Character test: Which of the 16 different types suits you?

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Character test: Which of the 16 different types suits you?

Have you ever thought about taking a character test? If it is scientifically sound, it can provide you with important insights into your strengths and weaknesses. You can use this knowledge in a targeted way to become happier and more successful in many respects.

What is a character test and how can it help you?

The basis of a character test is usually a specially designed list of questions aimed at assigning your character traits to a specific personality type. How many personality types are differentiated depends on the test used. However, overlaps can often be identified.

But how can all this help you? By looking at your personality traits, you can more easily reflect on why you always behave in the same way in certain situations. If these are harmful behaviors, you now have the opportunity to change them. But first you have to understand yourself! This is where the character test can help.

The same applies to your strengths, of course. If you realize where your gifts and talents lie, you can use them much more effectively for yourself. Don't be afraid to give it a try.

The different types of character tests

As already mentioned, there are different types of character tests. It is best to take your time to look at the concepts and take the test that you feel most comfortable with. Of course, you can also take more than one character test and compare the results with each other.

One of the best-known character tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is very complex and distinguishes between 16 different personality types. Each personality type consists of four letters, with each letter representing a character dimension.

Another popular character test is the Enneagram. A distinction is made here between nine different personality types. The special feature is that the neighboring Enneagram types play an important role. The so-called side wings also shape your personality.

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What exactly are character tests?

Whether Enneagram, Myers-Briggs type indicator or the DISC testNo test result can ever reflect a person's entire personality. It is far too complex for that. However, the tests can usefully complement each other, as they focus on different aspects of a person's personality. Personality Analysis lay. We therefore highly recommend carrying out various tests.

Character tests are based on certain psychological personality models. The questionnaires are developed on the basis of these models and the possible answers are specified. As no personality model is infallible, it needs little explanation that the personality types can also only provide orientation. However, this orientation can be enough to make decisive changes.

5 ways in which character tests can improve your self-perception

1. self-knowledge

A character test helps you to find out about your own personality traits. Some behavioral patterns may only become apparent to you after you have taken a test. Self-knowledge is known to be the first step towards positive changes and to work on existing weaknesses.

2. self-reflection

Once you have become (even more) aware of your strengths and weaknesses after a character test, you have the opportunity to reflect on yourself: Are your behaviors and beliefs really always purposeful? A character test can give you the impetus to rethink this.

3. recognize strengths and weaknesses

A character test helps you to determine your Identify strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes these are also hidden or repressed characteristics that you only become aware of through the test result.

4. adopt new perspectives

You may not like everything that the character test says about you. However, you can see this as an invitation to engage with other perspectives. Your own self-perception is often distorted because you don't want to face unpleasant truths.

5. better understand interaction with other people

A realistic self-perception not only means that you can use your strengths and weaknesses in a more targeted way, but also contributes to improved communication. You will not only become more sensitive to yourself, but also to other character types. If you understand why someone reacts in a certain way, you can respond better.

The role of character tests in coaching

Character tests are often carried out as part of professional coaching. In this way, self-awareness is stimulated so that coach and client can work specifically on the client's issues. Recognizing and using personal strengths is of great importance in coaching. A character test can provide important insights here.

A character test also helps the client to deal with unpleasant personality traits and understand which personal trigger points cause harmful behavior. Once the triggers have been identified with the help of a character test, it is possible to learn how to deal with them constructively.

However, it is important to know that the coach does not provide any ready-made solutions for the existing problems. The solution strategies are developed together with the client so that they learn to apply them in everyday life in the long term. A good coach always helps people to help themselves.

Putting character test results into practice

Taking a character test is only the first step. Ultimately, it is important to apply the findings in everyday life. The following tips can help you do this:

1. try something new

You are now aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Then find a task that specifically requires the strengths of your personality type. This can be both a professional and a private project. The sense of achievement will be the Further strengthen your confidence in your abilities.

2. surround yourself with people who help you move forward

If you know your character type, then you will certainly also know with Which other personality types you harmonize. Anyone who has studied a little personality psychology will instinctively sense this after a short time.

3. turn your weaknesses into strengths

You're not particularly patient, but you can read between the lines wonderfully? Find out which weaknesses you can compensate for with which of your strengths. This is a great advantage, especially in professional life.

Limits and challenges in character tests

A character test only provides orientation, it is by no means an infallible result! You should always be aware of this. The results may even contradict each other if you carry out several tests. The trick is to filter out the most important statements and characteristics. What these are depends entirely on your motives for carrying out the character test.

It can therefore make sense to work out a specific question beforehand. You may want to find out why you constantly misunderstand your partner or why your boss overlooks you despite your good performance. The results of the character test can provide valuable impulses.

Of course, it is not possible to map a person's complex personality in one - or even several - character tests. The results are only useful to you if you put them into context with your life situation. Also bear in mind that in many cases it is a snapshot. You might have answered some questions very differently on a different day.

Long-term benefits of working with your character test results

A deep understanding of your own personality can help you to be happier and more successful throughout your life. This applies to all areas of life. The prerequisite for this is that you really work with the impulses that the character test provides you with. Take on new challenges and gain the experience that you can use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

For example, if you recognize why you are in the Past have always fallen in love with the wrong partners or why your relationships have always failed, you can work specifically on these points. You may also realize that you have always clung to toxic partners due to old traumas. A character test can help you to recognize what kind of person really suits you.

Conclusion: Your character test as a guide to self-discovery

Character tests can be a valuable tool for self-knowledge and support you on your path to a fulfilled life. Even if the tests are not infallible and can never reflect your entire personality, you can use the results as a starting point for further personal growth. However, make sure that the test concepts are scientifically sound.

Are you curious? Then why not try our scientifically sound and free DISC personality test from. The special thing about the DISC test is that it distinguishes between just four character types and focuses on communication between the character types. Perfect if you repeatedly suffer from inexplicable differences in interpersonal relationships.

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