Unhappy at work - how to overcome challenges at work!

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Unhappy at work - how to overcome challenges at work!

Job dissatisfaction is the most common reason for quitting. If you are dissatisfied with your job or the working conditions, there are really only two options: either to stay at work and come to terms with the situation or to make a fresh start in your career. The decisive factors for this decision are the causes that led to the job frustration. An unfavorable working atmosphere, a lack of support and recognition from superiors - or even a boring area of responsibility without opportunities for advancement are the most common reasons why many of us are unhappy in our jobs.

We spend most of the day at our workplace. When we have a dream job, we are happy to put in the work and give our best. However, if we are unhappy in our job, this can have a negative impact on our Motivation and motivation. If you come home irritated and annoyed in the evening, frustration at work also has negative consequences for your private life.

What to do if you are unhappy in your job? Does the dream job exist? And if so, how do you find it? In every job, there are routine tasks that you don't like to do. Difficult situations, deadline pressure and frequent overtime are basically possible everywhere. To prevent job dissatisfaction from becoming a permanent condition, you should do something about it.

Unhappy at work - what can I do?

Are you unhappy in your job and are you thinking about changing jobs? What reasons have led to your dissatisfaction? Find out the causes of your job frustration before you make any far-reaching decisions.

Is the work no longer fun because it is a routine job with no prospects for the future? Does the working atmosphere in the company leave a lot to be desired? Does the pay not meet your expectations? The triggers for dissatisfaction with the professional situation can be manifold.

Unhappy at work: good and bad phases

Be aware that there are good and bad phases in every job. Your motivation is crucial in overcoming a difficult situation. Often, disagreements can be resolved through discussions with supervisors, human resources management, or the Management be clarified.

What is important to you? Clearly express your position in the personnel interview. Convince with logical arguments. In this way, you will achieve that something changes. However, if the very thought of the job generates negative feelings, a change of job may be the best solution.

dissatisfied in job signs

These are the 6 most common reasons for job dissatisfaction

Job dissatisfaction is a common phenomenon in the modern working world. Job dissatisfaction is not limited to employees who perform simple tasks. Often, qualified employees and even managers have to struggle with problems.

Is it because everyday working life differs from the wishful thinking about the dream job? Expectations that are too high can lead to being dissatisfied at work. The most common reasons for job dissatisfaction are:

  • Poor working atmosphere and/or Mobbing
  • Insufficient payment
  • Lack of recognition for achievements
  • Overload and underchallenge
  • Stress and deadline pressure
  • Lack of prospects (no opportunities for further training or promotion)

Other triggers that can cause you to be unhappy at work include:

  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Problems with superiors
  • Poor working conditions
  • Boring routine activities


Often, the deeper causes of professional dissatisfaction are not objectively comprehensible. Whether you feel comfortable in your job or in your company depends on your personal demands and your subjective feelings. People react differently. For example, some employees can do without praise from their superiors, while for others a lack of Appreciation leads to dissatisfaction in the job and is considered a reason for dismissal.

If you're unhappy at work, it's important to find out why and what needs to change. There are certain signs that indicate job frustration and should therefore be taken seriously.

Signs of dissatisfaction in the job

Job dissatisfaction often manifests itself in frustration, boredom and lack of motivation. These are the warning signs that your job is no longer fulfilling:

  • Reluctance to get up in the morning and go to work
  • Chronic boredom and emptiness
  • Careless mistakes due to lack of attention
  • No enthusiasm for the profession
  • Physical and psychological symptoms (headache, backache, constant irritability).

Other factors such as a lack of organization in the workplace, constant work overload, and insecurity due to planned restructuring measures by the company can all contribute to job dissatisfaction.

Many factors lead to dissatisfaction

Do you feel at work like you are in the Hamster wheel? Are your performances never good enough? Do you feel that the targets are too high and unrealistic? Job dissatisfaction often arises when several factors come together.

As Executive you are responsible for a project, a team or an entire department. Too much responsibility can be very stressful, especially if you don't get any support. If you are unhappy in your job for a longer period of time, the effects on your physical and mental health can hardly be avoided.

Other signs of job dissatisfaction you shouldn't underestimate include:

  • You no longer feel comfortable in your work environment.
  • You constantly look at the clock and are irritable.
  • You're no longer willing to commit to projects.
  • You have already considered termination.

Dissatisfied at work: permanent frustration at work

If you put up with constant frustration at work, you will become increasingly unhappy in your job. Find out what really led to your dissatisfaction. Be honest with yourself. What are you contributing to the problem? Did you make the wrong career decision? A wrong decision cannot be reversed, but you can actively work on your professional future. For example, by talking honestly with your supervisor about your thoughts. Or you can honestly ask yourself what your heart would be in if money didn't matter?

Are you unhappy in your job because you simply don't enjoy it? You may be faced with the same problems again at your next job. To avoid this, it's important to look at the reasons for your job dissatisfaction. Find out what triggers you. If you find this difficult on your own, feel free to think about a Coaching to.

Unhappy at work: 5 tips to improve the situation at work.

The perfect job does not exist. Problems can arise in any profession and in any company. However, difficult situations at work can be defused. If you are unhappy at work, the following tips can help:

1. set clear goals and guidelines

Having clear goals is an important prerequisite for professional success. Set yourself realistic goals that you can achieve within a certain period of time. This will increase your motivation. Set your "red line" that others must not cross. This means, for example, not being available for overtime all the time. Learn to delegate so that you can concentrate on the essential things.

2. check your inner attitude

Your expectations have a significant impact on your Satisfaction with your job. Be aware that even a dream job can have disadvantages and become routine over time. An overly demanding attitude leads to dissatisfaction in the job in the long term. Check your inner attitude. Then you will enjoy your job more.

3. dissatisfied in the job: arrange a personnel interview

If there are good reasons for your job dissatisfaction, a personnel discussion can help. Do you find it difficult to talk about dissatisfaction at work? You can get support from the works council or ask a colleague you trust for help. Think of good arguments. Convince your superiors of your professional competence, your expertise and your motivation. Explain grievances and aspects of your job that could be improved using concrete examples. Make realistic suggestions as to how something can be changed.

4. become active to improve the working atmosphere

A good working atmosphere is an important prerequisite for feeling good at work. If an unfavorable working atmosphere is the reason for your dissatisfaction at work, then take action! Together with your colleagues, you can create a positive working environment. The company also benefits from the well-being of all employees in the workplace. In a good working atmosphere, employees are significantly more motivated and productive.

5. get professional support from a job coach

Are you unhappy in your job and can't explain why? A job coach can help you to take a different perspective. This will help you to recognize what your job frustration is based on. If you have chosen the wrong profession, job coaching is a way to show you new career perspectives.

Dissatisfied in the job, but no alternative

You are unhappy at work, but no alternative is in sight? Often the scope for action to do something about grievances at work is very limited. Nevertheless, trying to change unfavorable situations should always be your first goal.

Therefore, check if there really are no alternatives if you want to dissatisfied in the job. Already a small Change can go a long way. Make a list and write down everything you want to change about your current work environment. Make an appointment with your supervisors to talk about the reasons for your job dissatisfaction.

Basically, any professional activity offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful for building a career. Make contacts in your company and expand your business network. Even if you decide to reorient yourself and change industries, these relationships can be helpful.

Job change as an interim solution

If nothing changes despite your efforts, a change of job may be the right solution. Do you often think: My job makes me sick? Then you should act! Consider your current position as a stepping stone for your further professional development. Even an unloved job can be a valuable stopover for your career.
Be a career journey.

To go or to stay? This decision is not always easy. Take another look at your checklist and rank the reasons for your job dissatisfaction in order of severity.

What is important to you? Have you exhausted all possibilities to change something at your workplace and improve the working atmosphere? Are you able to put up with inadequacies and come to terms with unfavorable working conditions? Answer these questions honestly before you make a decision!

Living your dream job and vocation - is that realistic?

What is a dream job and does it even exist? A job worthy of the name should allow you to make the best use of your skills, expertise and talents. A dream job is fun, contributes to self-fulfillment and usually doesn't feel like work.

At the same time, the ideal job should offer an optimal work-life balance as well as financial stability. However, a job that meets these requirements is rarely found. In every profession, there are also unfavorable aspects and challenges that have to be mastered.

If you want to live your vocation, then make your strengths and weaknesses consciously. Decide on a job that matches your expectations. Make sure there are opportunities to further your education. You know yourself best. Find out what is important to you professionally and just try it out. Sometimes it takes several job attempts to find out which vocation is right for you.

Go your professional way with Self-confidence. Changing jobs does not mean failure, but increases the chance of finding your dream job. and find one's own vocation to be able to live!

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