Believe in miracles: open yourself to the magical moments in life

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Believe in miracles: open yourself to the magical moments in life

Do you believe in miracles? Or do you think believing in miracles is something for other people? Then we would like to show you in this article how and why you should open yourself again for these magical moments in your life. 

What's a miracle? 

In the book "A Course in Miracles" by Helen Schucman, the definition of miracle is the shift from fear to love. That is, a miracle is not something that happens somewhere on the outside. But it is a Change of your own consciousness, in your inner world: from fear and lack, from the feeling of not being good enough, or all the stories you tell yourself - towards love. Towards the person you really are. The moment you realize this, a miracle happens. Because everything around you changes! 

Believe in miracles: open yourself to it now!

A miracle is not something which only applies to some people. It's for everyone. For every moment you choose to love again. For you, your life, the world. You can experience as many miracles in your life as you want. The more you open yourself to it, the more wonders will come into your life!

The more often we try to open ourselves to a new way of seeing, for example in the Meditationthe more clearly we see the messages that are being sent to us. "Basically, we just have to learn to step back from our preconceived notions and beliefs so that deeper truths can come to us, because we no longer block our minds with worries and fears," knows expert Laura Malina Seiler

Laura Malina Seiler is a coach and author.

Change your perception from fear to love

Say: Change your perception of Fear in love. How do you do that? By becoming aware of your fears. Ask yourself honestly and reflect how long the fear has been with you. Don't fight it, but accept it! How? By giving it a space within you where it can show itself and even expand. 

Say to yourself: "Everything that is there, may be there!" From time to time you will notice how the fear becomes smaller and it becomes calmer within you. Because the moment you reconnect with the light within you, you realize that you don't need to be afraid at all. 

How do I learn to believe in miracles again?

Laura Malina Seiler started reading A Course in Miracles ten years ago. "At first I didn't understand a word of it and kept putting it down in frustration," she recalls. "But it's one of those books that never let me go, so I kept sitting down and trying to understand it. And eventually it got easier. Suddenly it was one of the most valuable books in my life."

3 Steps to Believe in Miracles Again

We would also like to share with you the 3 steps that helped Coach as well to get back into the power of wonder. Walk through the world with wonder again and become aware that our inner world creates our outer world. 

  1. Open yourself to the fact that there is another way to see yourself and your life. This is the first step that you allow something to change.
  2. The next step is to open yourself to receive again. We forget to receive for many different reasons in our lives. Whether it's compliments or when someone wants to give us a gift. Receive all that the Universe wants to give you every day: abundance; miracles; people; who are excited to meet you. Start now by tuning inwardly to the fact that there is nothing but goodness out there waiting for you. This is the inner shift for you to believe in miracles again. Start right now with a little ritual and say to yourself every morning when you wake up, "Thank you for this miracle I get to experience again today!"
  3. Open yourself to notice the wonders in your life and to live them. Go into gratitude for your life, for all that is there. If you really notice the wonders now and receive them, and start to live them in gratitude, suddenly everything in your world turns into a miracle. That is the magic of life. 

Laura Malina Seiler: "A miracle is always created within ourselves!"

Since Laura Malina Seiler opened herself up to believing in miracles again, a lot had changed in her life. "Above all, believing in a larger context and also seeing how powerful your own Thoughts are how we create our reality through our thoughts. At the same time, I also understood the topic of forgiveness better. I could feel that a miracle is something that always arises within ourselves when we change our consciousness from fear to love!"

Believing in miracles again, says Laura Malina Seiler, is also accomplished by recognizing for yourself that you are a wonderful being. "So much about you is magical, enchanting and simply radiantly beautiful. When we get too lost in the outer world, we sometimes forget the light within. Listen to your own heart and discover your true core. Sparkle and shine wherever you are!" is Laura's message to you. Her following affirmations are meant to support you.

  1. I am one with all life. Everything is good!
  2. I am at peace where and how I am.
  3. I love my wonderful life.

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