The benefits of coaching: lead a life with inner clarity and calmness

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The benefits of coaching: lead a life with inner clarity and calmness

The term "coaching" is becoming more and more present, especially in relation to personal and professional development. How does it work? Through comprehensive professional advice that helps you to recognise your potential and to exploit it to the full. A coach will show you your own personal path that will allow you to develop your strengths, and will walk it with you. He opens your eyes to completely new perspectives and goes on a search for your hidden abilities together with you.

The overriding goal is to activate precisely these and thus create sustainable changes that bring you forward professionally and personally. After a successful coaching session, you will be able to find your own solutions to the problems you face and overcome them.

Basically, coaching is always a more or less situation-bound promotion of Learning processes. It takes place very close to practice, so that you can easily implement the knowledge gained in your everyday life. As a client, you and your abilities are at the center of the coaching and you already have the optimal solutions for all the hurdles that life offers. They just need to be made visible and that's exactly what happens in coaching.

The 6 big advantages of coaching

Coaching not only has an impact on you and your behavior, but also on your environment. The positive changes do not pass your fellow men without a trace and influence them as well. Of course, the effects on the whole group are even more effective when several members are coached. This makes sense especially in companies.

Productivity, team spirit and a good relationship between employees and superiors are required here. Job satisfaction also plays an important role in moving the company forward and giving it a strong position in global competition. Coaching contributes to all these and numerous other points. So let's take a closer look together into all the benefits of coaching in the professional and private spheres.

1. closer relations within the company

Probably one of the biggest benefits of coaching for business is that it improves interpersonal relationships. This doesn't necessarily mean that your colleagues and superiors will now become your best friends. But rather that you get along well on a professional level. A good relationship with each other promotes communication, for example.

People who get on well with each other are more likely to talk to each other and are less afraid to address critical issues. This benefits the entire company. A positive working atmosphere also enhances interpersonal relationships. After all, we all feel better in a working environment where we can talk openly about everything and don't have to fear the hostility of others...!

2. managers react faster and better to the needs of employees

Wherever several people have to interact with each other, good communication is in demand - also vis-à-vis managers. This topic plays an important role in coaching. Because no matter how great the work the employees do, it's the managers who may put a stop to things or deny their employees opportunities to reach their full potential.

But in most cases is not at all Indifference or even hostility is the reason, but simply ignorance. And that's when the topic of communication comes into play. In coaching, you can learn how to communicate better with superiors and make them more aware of your Needs and those of your colleagues. On the other hand, in coaching, managers learn how to respond more sensitively to the wishes of their employees and also react more efficiently to changes of any kind in the company.

3. the productivity in the team increases

If you get to know your own competencies better, finally make full use of them and apply them in your daily work, your productivity will increase by itself. Your tasks will be easier and you will be able to meet all the demands placed on you with ease. By the way, certain forms of coaching can also take place directly at the workplace. This makes it much easier to implement what you have learned in your everyday work.

In addition, the coaching can respond even better to your personal environment, because the coach does not only act on the basis of your stories, but can get an idea on the spot. You may not even notice certain points that need improvement because they are already so entrenched. Your coach, on the other hand, will also notice them and can support you even more intensively. If your colleagues also take part in the coaching, a great dynamic is created that will take you far forward as a team. Of course, this also leaves its mark on the company's key figures.

4. high quality work

Thanks to coaching, your work will not only be more effective, but also of a higher quality. With the support of your coach, you will constantly deal with your challenges and create the perfect foundation to perform better and better. If you also succeed in uncovering deeply hidden potential, the quality automatically increases. Other important topics here are vision, willingness to give feedback and Critical facultieswhich the coach will also work on with you.

Advantages of coaching

5. higher self-confidence

Coaching brings you forward not only in your professional life, but also in your private life. You have the feeling that your life is stuck and you have simply stopped at a point, although you have not yet reached your goal? You are simply afraid to take the next step because you fear to fail?

In coaching you will see that these Fear is completely unfounded. You will rediscover your strengths once again and realize that you will master the next step with flying colors and new Self-confidence fuel. All you need is the courage to finally take the plunge.

6. you become a coach yourself online very comfortably

For you, coaching is not only interesting from the client's point of view, but you would also like to become active yourself and support others on their way to success? Our Training as Greator Coach you can just online graduate.

No matter when or where you are, you always have access to the materials and can manage your time in the way that suits you best.

What you should bring to be able to coach others successfully? A high degree of empathyA sense of organization and structure, and an open and honest manner. This is the only way to gain the trust of your clients, to recognise where there is a need for more action and to carry out comprehensible and transparent coaching.

What are the criticisms of coaching?

Critical voices express themselves above all about the fact that the term "coaching" is not protected. Basically, anyone can call themselves a coach, even if they have no qualifications at all in this regard. The next question critics ask is: What is a coach supposed to be anyway? There is no clear definition. Translated, the word simply means "coach".

It doesn't give a solid description, though. What exactly does he train? Word combinations provide a little more information here. For example, there are motivational, life, mental, speaking coaches and many more.

And yet, even within all these specifications, there are great differences, because the coaching market is far from mature. It is developing rapidly, which is why neither definitions nor methods are homogeneous. So always inform yourself comprehensively in advance about the coach you would like to entrust yourself to and his or her way of working.

Know the difference between a coach and a psychologist!

Basically, according to critics, the term "coach" is intended to fulfil one task above all: to soften the sound of the words "psychologist" and "therapist", which sometimes have negative connotations. But beware: a coach is not necessarily a trained psychologist! He does not advise you in psychological terms and certainly does not make medical diagnoses. The essence lies somewhere else. Namely in supporting psychologically healthy clients to realise themselves, to exploit their potential and to master challenges with flying colours. A coach also doesn't train you to do anything or teach you anything, but supports and accompanies you with various solutions, tips and exercises on your way.

Coaching should always be free of predefined belief systems. If your coach wants to impose certain thought patterns on you, force you to do something or even manipulate you, then distance yourself immediately! A competent coach knows that your mind is not programmable and will not even try. After all, it's about you and your development and not about pushing you onto the supposedly "only right path".

Fixed patterns do not lead to success

Speaking of the "only right way": Coaching is something very personal. There is no prefabricated pattern that can be applied to every client. If your coach is not aware of this and sticks to a strategy permanently, even though you both know that it will not lead to success, then it is better to end the cooperation.

Often this is a clear sign of a lack of competence. After all, coaching is not about rigidly promoting certain skills that are considered particularly helpful in everyday work and private life. It is your own personal strengths that you work out together with the coach.

Self-proclaimed coaches without prior knowledge can become a danger

Even though coaches are not psychologists, they ideally have some basic knowledge. After all, they too are confronted with their clients' emotions, which they must be able to deal with professionally. Another important point is realism. Self-proclaimed, untrained coaches may run the risk of setting their goals far too high and then merely reaping the Disappointment of the client who could not reach them.

In doing so, he does not push them forward, but pulls them down. Coaching is supposed to achieve exactly the opposite. Of course, there is nothing wrong with ambitious goals, but they have to be within the bounds of what is feasible. Otherwise neither the client nor the coach's reputation will be helped.

For whom are the greatest benefits coaching?

Coaching is always useful when you feel that you are simply not developing any further, even though you would like to. This applies equally to professional and private matters. It's not uncommon for managers to take the reins and hire coaches for the company in order to move the whole team forward. Often you don't even know how much untapped potential is actually slumbering inside you and consequently that a Coaching makes sense would be. But when you face the coach and you get into a first conversation, you will realize that there are definitely points that can be improved.

If your company offers you the opportunity to take part in coaching, then go for it! It won't do you any harm as long as you have an experienced coach at your side. In the working world, communication is the most important thing, Conflict ManagementThe topics that people like to work on are employee motivation and conversation management. And with at least one of these points there is actually always something to do, isn't there?

The advantage compared to seminars in a group is that the coaching is individually tailored to you and your colleagues. In order for the whole thing to be of use to you, you should of course also be willing to change something and break out of your habits. You want to become aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses and work on your behaviour patterns and perspectives in a goal-oriented way? Then you will benefit from coaching.

For whom is working with a coach not suitable?

The benefits of coaching are aimed at people without psychological complaints. Again, a coach is not a psychologist or therapist! If you are struggling with serious mental illness, then he cannot offer you the help you need.

What he can do, on the other hand, is to support your professional psychological treatment. It is therefore important to differentiate in advance what kind of support you need. Severe depression, Anxiety disorders and the like may feel a little less stressful after coaching, but you won't get a complete handle on them.

coaching training

Become a Greator Coach!

You find the topic "benefits of coaching" incredibly exciting? Maybe you've even attended one or two and would now like to share your experiences with others and help them get the best out of themselves? Then our Greator Coach Training is exactly the right thing for you! Here you will not only learn how to bring others to success, but also get to know yourself from a completely different side.

To be precise, the focus is actually on you first. Because only if you know who you are and where you want to go in life, you can also support others on this path. Afterwards you will get to know important coaching tools that you can work with after completing the training. You too can spread the benefits of coaching!


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