Daniel Aminati 2/2: Experience personal growth

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Daniel Aminati 2/2: Experience personal growth

Presenter, entertainer and ex-boyband singer Daniel Aminati led a life in the fast lane. After leaving the band 'Bed & Breakfast', the former pop star fell into a deep hole. His "fighter DNA", an inner mantra and a lot of personality development got him out of the low and gave him strength for a personal and professional new start. In an interview with Alexander Müller, the 45-year-old talks about his story and reveals how he became who he is today.

Daniel Aminati - the downside of success

"I was keeping my head above water with small acting roles back then. However, 15 to 20 years ago, there were very few roles for dark-skinned people. It's still similar today." But Daniel Aminati has never been out of show business. "I love the stage and I love being challenged. Standing still is death. I think we always want to grow in some way - one more, the other less." But all growth eventually hits its limits. In the interview, Daniel shares, "I've challenged myself physically and mentally over the past few years. I was with a wonderful woman and I lost that woman because I was only concerned with myself. That's the other side of the coin. That was a moment when I then pulled the handbrake because I realized: if you go on now, it's going to be unhealthy."

If you go on now, it will be unhealthy.

Daniel Aminati

Daniel Aminati: About panic attacks and personality development

Shortly before a live broadcast, Daniel finally had a panic attack: "I sat alone in the office and had a hard time breathing. That's when I thought: If I make it through this show, then I'll change something. That was an alarm signal for me." He began to look more deeply into personal development, exploring happiness and contentment. Daniel: "What am I actually fighting for? What is worth fighting for? I wanted to answer these questions and I started to look more and more into my story. I tried to find out my patterns and Beliefs To understand and stop running blindly through life."

Daniel wants to pass on this knowledge and share it with his community, especially his young fans. However, he still doesn't see himself as a coach or consultant. Daniel: "I am an entertainer and want to encourage people to laugh. I am an entertainer, but not a guru. Just a simple boy from the street - exactly the one I always rejected back then. I am who I am. That's fine and that's enough for me."

Inner satisfaction & pain

How has the presenter defined happiness and contentment for himself? Daniel Aminati: "For me, happiness is a circumstance that has something to do with the outside. It's things that give you happy moments from the outside. Contentment, on the other hand, is for me a state of inner peace and acceptance of the Self-lovethat has something to do with external happiness only at certain moments. That's why contentment for me is ranked higher than happiness." So for Daniel, inner contentment is a state of harmony and self-acceptance.

I rank contentment higher than happiness.

Daniel Aminati

But pain and suffering are also a natural part of life for Daniel: "Pain has an incredible energy that you can transform into power." It always serves as a chance to look at the attitude from which this pain arises. The next step is to make a conscious decision to stop taking that attitude. Daniel: "When you feel like you can't do it anymore, then you have to make a decision for yourself: Do I continue like this now and waste my time or do I turn this into something positive?"

DISCSelf Acceptance & Joy are important pillars"

What would Daniel Aminati recommend to young people who have no clear structure in life and are looking for orientation? In the interview, he says: "When I look at my own life, it started to be fun when I learned to accept myself. The keyword is Authenticity. What do you really want? Self-acceptance is the key - and joy. Those are very crucial pillars for me."

What are Daniel's goals and dreams for the future? "I have the desire to be happy. I want to find my happiness and my Satisfaction to things that I can't control. Dinge that fulfill me, I can only do as well as possible and with conviction. I am an entertainer. Flexibility is important to me and I try to get the best out of every moment. I need variety and am not dependent on anyone. My tip: Do what you want to do and what you enjoy doing. Develop your own stages - the main thing is to have fun!


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