Goodbye inner pig dog: This is how you feel good all around!

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Goodbye inner pig dog: This is how you feel good all around!

Well, how big is your inner pig? Let's be honest: The new year has only just begun. How many resolutions have you made? And which ones did you put aside immediately and which ones are you still half-heartedly following through with, but will soon pass away? But just the will to do more for your health, to do more sports, is not enough. We'll show you how to feel good again and shine like a glowing firefly with a new lease on life. Lightness through life proudly. Say goodbye to your inner pig now!

Günter, your inner bastard

Do you know Günter? I'm sure you do. This is your inner swine. Dr. Stefan FrädrichGünter, the coach and author of "Günter, the inner pig dog - an animal motivation book", affectionately christened him with this name. Günter lives in your head and protects you from all the evil in the world. In former times, when you were a child, Günter was still a piglet puppy. Back then, your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, your older siblings and teachers, friends and colleagues still fed Günter. "Take good care of your master," they said and told him again and again what was good and what was bad for you. Günter took all this to heart and always dutifully warned you when you wanted to do something you didn't know how to do yet. "That's dangerous," he would tell you, or "That will be difficult," he would warn you. And because Günter gave such good advice, he continued to get his food and over the years became a full-grown pig dog. Today he is fully grown and - under certain circumstances - has become big and fat and sluggish: a real pig dog.

"What could you do to make yourself feel better?"

"Are you healthy and living by your personal values?", Stefan asks you. Mens sana in corpore sano! It's Latin for "A healthy mind is in a healthy body!". "Because even the ancient Romans knew to value mental and physical health. How is your health? How is your body, how is your soul? Are you taking care of yourself and living healthy? Where does it pinch and why? What could you do to feel better?" writes the founder of Greator in his book. 

Treat your body with care

"The inner bastard doesn't care about health. He loves laziness, fatty food, cola, alcohol and cigarettes. He detests fruit, salad and still water. Pig-dogs often still have the rules of life of the post-war generation in their heads, where fat was a sign of prosperity. BUT: Your body gets you through life. That's why you should treat it with care," recommends Stefan. Go to the doctor for a check-up and change everything that makes you sick. This has the added advantage that you will feel much better psychologically than a lazy, fat bastard could ever imagine.

Get rid of your inner bastard: What gives your life meaning?

Which personal values do you have? Do you believe in God, science, democracy, freedom, progress, your boss, your soccer club, astrology or psychoanalysis? Do you believe in yourself? What gives your life meaning? Do you live by your values every day or do you have to bend yourself all the time? What could you do to better live up to your values? What could you do to put your health back in the foreground?

Our beliefs determine what we do

Maybe you've already had some initial ideas about what you could improve. If we believe in something, we want to be right about it. That's why Günter, the inner pig, automatically focuses on the arguments that support our views: "We only have to believe in something long enough for Günter to turn our opinion into a conviction. We eventually regard this as reality without questioning it further. So our beliefs eventually determine what we do: We steer clear of the meat counter, always bet on a Bayern victory, and become regular voters for the ruling party. At some point we do this automatically, without giving it a second thought. Now some miracles would have to happen for us to move away from our convictions," Stefan explains the phenomenon.

Comfort Zone = Boredom

Our whole everyday life takes place in our comfortable zone. We often spend years in our comfortable zone: the same apartment, the same supermarket, the same favorite restaurant, the same desk, the same work colleagues, the same circle of friends, the same hometown and the same salary. The longer we stay in our comfort zone, the higher the walls around it become. It becomes more and more difficult for us to learn new things - and at the same time we start to get bored. We don't notice this immediately, but gradually: we no longer feel like learning new things, our thinking becomes sluggish and when we look at photos from the past, we look more awake and alive on them. And the longer we stay in our comfortable zone, the more we shut ourselves off from life: from challenges and growth, from learning and having fun. A clear case: Günter is at work here!

How to be happier without your inner bastard

So, now it's time to get out! Leave your comfortable zone and look forward to something new. Make your life more colorful and richer. Become happier - by getting out and looking around. Decide to take care of your health. By doing something for yourself. You want to know how to do that?

  1. Just start by trying something every day.
  2. Besides the sport you can meet new people
  3. Order an unknown dish in the restaurant
  4. Take a different route to work
  5. Read a book on a foreign subject
  6. Go to another resort.

New willpower

You will soon see: Through the combination of everything - mental and physical exercise - you will feel a breath of fresh air inside you. You will soon learn to be open, awake and flexible. This will do you a lot of good and will be a great way to stop Günter, your inner pig. changes prepare. You discover a whole new willpower in yourself. With this energy you will enchant everyone around you! Look for allies who are just as keen as you are on:

  • Sports
  • Incentive
  • Motivation
  • Change inside and exterior
  • a new flowering!

Smile, please!

And then all you have to do is smile! Because in your face the new you shows up immediately. Give everyone a smile. "Through biofeedback, the mood rises and others smile back, which in turn has a contagious effect," Stefan knows. "If you remain friendly when problems arise despite a bad mood, you'll get all the help you need." Hopefully we were able to help you a little with our tips.


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