How to increase your brain power for more success in life

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How to increase your brain power for more success in life

We live in an age in which our mental performance plays an increasingly important role. Even many skilled trades are now based on complex computer technology, which requires a correspondingly high mental level. In order to cope with the increasing demands, a well-functioning brain is the basic prerequisite for professional success. Fortunately, your brain power can be trained.

How your brain works

Your brain takes in sensory impressions, processes them and acts consciously with the environment. It processes stimuli and triggers certain reactions. It also controls vital bodily functions. The brain is the control center of your body, so to speak. In addition, the thinking organ forms the basis of our intelligence. Brain power is the level at which your brain works.

Increase brain power: what is it?

Brain power is the performance of your thinking organ. There are several factors that influence your brain power. On the one hand, your intelligence quotient determines how quickly and effectively you grasp logical relationships, combine them and find solutions. On the other hand, a good Concentration very important for the brain to be receptive at all. Your Memory stores the acquired knowledge and makes it retrievable when needed.

If you want to increase your brain power, then you continue to build your mental abilities. You learn to concentrate better and longer. In addition, the Memory training the ability to grasp and store even complicated facts more quickly. Your brain works much like a computer, which you help to increase its power with the appropriate input.

How to increase brain power?

Practice makes perfect. This also applies to the performance of the brain. Anyone who wants to be physically fit exercises a lot Sports and trains his muscles. If you want to be smart, you opt for a workout for your brain. What rests, rusts, and only a brain that is regularly exercised maintains its performance level.

In addition, targeted memory training promotes retentiveness. The exercises required for this are called "mnemonics" in technical jargon. These are also known colloquially as Brain jogging These methods help you to remember certain contents. This gives you an advantage when preparing for exams, for example. Many of these techniques work with so-called anchors, with which they link certain information and thus make it easier to store and recall.

brain power boosting exercises

Brain training: 5 effective exercises to increase your brain power

Our free masterclass offers you the opportunity to increase your brain power with interesting exercises. You get an exciting insight into the tricks of the memory world champions. Participation takes only about 80 minutes and provides you with fantastic insights.

If you are looking for exercises to increase your brain power, you can also find five interesting examples here:

1. increase brain power with the loci method

You imagine a route in your mind's eye. On this route you define certain points. At each waypoint you position a piece of information. While you walk along the route in your mind, you call up the respective information. You have to memorize the route well and link it in a meaningful way.

2. increase brain power with the number rhyme system

You assign a mnemonic word to each number from zero to nine. It is important that the words rhyme with the respective number. In this way, you memorize information better and can recall it in any order. For example, one rhymes with Mainz, two with May, three with porridge and four with Trier. Many people remember the words more easily than the number itself.

3. increase brain power with the number symbol system

With this method you remember numbers and dates particularly well. You link the numbers with a symbol that looks similar to the number. Zero could be an egg, one a stick, two a snake, eight an hourglass. Alternatively, you connect technical terms and vocabulary with words that sound similar or remind you of the term.

4. mnemonic devices as a mnemonic

Especially widespread is the invention of mnemonic phrases. You form a memorable sentence from the first letters of certain terms. For example, if you want to remember the term "mnemo," you memorize: "Mia is eating a squishy orange."

5. increase brain power with the body technique

In this method, you link different parts of the body with certain terms. For example, if you have to memorize the last seven German chancellors, you start at the bottom with the feet. Again, the more bizarre the connections, the better you'll remember them.

The left foot is Kurt Georg Kiesinger. You can remember that well because you always step into the gravel with your feet. The right foot is Willy Brandt, because you walk over coals with it and burn the sole of your foot. Helmut Schmidt is in the golden mean. Helmut Kohl is the belly that is as fat as a cabbage. Gerhard Schröder has his heart in the right place and is the heart. The name Angela Merkel is reminiscent of Merkel. She is the head. Olaf Scholz is the nose.

Nutrition for more brain power: The best foods for your mind

In addition, the Nutrition play a role, because your brain needs important nutrients to function properly. There are several foods that boost brain power. Almost legendary is trail mix, a mixture of nuts and raisins. Nuts contain valuable unsaturated fatty acids, lots of vitamins B and E. They are the perfect nerve food and good for concentration. Raisins provide fructose and thus energy.

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the preservation of brain function and support the construction of neuronal networks. They are important building blocks of the brain and are also involved in the construction of nerve cells. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in high concentrations in fatty fish, for example in salmon, herring and mackerel.

The B vitamins are important for nerve function. Vitamin B5 promotes the production of the brain messenger acetylcholine. Vitamin B5 is found in meat, fish, milk, legumes and whole grains, among other things. An important building block for nerves and brain is also lecithin, which is found in high concentrations in eggs, but also in nuts, meat and whole grain products.

Can a drug increase brain power

There are various drugs that increase brain performance in depression, Alzheimer's disease, ADHD or sleep disorders. These include, for example, modafinil, amphetamine, Ritalin and ephedrine. However, all these substances have side effects, so taking them in healthy people is not advisable.

Increase brain power: 8 tips

How well your brain works also depends on your lifestyle. You can do a lot to maintain and enhance your cognitive abilities. These eight tips will help you boost your brain power:

1. regular exercise

When you exercise regularly, you promote blood flow to your brain. This promotes a high concentration of growth substances, which in turn support the formation of new connections in the hippocampus, cerebellum and cerebral cortex. Exercise also relieves stress and reduces stress hormones that affect your concentration. And finally, in a healthy body a healthy mind.

2. structure everyday life

Give your everyday life a firm structure, limit yourself to the essentials and develop a routine. Don't waste your mental energy on unimportant things and avoid trying to find new things every day. Making decisions. Streamline your daily life to free up more memory.

3. limit media consumption

Too frequent media consumption leads to mental restlessness and distracts the brain too much. As a result, you can no longer concentrate on really important things. That's why you should definitely reduce your time in front of the screen and limit it to a maximum of two hours a day, insofar as your job allows it.

4. provide for tranquility

When your brain is working, it works best in a quiet environment without special stimuli and disturbing factors. You are then not distracted and concentrate on your task.

5. give your brain breaks

When you run for a long time, your tired legs need a break to get fit again. It's the same with the brain. Concentrating for a long time tires you out. Go out into the fresh air every now and then and get some rest.

6. make notes

Unburden your brain by writing down secondary content on a sheet of paper. This leaves more free memory for tricky thinking tasks and important information.

7. increase brain power: go about it with joy

An positive attitude to the mental challenge promotes the performance of your brain. If you don't feel like mastering a mental task at all, then you are blocking your mental development.

8. provide for creative balance

Your brain not only needs rest, but also a little variety now and then. Therefore, take creative breaks in which you paint, do handicrafts or design something.

how to increase brain power

Why restful sleep improves your brain performance

Your brain needs to recover sufficiently to be fit and efficient again. For this, you need enough sleep. It's best to sleep seven to eight hours. In addition to the duration, the quality of sleep is important. You should rest deeply and soundly and have a regular sleep rhythm. Ensure a quiet atmosphere and accustom Stick to fixed bedtime routines.

Conclusion: Increase your brain power and reach your full potential!

Increasing brain power is not magic, it can be learned. There is a simple way to increase your full mental Potential and put an end to your forgetfulness. You sign up for our free masterclass an. You learn to process information more quickly and store it in the long term. You also shorten your learning time by up to 70 percent and retain the information in your memory longer.


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