Jairek Robbins: "You are enough and you are loved."

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Jairek Robbins: "You are enough and you are loved."

Jairek Robbins' last name precedes him: the 36-year-old is the son of world-famous top speaker and bestselling author Tony Robbins. But Jairek Robbins is by no means in the shadow of his famous father. On the contrary, his own success story is at least as exciting.

And that's exactly what he lets us in on in this brand new interview: If you've always wanted to know how to find the meaning of life, and if you want to unravel the mystery of happy relationships, then look forward to Jairek Robbins' inspiring impulses. We hope you enjoy it!

Helping people all over the world

Jairek Robbins is an author and motivational coach. He himself describes his meaningful work this way: "We reach the people who need us most right now with the exact message they need most right now. I may not know who they are, where they are, or what they need. But my team and I take our thoughts into the world to find those very people."

Whether through social media, books, online programs, lectures, trainings, or coaching, these are all important channels for Jairek Robbins and his team to spread their message. He reveals, "We get wonderful messages every day from all over the world from people we've been able to help with our thoughts."

Jairek Robbins: Exploring the meaning of life

The 36-year-old focuses strongly on the meaning of life, because for him an overriding purpose is essential. In the interview, he explains, "You can either go on a journey and search for your own purpose in life. Or you can find your purpose in the things you're already doing." Furthermore, Jairek Robbins distinguishes between the meaning of life and subordinate goals. What connects the two in his eyes is lifelong learning.

In the interview, he says, "You can't just read a book and then call yourself an expert. You really have to learn and develop a deep understanding. And then you have to live what you learn." Whether and when you find the meaning of your life, by the way, can vary widely. Some people discover it very early, others have not found it even in old age. What you can do in this case? Search no longer, but give your life a meaning and make it your mission!

Transforming body and mind

Jairek Robbins gave his life a purpose at a young age that he continues to pursue today: He helps other people live happy, fulfilling lives. At the age of 18, he was already learning coaching tools and coaching others in the areas of time management, health and fitness.

He himself had previously lost many kilos and fundamentally changed his lifestyle. In the interview he reveals, "I learned to transform my body and my mind to get where I wanted to be physically, mentally and emotionally. And because I was successful in doing that, I started helping other people do the same."

Do good and earn money

At some point, Jairek Robbins noticed that people who help other people often earn very little money with this work. Without further ado, he decided to put an end to this. He got to know the owners of a coaching center and found out that one could earn good money with it.

And so it came to pass that Jairek Robbins completed numerous trainings and tests and step by step made a name for himself in the Coaching scene. Along the way, he helped numerous people improve their lives.

Jairek Robbins: 5 minutes for more self-love

During this time, Jairek Robbins also found out why many people are aggressive or sad. In the interview he tells: "They don't believe that they are enough. But as long as your heart is beating and as long as your lungs are filling with air, you have enough. You are enough, you have enough, and you are loved enough."

In addition, the expert reveals very simple tips for more self-love: "If you don't feel loved enough, look yourself in the eye for five minutes every day and tell yourself what you love and appreciate about yourself."

Focus and a holistic view

What does it actually mean to be enough? Jairek Robbins: "This is a question that each person has to answer personally. We open many coaching sessions with it." In addition, the 36-year-old uses reflections and works through family history or the feelings associated with it, among other things. His own daily routines include meditation, breathing techniques and journaling.

In the interview, he also reveals, "You have to be able to focus absolutely and still keep an eye on the chaos around you. That's just as important in business as it is for parents or teachers and for many other situations in everyday life."

Want to soak up more positive momentum from Jairek Robbins? Then be sure to watch the video in full length and feel free to also check out his Website over. We wish you a lot of fun!

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