No sense in life: How to get excited again

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No sense in life: How to get excited again

Everyday life feels bland, it's almost always the same routine. You feel like you give and do so much. But there are no successes. More and more often, the thought arises in you, "I don't find any meaning in life. It's unfair."

Is that true? Is that really true? Or have you become dominated by your thoughts and lost your zest for life? But: What can you really be enthusiastic about? What do you want? What do you desire deep in your heart?

The answers to these questions will surely bring you a lot closer to your purpose in life. In this article, we will give you more tips along the way.

What is the meaning in life?

The big questions can be scary. What makes your life happy and meaningful - does it have any meaning at all? Why do we humans live, what purpose are we meant to fulfill? There are no blanket answers, and that's frustrating. You become perplexed and your mood sinks to a low point.

So you try it without the question of meaning - but it comes up again and again. In the church, it is said that faith creates meaning. In philosophy, there are different approaches: Some say reason and knowledge are important. Others put pleasure in the foreground.

Love should promise meaning and happiness

Those who are happy do not think about meaning. Love is supposed to promise meaning and happiness. But who defines the meaning of life? Every person obviously has his or her own thoughts about it. Not seeing meaning in life, then, is that a very personal thing?

At some point you just go around in circles. The question of the meaning of life seems absurd to you and apparently cannot be answered.

Those who don't think about it too long name family happiness or their own vocation as life goals and meaning. Building a house, accumulating wealth, gaining power - these things also seem meaningful in a way. But to you, this sounds unsatisfying. You still don't see any meaning in life and continue to plague yourself. 

see no meaning in life

Possible answers to the question of meaning in life

No matter how much you brood, you just can't find meaning in life. Don't let that frustrate you: There are numerous philosophers, writers and scientists who are not getting anywhere in their discussions either. No one has the formula for happiness, no one presents you with a universal solution.

And yet there are Examples for the meaning in life.

Some say: Everyone has his own meaning of life. Others are guided by the various religions and philosophies that exist in the world. If you study the subject, you will find that it was discussed as far back as ancient Greece.

Some believe that there really is no meaning in life. But the trend is rather to look for elements that create meaning. In this context, you look for a specific goal and align your behavior with it. For a good career, for example, you need discipline, while harmonious family happiness requires empathy and closeness.

Typical examples of the meaning of life are:

  • Faith,
  • Career success,
  • Love,
  • Family and cohesion,
  • Indulgence,
  • Happiness,
  • Freedom.

Some of these things are directly linked. The Smile of your children makes you happy. A great love develops into a harmonious family. Success gives you more freedom and triggers feelings of happiness. Faith fills you with strength.

Faith has a strong influence on the satisfaction in life. With faith in God or in the good in people, life immediately seems more meaningful to you. But can you simply believe in God of your own accord to give your life more meaning?

Convey positive values to children

Children who are neglected quickly lose their ability to form close bonds. In later years, they may no longer see any meaning in life. But loving parents impart positive values to them. Good family cohesion makes children feel not only loved, but also safe. This in turn has a positive effect on their thoughts about the meaning of life.

Careful indulgence can make you happy, but you shouldn't overdo it. Too much consumption makes you sluggish. This increases the risk that the Happiness and the meaningfulness will be lost at some point.

Train your positive attitude

Happiness is supposed to give life meaning - does that actually work? One problem is that circumstances always change a little. Transience and unplannable events threaten the supposedly stable happiness of life. But you can train your positive attitude. Mindfulness and concentration make you happier and strengthen you from the inside out. So you feel that your life has a meaning.

Clarity, a sense of responsibility and courage bring your own purpose in life to the fore. Helping others, fulfilling a certain task - a clear motive gives you a lot of strength.

An Study about happiness in life shows what is really important. For many people, psychological richness is more important than personal satisfaction. Such a psychologically rich life includes diverse experiences and challenging tasks.

Is it possible to be happy without meaning in life?

When you no longer see any meaning in life, frustration sets in. So you get into a negative maelstrom. You already feel depressed. But you just can't think of what you are still living for.

Stop this spinning circle of thoughts. Stop brooding and push aside the question of the possible meaning in life. Pay attention to the many things around you, live your life and simply enjoy your existence.

You have the impression again that everything is just repetitive? You don't see any sense in life, even if the others talk about it so enthusiastically? Do not worry about it. Don't look for the meaning, but feel inside yourself. Would it be so bad if we humans lived without meaning? Relax your muscles and thoughts. Look at your life as if it were a stage or a sheet of paper. Your performance or your drawing makes it an individual piece.

Try something new

Follow the example of nature: Here, it's all about survival. Animals and plants don't think much. Enjoy what you do and see life, at least for a while, as a game of possibilities. Try something new, have fun and don't listen to the underlying doubts and questions.

Such moments of pleasure bring you to peace. You become more relaxed and can act in a more relaxed way afterwards. Maybe there really is no meaning in life - but you are here and can make something special out of your existence.

You no longer see any meaning in life - what's the reason?

If you don't find meaning in life, you lack the right drive. Directionless and unmotivated, you let yourself hang. Especially in difficult phases of life or in the case of a loss, you feel weak and sad. Many people no longer see any meaning in life after a breakup or when their partner dies. Other disappointments can also lead directly to an existential crisis. Professional failures, setbacks or a dismissal take away your courage to face life.

These problems cause despair and suffering. How you deal with the frustration depends on your strength of character. Some people cope relatively well with disappointment and grief. Others feel like they are in a deep hole from which they cannot get out.

Isolation makes it difficult to align yourself positively

Social withdrawal and depression increase the sense of meaninglessness. Isolation also makes it difficult for you to pick yourself up and talk to other people about your feelings.

Typical accompanying symptoms of these depressive phases are apathy, sadness and an inner emptiness. The strange thing is that even people with a top career and a content family suffer from these problems. The inexplicable sadness always leads to the same thought: "I no longer see any meaning in life".

How do I find my meaning in life?

If you don't see any meaning in life, you need help. In conversations with understanding people, you will succeed in overcoming your crisis. This often takes a while: Therefore, give yourself enough time for this inner journey. You may need to make some fundamental changes, and that won't happen overnight.

The search for the meaning of life is difficult. Try it differently for once. Ask yourself not what this meaning is, but how you want to live. Step by step, you set out on the path to a happier, more meaningful future. What is your purpose of existence? When you have defined this for yourself, you can live this enormous clarity, certainty and enthusiasm - every day forever. And at the same time you make yourself a wonderful gift for eternity.

Treat yourself kindly

What do you feel, what do you think and what do you want to achieve? Don't always relate these questions to your purpose in life, but to the little things. It is important that you treat yourself kindly. Even if you are not always satisfied with yourself. Recognize yourself and, if necessary, get help - from friends or even from a psychotherapist. In this way you will become the person you want to be and who is waiting for his appearance deep inside you.

Seeing no meaning in life sounds dramatic and pessimistic. But the loss of your own life goals and dreams can be overcome. Be brave and listen to your inner voice. This is how you will find your way out of hopelessness.

Find a positive life motto

From the hopeless "I see no meaning in life" to the Happinessthat actually works. You will realize that you can fill the existential void yourself. This is how you find your way back to yourself and leave the role of the distanced observer.

Do you really believe there is no meaning in life? Then the wisdom of wise people who have felt the same way at least some of the time will help you. Especially in everyday life, a positive Life motto very useful. Some sayings are so motivating and intelligent that they easily stand up to reality. In small steps, they put you on a better path.


The meaning of life is definitely a complex issue that has nothing to do with esotericism. Ultimately, it is the everyday events and things that are important. In the search for more courage in life and meaning you stumble occasionally. This search is closely related to the question of the big why. Or as best-selling author John Strelecky would put it: What are your Big Five for Life - your absolute heart's desires?

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