Dr. Stefan Frädrich: Making room for more courage

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Dr. Stefan Frädrich: Making room for more courage

What would you do if you had no fear at all? What would you do if you knew it would work no matter what? What would you do if it were easy for you? Dr. Stefan Frädrich knows: "Many people know what they should do. But they don't do what they know." Why is that? The successful entrepreneur says: "I would like to try to explain it using a bonsai tree. The bonsai tree is a real tree. It's only so small because you keep it artificially small. You cut off its roots and leaves and keep it in a small pot."

If you were to ask the bonsai tree if it knew that there was a great one inside it too, what would it answer? Presumably the little tree would vehemently deny the observation. Stefan Frädrich: "How does growth work? Growth means first of all that you need space. Imagine that the bonsai tree wanted to grow in its pot. It would keep hitting a limit and wouldn't be able to go beyond that limit." In short, organic growth means you first need to create space to grow into.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Creating structures for growth"

The expert knows that many people stop growing in the course of their lives. They accept that they have reached an end point in certain areas, and then they can't go any further. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "The rule is always the same: You first have to create space - and then you grow into that space. Most people think to themselves: I will grow at some point, if I have to. And then it's often too late."

At some point in life, safety mode prevails. You become cautious and no longer push growth. Man stops learning new things, daring to take on new tasks and striving for personal or professional growth. At a certain point, you no longer want to develop. But that's a shame! Because all you would have to do would be to make room. Space into which you would subsequently grow more or less automatically. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "You have to create the structures - then you grow into the structure."

leave the comfort zone

Many people feel that their Comfort zone quite comfortable. They've been growing in their lives for a while, have acclimatized, and are now in hedging mode. They reject new challenges. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "That's stagnation. There's no way forward now. And that's quite a shame, because the only thing we need to get out of our comfort zone are challenges that we accept." The vast majority of boundaries do not really exist, but are merely imaginary. What feeling keeps people from doing something? Fear. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "We have three primal fears: fear of failure, fear of overexertion and fear of social rejection." Today we speak of Perfectionism, laziness and shyness. But the worst mistake in times when everything is changing is the mistake of doing nothing. Learning means making mistakes.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "My Three tips for more courage!"

Learning means engaging in new things with a positive inner attitude. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "We have to take calculated risks, because growth requires a certain amount of courage. Being courageous does not mean not being afraid. It means doing the right thing despite being afraid." That's why you're about to get three practical tips for more courage:

  1. Consider getting rid of your fear with the following equation: Fear = (fright x probability) / (competence + help)
  2. Anxiety is often characterized by shallow breathing in the chest and throat area. Try to breathe away your anxiety. The exhalation should take longer than the inhalation.
  3. Talk to yourself in your mind the way you would talk to a good friend. Create in your mind so many positive affirmations as possible. Say to yourself, "I'm doing this now!"

You do it now, because you are not a bonsai tree! Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "We need courage. And courage means that you do things that you didn't dare to do before - that's exactly the trick. So get out of your comfort zone! Courage means that you leave your comfort zone. And you do it with the attitude: I'm doing this now! My favorite quote is from Kurt Marti and it's, 'Where would we get if everyone said "Where would we get" and no one went to see where you'd get if you went?' Look where you are going. Start walking - because the way pushes itself under the feet of the one who walks."

Good luck and have a good trip!

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