.

The role of coaching for the release of negative thoughts

If you want to get rid of negative thoughts, but they are very deeply rooted, impulses from outside may be necessary. In the context of professional coaching, you learn to explore your beliefs behind the negative thoughts, to work through them and to reformulate them.

It's important to know that while a professional coach will give you the tools you need, you ultimately have to take action yourself. If you want to get rid of negative thoughts - in the long term - you need a strategy that works for you personally.

Liberation from negative thoughts

3 Practical exercises to get rid of negative thoughts

1. the thought stop

Your negative thoughts are going around in circles? In this case, it is very effective to put a stop to the brooding by saying "stop" out loud. What sounds so simple is a proven method in psychotherapeutic work.

2. the thought vault

If you want to get rid of negative thoughts, it can help to banish them to an imaginary safe. Imagine the safe opening. Inside there are suction cups that suck in your negative thoughts. When all the thoughts are inside the safe, close the door and put the key in a safe place.

3. meditation

In order to be able to get rid of negative thoughts, it is important to know your own regain inner peace. Especially if you have never meditated before, our Meditation Challenge with five guided meditations particularly well.

Develop a positive mindset and transform your mindset

Your thoughts can significantly influence your well-being, however, you alone have the power over your thoughts. With a little determination, it is possible to change your mindset from negative to positive. However, as explained before, this requires that you find out the origin of your negative beliefs and work on the causes.

Subsequently, it is a matter of replacing negative beliefs with positive affirmations to replace them. Because it shows again and again: Your self-image and your beliefs determine your actions and thus which experiences you have in daily life. So success will only come when your mindset has changed.

Conclusion: Free yourself from negative thoughts!

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