The meaning of life: does it really exist and how can you find it?

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The meaning of life: does it really exist and how can you find it?

Our lives are fleeting. There is no doubt about that. But are we only in the world by chance, or does the existence of each and every human being serve a specific purpose? The meaning of life is a much discussed topic on which there are numerous different opinions. In the following we want to deal with the different theories.

Meaning of life: Can we really find it?

The idea that one's own existence is completely trivial may not be a particularly nice thought at first. According to the well-known biochemist Prof. Andreas Beyer, we humans are the only individuals who need a reason for every action: You go to work to earn money. You earn money to be able to pay your rent. The examples could be continued endlessly.

The brain seeks meaning in everything, otherwise we would not perform many everyday actions. But does this mean the meaning of life? No, few people would probably agree with that. The meaning of life is something greater. The purpose is to be able to say at the end of life, "I did my best and accomplished all that was possible. I have fulfilled my purpose in life."

Let's assume that there really is a single meaning to life. In order to find this out, we would have to answer the question of the big why, Professor Beyer points out - "Why do I exist? Why do my parents exist? Why does the universe exist?" No plausible answer is likely to be found to the latter question at the latest.

The meaning of life is individual

The search for the one meaning of life that applies to all people is futile. Rather, it is up to you to shape your own existence in a meaningful way. What exactly you understand by this, however, is a matter of discretion. What you consider essential in life can be completely meaningless to another person. indifferent be. The meaning of life is as diverse as each individual person.

Let's come back to the brain. As mentioned earlier, our brain is designed to make sense of everything. For example, when you look up at the sky, you automatically imagine shapes and figures in the cloud formations. It's similar with day-to-day events. Everything that happens to you, your brain tries to arrange meaningfully into an overall concept.

The fact that this process is different for everyone is self-explanatory. The question of the meaning of life can therefore never be answered uniformly. Every person has a different perspective on the world. None of them is less right or wrong than the other.

Why do we seek the meaning of life?

The search for the meaning of life has occupied mankind for many millennia. First and foremost is the desire for security and stability. We all experience things which shake us from time to time. We feel guilty and at the same time we are in debt to other people. To cope with all this, we search for meaning: Why did what happened have to happen?

The question about the meaning of life is characterized by strong emotions. We desire orientation in order to master life with all its challenges. However, the search for the personal meaning of life is not always easy. Sometimes one discovers that the path taken so far was not the right one after all. This actually happens quite often. It is a protracted search.

The meaning of life is also the foundation of happiness in life. If a person does not see any meaning (anymore) in his existence, depression or even suicidal acts can be the sad consequence. The desire to be important in some way is rooted in all people. This longing goes back to the Fear from death. We do not want to simply leave this world without having achieved anything significant.

What gives meaning to life?

There are various worldviews that are supposed to explain the meaning of life. Let's take a closer look at the best-known models:

Faith and religion

The belief in divine providence can satisfy the longing for the meaning of life. Believers assume that their existence is willed by God. This conviction alone can be sufficient to consider one's own existence valuable and important. As a Christian, one obeys the divine commandments and at the end of one's life is accountable only to one's Creator.

By believing in a divine power, one relinquishes responsibility for the meaning of life. Nevertheless, even very religious people are not entirely protected from crises of meaning. The latter can arise from the misery in the world or from personal losses. If the doubts get out of hand, the previous meaning of life is questioned.

It's all a coincidence

The theory of chance is the counterpart of faith. Adherents of this theory believe that there is no particular meaning to life. Everything that happens, happened purely by chance: Starting from the Big Bang to the existence of mankind. From a scientific point of view, the theory of chance has at least one small catch. In nature, Darwin's law of the strongest applies.

Humans had to assert themselves evolutionarily in order to survive. Of course, this also applies to every other living creature. Whether the development happened by chance or could be actively influenced by humans is still debatable. For some people it is enough to regard their existence as a random gift of evolution. For others, however, this is not enough.

faith in destiny

Those who believe in fate assume that every person's path in life is predetermined from birth. Belief in fate, like belief in a divine power, helps to deal with difficult life situations. Here, too, the relinquishment of responsibility is central: If fate so provides, then that is how it must be.

However, handing over responsibility is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a certain burden is lifted from your shoulders. You don't waste your energy on things you (supposedly) can't change anyway. On the other hand, there's the danger of missing important opportunities. Even if there is such a thing as fate, this does not mean that you cannot influence your life's happiness.

Find the meaning of life

5 steps to support you in finding the meaning of your life

If you have found the meaning of your life, you feel secure and satisfied. As already mentioned, however, there is a risk of chasing the wrong goals for a long time, which ultimately do not make you happy. Therefore, we would like to give you five elementary tips on the way below.

1. money alone does not make happy

Many people see the meaning of their lives in achieving financial independence. Of course, material wealth is a beautiful thing and makes life easier in many ways. But what good is a bulging bank account if you are lonely and/or sick? The things that really make you happy (family, love, friendship, health) you can not buy with money.

2. discover your passion

Is there something in your life that you burn for with all your heart? Do your eyes light up when you tell others about it? If there is no such thing, you should realign your inner compass. What are you interested in? What have you always wanted to try? Take time to discover your passions and pursue them. This is how you find new meaning in your life.

3. make necessary changes

If you unhappy you should analyze the causes. Do you feel uncomfortable with your circle of friends? Is your job not fulfilling? Are you constantly trying to live up to others and neglecting your own Needs? Once you know what is causing your discomfort, you should actively change it. You don't have to resign yourself to an unhappy life.

Dare to make a new start in your career, even if it takes time and effort. Say goodbye to the people who are not good for your soul. It is up to you to give your life a new meaning. Try new things and devote yourself to the things that fulfill you from the heart. Below are a few suggestions for new perspectives:

  • Discover new hobbies: There are no limits to your creativity.
  • Travel to distant lands to broaden your horizons.
  • Set yourself new challenges (e.g. professional independence).
  • Get out there and meet new people.
  • Get involved in issues that you think are important (e.g. environmental protection).

4. do not align your life only according to goals

Life is not a to-do list on which you have to check off an item every day. Goals are important, but they are not the foundation of happiness in life. Once you have set a goal, you naturally want to achieve it as quickly as possible. Here, you are usually driven by the desire that you will finally be completely happy when you reach the predefined goal. Target reached have.

The hoped-for Satisfaction However, this rarely happens. Once one goal is achieved, your attention immediately falls on other things that still need to be optimized. This creates an endless cycle that robs you of your energy. Try to prioritize your goals: What really fulfills you? Is it worth making so many sacrifices to achieve a certain goal?

5. practice gratitude

Discover the meaning of life in all the positive things that surround you. Even in times of crisis, there is always something to be grateful for. It's not uncommon for us to take valuable things for granted because we're used to them. Below are a few examples:

  • one's own health
  • Friends and family
  • a happy relationship / marriage
  • Peace at home
  • sufficient food and water
  • equality
  • Education
  • a rewarding job
  • freedom of expression and choice
  • a nice weekend / a nice holiday

The examples listed above include mainly intangible goods. Of course, you can also be grateful for your financial wealth.

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