Causes of sleep disorders: What keeps you from sleeping soundly?

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Causes of sleep disorders: What keeps you from sleeping soundly?

You toss and turn for what feels like an eternity, you just can't find any peace, your thoughts are racing and your body just doesn't want to relax. You're lying comfortably in bed, dog-tired and exhausted, but the rest you've been waiting for all day has been hours in coming. Do you know this? Then you probably suffer from a sleep disorder.

But don't worry, it's nothing that can't be solved with a few little tricks. And you are by no means alone with this problem. Did you know that 43 % of Germans suffer from sleep disorders? That's a huge number, isn't it? And that's exactly why it's high time Timeto change something about it.

We would like to help you finally get back to a calm Sleep to find. That's why we'll show you the most common causes of sleep disorders and explain what you can do about them. We also explain exactly how the resulting lack of sleep can affect other areas of your life. This may also help you to solve other small everyday problems that you may not have previously attributed to a lack of sleep. But enough talk, let's get going!

Why you can't sleep: the search for the causes of sleep disorders

The big question of "why" has preoccupied modern man in all respects for as long as we have been able to trace our history. Without the curiosity that is inherent in us, humanity would be nowhere near as developed as it is today. But what good is all this development if we unnecessarily weaken our bodies through lack of sleep? So let's ask the question: "Why?" Let's get to the bottom of the most common causes of sleep disorders together.

Is your personality a key factor?

Are you one of those people who are always on the go, always have something to do and simply can't go out for an evening? relax can? Are you constantly energized and full of energy that just can't be satisfied? Then we have probably just found the cause of your insomnia.

In fact, it may simply be your personality that is keeping you from getting a good night's sleep. People who are constantly on the go and always have something to do find it incredibly difficult to wind down in the evening. They are full of adrenaline that needs to be released first and are often unable to switch off mentally because they are already thinking about the next day in bed.

Releasing blockages: causes of emotional sleep disorders

What keeps most of us awake in the evening are the eternally circling thoughts. Did I behave properly in the office today? Did I have to argue with my colleagues? Did I pay enough attention to my partner? Are the children well enough prepared for their school day tomorrow?

Countless questions pop into our heads every day and cause us to worry. inner restlessness. Naturally, it is difficult to switch off and gently return to the land of dreams. In most cases, it is actually emotional sleep disorders that prevent us from getting a good night's sleep. A restless mind causes a restless body.

The role of the environment: optimize your sleeping environment

Another cause that is more common than you might think is the wrong environment. "Is there a wrong environment for sleeping?", you ask yourself now? Yes, there actually is. We're not just talking about noise and bright light. Your ideal sleeping environment looks like this.

All the lights are off and there are no streetlights shining on your bed. The TV is switched off and you put your smartphone away at least half an hour ago. It's not too hot or too cold in your bedroom. Ideally, it should be around 18 °C. Shortly before going to bed, you have given your room a good airing.

Solving the causes of sleep disorders with rituals

Humans are creatures of habit. We feel comfortable when things happen according to a certain pattern that we know and where we can be sure that there are no surprises or even dangers lurking anywhere. The reason for this is the deep basic need for security that is inherent in all of us. The fact that you feel so comfortable with familiar routines is therefore anchored in your genetics.

This is exactly what you can use to eliminate the causes of sleep disorders. Develop rituals before going to bed. They relax your body and mind and signal to your brain that it can relax because there is nothing unexpected to worry about.

Is it more than just tiredness? Physical sleep disorders causes

It is not always just the mind or the environment that can be identified as causes of insomnia. In fact, your insomnia can also be caused by physical aspects. These include asthma, hyperthyroidism or diabetes, for example.

Depending on age and gender, the menopause should also be mentioned. During this time, blood pressure often rises, causing inner restlessness, which in turn makes it harder for you to sleep.

causes of insomnia

Find your own way: individual solutions for sleep disorders

One thing must be clear to you: there is not ONE right way away from all sleep disorder causes. Not only the reasons that keep you awake at night are individual, but also which methods work for you.

For some, meditation before going to bed works really well. Others, on the other hand, can't do anything with it and prefer to write something in their Journal. Others like to get some fresh air and go for a short walk. Perhaps small self-care rituals will also work for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide on how to sleep soundly from now on. The rule here is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Simply try out some of our tips and see for yourself which ones help you best. In this way, you will find your own individual way away from the causes of your sleep disorders.

The domino effect: how sleep problems can affect other areas of life

While you sleep, your body regenerates. It gets rid of toxins, fights pathogens and produces new cells. But if it doesn't get enough sleep, it can't fully perform these tasks. Not only do you look and feel more tired, but you also run the risk of falling ill more quickly.

But there is another reason to get rid of sleep disorders as quickly as possible. If you sleep less than six hours a night, your risk of developing a sugar metabolism disorder increases.

Lack of sleep has an effect on your brain

Lack of sleep means stress. Your brain craves a reward and the more tired you are, the more it wants it. After all, it performs masterly feats by keeping you awake and going despite a lack of rest. It needs energy from outside and your brain gets it in the form of sugar.

How does it get you to feed it? Through food cravings. Both cravings and a possible sugar metabolism disorder can sooner or later lead to obesity, which in turn can also have negative health consequences.

Your ability to concentrate suffers

Your brain consumes around 20 % of your body's total energy. Quite a lot for a comparatively small organ, isn't it? With this fact in mind, it quickly becomes clear that your brain performance will suffer if you don't take action against the causes of sleep disorders. Otherwise, your ability to concentrate will suffer and this can have serious consequences.

First of all, you will probably notice this at work, university or school. You will find it harder to complete your tasks and you will need much more time than usual. However, it can be particularly dangerous in traffic. If you are traveling by car or bike, quick reactions are one of your most important companions. However, this suffers greatly from your lack of sleep.

The risk of having an accident increases. It is also important to mention the issue of microsleep at this point. Even if you only close your eyes for a millisecond behind the wheel, that is more than enough time to have an accident.

Walking the path to better sleep together

Sufficient sleep is essential for your entire body. Your body needs it to regenerate and keep you healthy. Your mind needs it to sort and store all the information your brain has collected throughout the day.

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