Female intuition: how to strengthen your intuitive power

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Female intuition: how to strengthen your intuitive power

Do women really have a better gut feeling or is this a myth? In fact, women's intuition often seems to be reliable. But what is it all about? Can this intuition be trained? Even for men? Here are a few interesting facts on the subject.

What is female intuition?

People have been talking about typical female intuition for decades. Originally, it was intended to protect the family. Today, it's more about the soft skills that help you in your professional and private life.

Female intuition is more than empathy. Also People skills and a fine perception are part of it. The supposed intuition is partly based on experience, and external factors also influence the Empathy. Who, for example Body language correctly, can react quickly.

The female intuition helps you to perceive even minimal movements. You recognize gestures, facial expressions and changes in mood completely unconsciously. But your brain notices that something is happening. It is precisely such impressions, however small they may be, that, together with your personal reaction, become intuition.

The importance of female intuition in decision-making processes

In scientific studies, female intuition is becoming increasingly important. Obviously, women can recognize non-verbal signals more clearly than men. This Intuitive talent makes it easier to make decisions. This applies to all social interactions, whether at work or in private life.

In fact Intuition is a good guide. Women who rely on their inner voice are often right. Obviously, they can quickly draw conclusions based on the information they perceive. However, it is important to find out the causes of female intuition. Because only then can you trust it.

Female intuition: myth or science?

Men think logically, women act intuitively - that seems to be the traditional distribution of roles. However, these stereotypes are now less clearly distinguishable. In a Research study on intuition the scientists questioned female intuition. Among other things, they came to the conclusion that everyone has a certain amount of intuition.

In the private sphere, women are still considered to be very intuitive. On the other hand, men are ahead when it comes to stock market speculation. Incidentally, both men and women rate themselves in this way. However, a closer look reveals that although male speculators have sound knowledge, they do not necessarily act intuitively.

When it comes to professional matters, the uniform stereotypes seem to dissolve. Male Executives quite often trust their intuition. However, women only trust them to a limited extent. And how is this developing? More and more women and men now tend to no longer differentiate between male and female intuition.

The role of female intuition in personal development

Does female intuition exist? Of course, but it is not necessarily better than male intuition. However, when it comes to personal development, women are often more willing to change. Of course, there are also men who admit their own mistakes and work on themselves.

The professional and personal development is based not only on pure learning, but also on self-confidence and interaction. This is precisely where intuition plays a major role. Ultimately, female as well as male intuition is an important ability to move forward. It is therefore worth recognizing intuition as a positive, human force.

What does female intuition mean?

How to recognize and strengthen your female intuition

Is that an upset stomach or a genuine gut feeling? Facts alone don't always make the decision easy. Listen to your intuition and feel inside yourself.

With the right Gut feeling you can recognize whether you like or completely dislike a certain solution. Ideally, intuition and reason should be combined, so you have two guides to keep you on track.

But how do you recognize your female intuition? Pay attention to the signals and feel inside yourself to strengthen them:

  • How does your body react? Do you have goose bumps, do you feel disgusted or do your limbs tingle?
  • What is your first thought about the acute problem? What do you want - what do you think is good and right?
  • Open your mind and keep an open mind. Meditation and relaxation exercises sharpen your senses.
  • Collect ideas, do a brainstorming session. Do you have a specific idea?
  • Let yourself Timeeven if your gut feeling is strong and makes you impatient.
  • Think about the consequences. If your gut decision can't trigger a negative reaction, it's worth a try.
  • Check your arguments: this is how your gut feeling gets a sensible partner.

Female intuition in relationships and communication

A strong intuition can be used as an inner guide. It serves as a compass and makes it easier for you to make decisions. Ultimately, it is your own voice that tells you what is good for you - also in your relationships.

In the interpersonal sphere, your intuitive behavior on your communication. You will recognize better which feelings your conversation partner has - even if they are hiding it. You look behind the façade and learn to deal with your own emotions to deal with. This is how you find out about others and yourself, always with your female intuition as your guide.

Differences and similarities between male and female intuition

You make many small everyday decisions on instinct, without thinking. This is where intuition begins, and not just for women. Men also often make intuitive decisions, even if they are said to be more rational.

It used to be said that women had a higher emotional intelligence have. On the other hand, men are supposed to be head-driven. Is that really true?

Even if women act intuitively more often than men, the female and male stereotypes have long since been broken. But as enlightened and emancipated as we are: Men don't like to admit their intuition. Even doctors and managers often make gut decisions. After the fact, they then try to bring well-founded arguments into play.

Coaching methods to promote female intuition

Gut feeling is not an innate talent, it can be trained. With a Coaching for more intuition you learn to assess situations and people.

Typical methods for better intuition:

  1. List of important decisions that were guided by intuition. Self-reflection, analysis of one's own feelings and the decision-making process.
  2. Overcoming fear to reduce the worry of making the wrong decision. You won't know whether the decision was correct until later.
  3. Merging intuition and facts: This makes it easier for you to get involved.
  4. Change your perspective or take a break: it helps to take a mental break before making important decisions.
  5. Improved perception, increased attention. External impressions influence the inner voice and empathy.

Conclusion: Recognizing and using the power of female intuition

Female intuition is ridiculed by some and accepted by many: It exists, and that's that. However, it's not quite that simple, because men can also have strong intuition. You would like to Trust your gut feeling more and not be guided by purely technical arguments? Then it makes sense to develop yourself further.

Train your intuition and work on your personalities. Improve your empathy and listen to your own voice. So you gain self-confidence and can make decisions more easily.


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