Enneagram type 3: Full of energy, love of life and fear of failure

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Enneagram type 3: Full of energy, love of life and fear of failure

Every person is unique. Nevertheless, certain behavioral patterns can be identified that apply to several groups of people. In modern psychology, one speaks of personality types. A well-known concept for personality analysis is the Enneagram. This concept distinguishes between nine different character types differentiated. Today we want to look at the character traits, strengths and weaknesses of the Enneagram Type 3.

What distinguishes the Enneagram Type 3?

Three are true achievers. When they set their sights on something, they won't rest until they've achieved their Target reached have. Here, the recognition of other people is immensely important to them. They need external confirmation like the air they breathe. Threes are usually extroverted and charismatic. Unfortunately, they also have a strong competitive drive.

Over the course of their lives, most threes find an area where they are the best and don't have to fear competition. They know how to make promising contacts and work their way up. People of this Enneagram type exude energy and Joie de vivrewhich is attractive to their social environment.

Enneagram type 3, however, has difficulty admitting true intimacy. He fears that his flawless image will suffer damage if someone gets to know the real him. Threes are constantly accompanied by a nagging fear of failure, despite their successes. Sometimes the Enneagram type 3 confuses his own desires with the conventional ideals of society.

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The deepest fear of the three

Enneagram type 3 fears most being worthless and expendable to the world.

The core motivation of the three

The core motivation of the Enneagram Type 3 is to receive external recognition and to feel valuable as a result.

The strengths of the Enneagram Type 3

The Enneagram type 3 is powerful and goal-oriented. But this is by no means all that he has to show in terms of strengths:

  • Encourage and motivate their peers.
  • Three are socially competent.
  • They stand up for the things that are important to them.
  • Are charming and popular.
  • Three impress with practical thinking and efficiency.

The weaknesses of the Enneagram Type 3

The Enneagram type 3 often puts on a mask in everyday life. However, it makes it difficult for him to find true friendship and love. In addition, the following weak points are typical:

  • Three focus too much on their personal image.
  • They suffer from a lack of Self-acceptance and under fear of failure.
  • Are often perceived as insensitive and selfish.
  • Threes sometimes lose touch with their true identity.

Growth opportunities for the Enneagram Type 3

Although you cannot change your own character completely - which would not be desirable at all - every person has the possibility to work on himself. For people of Enneagram type 3, the following development tips are of particular importance:

1. enjoy being alone

Threes need external validation. This is a debilitating trait that you should break away from. The best thing to do is to start spending time with yourself. This way you realize that your happiness is not dependent on other people, but entirely on yourself. How about taking regular walks in nature, for example? The mobile phone stays at home, of course!

2. find a best friend

It is terribly exhausting to constantly maintain your flawless image in the company of other people. Sooner or later, this effort will drain you of all your energy. Therefore, you should find at least one confidant whom you let look behind your mask. It is liberating to be able to confide in someone without fear of judgment. What other feelings does this thought release in you? Lightness perhaps!

3. success is a question of your definition

You should try to stay more with yourself in life. Often you follow the generally accepted social ideas about happiness and success. But are these the things that really fulfill you? Or are you actually longing for something completely different? Be honest with yourself and follow your heart. You don't live to make others happy.

4. you can't always win

Setbacks are a part of life. You are not automatically a failure if you fail at something. Let me tell you that. Instead of despairing and judging yourself, look at setbacks as opportunities for growth. Calmly analyze what went wrong. What can you do better in the future? What new insights can you gain from the situation?

Perhaps the keyword Resilience something. This is the ability to cope with crises and setbacks. calm to deal with. For the Enneagram Type 3 this is a very promising approach. How resilience works exactly is described in the following reference book: "The resilient human being: How we experience and cope with crises" - Latest findings from brain research and psychology., Author: Raffael Kalisch.

5. do not postpone troublesome issues

Threes prefer to take care of the big picture, neglecting aspects that seem annoying to them. But the unpopular tasks don't disappear by ignoring them. Quite the opposite. At some point, the little things that have been put off become a confusing jumble that is almost impossible to manage. Therefore, it is better to do the annoying little things of everyday life immediately.

What type of relationship is the Enneagram Type 3?

Threes can be open-minded and motivating partners if they have found a person who appreciates their inner values. The difficulty, however, is to first break through the mental protective wall of the Enneagram Type 3. While this is a difficult undertaking, it is by no means impossible. However, the partner must have the necessary Patience Bring.

The ideal partner reminds the Enneagram type 3 that life is not only about work and professional success exists. With the right person at his side, the Enneagram type 3 also learns to enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life. If both partners are performance-oriented, they must constantly remind themselves to make enough time for the Relationship to take.

Romantic strengths of the Enneagram Type 3 include:

  • Open mind
  • Optimism
  • Enterprising
  • Communication talent
Enneagram Type 3

The Enneagram Type 3 in connection with the other Enneagram Types

Some Understanding people each other right off the bat, while others simply don't swim on the same wavelength. This is perfectly natural. Let's take a look at how the Enneagram Type 3 gets along with the other character types of the Enneagram:

Enneagram Type 3 and 1

Threes and ones are determined and performance-oriented character types. They can spur each other on to top performance. They are an energetic couple who are just bursting with Self-confidence bristles. Their greatest ambition is to make each other proud. However, both partners should take care that the romantic component in the relationship is not neglected.

Enneagram Type 3 and 2

Twos and Threes are driven by their emotional needs, though this is not always obvious with the Three. Both partners almost painfully crave success and recognition. Because they feel the same drive, they understand each other without words. Twos and threes usually have a very stable relationship. They share many interests and are both very sociable.

Enneagram Type 3 and 3

Threes in a double relationship can harmonize wonderfully with each other, as long as both parties are mentally healthy. Otherwise, a power imbalance develops rather quickly. Two threesomes make an energetic team, both in their professional and personal lives. They allow each other the necessary freedom so that both partners can realize themselves.

Enneagram Type 3 and 4

Threes and fours are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. One partner has the exact qualities that the other lacks. The Four can guide the Three to look at life from a more profound perspective and no longer hide from their own emotions to fear. In return, the Three helps the Four to Overcome self-doubt.

Enneagram Type 3 and 5

At first glance, it seems that threes and fives in a partnership would not harmonize with each other. Yet these character types quite often find each other despite their different mentalities. The often very learned Five supports the Three in expanding their mental horizons. Threes give Fives self-confidence and openness.

Enneagram Type 3 and 6

Threes and Sixes rarely find each other in a romantic relationship, although they could harmonize in character. Threes can benefit from the compassionate nature of Sixes. The Six sensitizes her Three partner not to think only of herself. The relationship of these two Enneagram types is one of mutual respect.

Enneagram Type 3 and 7

Threes and Sevens are very similar to each other. Both are optimistic, self-confident and enjoy being around people. One partner benefits from the inexhaustible energy of the other. Together they are bursting with drive. They experience adventures together and work hard to lead a pleasant existence. This constellation often lasts a lifetime.

Enneagram Type 3 and 8

Both Dreien and Achten are very strong character personalities. They inevitably catch each other's eye and not infrequently begin to take a romantic interest in each other. Their strength and determination forms the basis for a stable and successful relationship. However, sometimes a kind of competition can develop, which in turn is harmful for love.

Enneagram Type 3 and 9

Nines and Threes are among the most common relationship constellations. The Nine feels a great admiration for the character strengths of the Three. She always lets her partner feel this appreciation. The Three partner thus receives the longed-for feeling of affirmation. In return, the Three supports the Nine in developing more self-confidence.

Famous examples of the Enneagram Type 3

The following prominent personalities can be classified as Enneagram Type 3:

  • Augustus Caesar
  • Bill Clinton
  • Tony Blair
  • Prince William
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Michael Jordan
  • Tiger Woods
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Elvis Presley
  • Paul McCartney
  • Madonna
  • Sting
  • Whitney Houston
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Lady Gaga
  • Taylor Swift
  • Justin Bieber
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Chef Daniel Boulud
  • Dick Clark
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Cat Deeley
  • Tom Cruise
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Anne Hathaway

Which professions fit the Enneagram Type 3 personalities?

There is hardly any other Enneagram type that has a comparable performance potential in professional life. Three are true high achievers. Yet there are aspects that can demotivate them. These include:

  • Failures.
  • The feeling of constantly having to entertain colleagues.
  • The feeling of being perceived negatively.
  • Difficulty in solving a problem.

In order for the Enneagram Type 3 to feel motivated in their workplace, the following basic requirements should be present:

  • The achievement of set goals.
  • The Feeling, to be accepted and appreciated by colleagues and superiors.
  • Perspectives on rewards and promotion.
  • The opportunity to present yourself and make contacts.

Because of its preferences and talents, the Enneagram Type 3 is particularly common in the following occupations:

  • Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Doctors
  • Entrepreneur
  • Advertising Consultant
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Banker
Enneagram type 3 occupation

The Wings of the Enneagram Type 3

The wings represent a special feature of the Enneagram. Each enneagram type can additionally character traits of the adjacent enneagram types. In the case of enneagram type 3, wings 2 and 4 would come into question.

What does type 3w2 mean?

One speaks of an Enneagram type 3w2 when concise characteristics of the Two are noticeable in a Three personality. Due to the Two wing, Threes become more emotional and also more romantic. They long for a soul mate more than pure threes. The 3w2 type is also less self-centered. He does not only think about his own advancement, but also supports other people.

What does type 3w4 mean?

The designation type 3w4 means that a Three has character traits of the Enneagram type 4. This combination is very interesting because Threes and Fours have some character contradictions. The four wing makes the Three much more emotional and authentic. In addition, the type 3w4 is usually more self-confident and independent than the pure type 3. In addition, there is a fine sense of aesthetics.

Other models for personality analysis

Besides the Enneagram, especially the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the DISC test in modern personality research. The scientifically based DISG personality test is particularly noteworthy in this regard, as it is the easiest to apply and yet delivers informative results. For this reason, the concept is used especially successfully in business.

The DISG test focuses on the analysis of the four communication types. That communication is an indispensable part of interpersonal interaction, there is no question.

By finding out which communication type you correspond to, you can communicate more profitably in the future. You will see through your own patterns and get the opportunity to develop yourself personally. Would you like to learn more? Then take the opportunity to download the DISC test now completely without obligation and free of charge with us.

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