Denys Scharnweber talks about consciousness and fears.

Denys Scharnweber: "Be more aware of your feelings!"

Does free will actually exist or is it just an illusion? 38,8% People in Europe seek psychological help. There are not yet those people who do not have a good relationship or are not kind to themselves. "Does free will really exist?" Denys Sharn Weaver the audience. His performance at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz in Cologne was mainly about the topic "consciousness". "We live in a time of enlightenment. I would like to give you consciousness today. For we may become more conscious and live. It is time that everyone has the courage to show their opinion.

More awareness of your strengths

As we grow older, we often forget what our strengths are. Therefore Denys Scharnweber raises two important questions:

  1. "What would you do in your life if you were no longer afraid?"
  2. "What wouldn't you do now if you didn't have Fear ...had more?"

Maybe you know this from your life? You want to make a decision - but you are not yet taking this step because you are hesitating. Maybe there are reasons why you cannot decide yet.

 "What I've found in my life as a coach Techniques will not help people! Why? Because you are human. Because you feel. You are not a technique, not a model. You are not a bottle to which you just stick a label," emphasises the native-born hamburger.

Denys Scharnweber: "More awareness of your patterns that make you unfree!"

Remember where you come from! You were born with a naked and beautiful heart. Then there comes a time when we grow older and scaffolds are built. "Why do we adults build scaffolds? Do we really have free will?" asks Denys Scharnweber. 

In the course of life you acquire supposed strategies for success: In conflict situations you run away, hide or attack. "In fact, you are not always free in your decisions. Have you ever experienced something in your life that you have not processed properly? Do you know patterns in your life where you always react in the same way? Develop an awareness of them."

Denys Scharnweber: "We store good and bad experiences in ourselves"

"The fact is that when you come to earth you will be endowed with the body and mind We collect good and bad experiences. We store them in us and believe that we are the sum of all experiences. But you are not," Denys clarifies. "Because if I were to take them away from you now, you would still be there. As true and beautiful as you were once born!

Be more aware of your feelings

Are you aware that you can connect with your feelings? "I trained that a few years ago with a client who had a hard time making decisions. He had broken up with his girlfriend, but after a few months he realized that he still loved her and wanted to have her back," the expert says.

"If you have an experience in your life that has hurt you, you cannot handle it in the night alone. That's what we call REM sleep: Rapid Eye Movement. In this phase during the night while you are sleeping, experienced situations are processed and recorded information is partly stored in the long-term memory. 

Release your emotions to think freely again

"So my client's memory was saved: "When I make decisions, it hurts. An emotion must be released so that you can think and decide freely again. Otherwise you are not free in your will and above all free to go your own way. Ask yourself: "What are my scaffolds, my Statements of Faith? What we can learn in particular from our children is a millennium old philosophy: They come into the world and believe in something wonderful! 

Denys Scharnweber: "If you trust, all will come to you and serve you."

Assuming there is a source. We all come from one source. "Imagine that you are born from the heart of God or from the heart or love," the speaker takes his audience on a little journey. "If you believe this, you will be able to flow in the river of life. If you trust, everything will come to you and serve you."

And children do nothing else: they let the river flow. But if you no longer trust, you go down a rocky road. "Choose 100% for this life - and not for beliefs you believe to be true. Let's learn to look at these patterns and let's learn to communicate," is Denys Scharnweber's tip.

Diverting awareness to emotional drawers

Communication, emotion and feelings should actually be a subject in school, says Denys, "It's time we changed that. For me, this is the basic education - communication and showing yourself - then, in my opinion, bullying will stop!"

We should encourage, support. Look at your emotional pigeonholes that you've experienced and dissolve them. Let us get back into the flow of life and trust that we belong and belong together. "Since I understood this for myself, my life has changed. 

Your key to happiness: Let go, then life can be very simple!

Find the right people in your environment with whom you can build up a field. Become more visible and make others more visible. Let go, then life can be very easy!

"We're not allowed to feel good about ourselves. But don't dwell in it. Look at your issues and bring clarity to yourself," Denys wants to inspire you. "I wish you to live more and more with ease in this world!"

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