Get rich: A life dream that can come true

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Get rich: A life dream that can come true

Almost everyone would be happy to suddenly be rich. After all, money is synonymous with prosperity and extensive freedom from worries. Nevertheless, only very few people succeed in achieving wealth.

To claim that the path to financial prosperity is easy is simply untrue. Nevertheless, becoming rich is not a utopian goal. Provided you follow a few principles, you can certainly succeed with a good dose of commitment and a certain amount of luck.

Get rich: How do I achieve it?

Whether through years of disciplined saving, a resounding business success, or even winning the lottery, getting rich can be accomplished in a number of ways. The most realistic and equally arduous variant is saving. Even if you save only 50 euros every month, you can set aside a considerable sum over the course of decades. The prerequisite, however, is that you do not touch the savings account.

Even a brilliant business idea has made many a poor merchant a millionaire. Provided that you find a gap in the market and at the same time hit the zeitgeist with your business, financial success is not unlikely. If you also invest the money you earn profitably, you can look forward to lifelong prosperity.

And what about winning the lottery? According to the probability of winning is 1: 140 million. Expressed as a percentage, this corresponds to 0.00000072 percent.

Being rich is more than the amount in your account

Have you ever asked yourself for what reason you long to be rich? What feeling does wealth give you? In what ways do you think your life will (supposedly) change once you have achieved financial wealth?

Most people associate wealth first and foremost with security and confidence. After all, unforeseen expenses can no longer throw you off track. If you need or want something, you can afford it without having to pay attention to the price. Being free of financial worries is a great relief in life.

However, the idea of wealth often goes far beyond the material aspect. Perhaps you hope to be able to buy the recognition, appreciation or even love of those around you. Maybe you want to compensate for other things through money, things that you unhappy make. Have you ever wondered what Beliefs guide you on the subject of money?

What beliefs do you have about money?

The above may sound negative at first, but this line of thought is by no means reprehensible. Let's move away from the topic of money: What is not going optimally in your life right now? Do you think the problem can be solved by money? Even if this is apparently true, there is often much more behind your worries.

Let's assume you have accumulated debts. Even if you could pay them off, you would become rich, but the core problem would not have changed. The fact that you got into such a situation in the first place has deeper causes. If you don't illuminate these, money alone cannot be the solution, because nothing has changed in your inner attitude.

It is also possible that someone in your childhood taught you that money is the all-round solution to all problems or that a person's value is measured by his or her income. From whom did you possibly inherit these thoughts? You can overcome your blocking beliefs with the help of meditation or Coaching get on the track.

In the first step, we have prepared an exercise for you: If money were a person and rang your doorbell, how would you deal with it? It's best to answer this question in writing or as a role play with a partner.

how to become rich

10 tips to get rich with the right mindset

Getting rich does not depend solely on clever savings and investment concepts. As is so often the case, the right mindset crucial for long-term success.

1. care for routines

Wealth rarely just falls from the sky. Most millionaires had to work hard for their wealth. Routines can help you become much more productive. Therefore, plan your steps to the goal as precisely as possible and keep to your daily schedule.

2. the early bird gets the worm

Let's stick to the topic of routine for a while: If possible, get up at a fixed time (early) every day so that you can use the day productively. If you want to become rich, you don't have time to sleep until noon.

3. believe in your success

If you are convinced deep inside that you will never become rich, you are most likely right. Inner doubts lead you to pursue your goal only half-heartedly.

If you really want to get rich, you should convince yourself that this is possible. There are numerous prominent examples that prove this. Self-made billionaires Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren and Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) were all once poor.

4. create a vision: dream big!

Allow yourself to dream: imagine all the things you could do with your money. Do you dream of a big house, a special vacation, or financing the best education for your children? Hold on to this Vision fixed whenever you want to give up.

5. obstacles are opportunities for growth

The way to the financial independence will certainly not always run smoothly. However, successful people don't let problems slow them down, but see them as an opportunity. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

6. learn to

If you want to become rich, you should always educate yourself. Acquire the necessary knowledge to become a successful Business and invest your money profitably. Thinking you already know everything is a fatal mistake. Take advice from people who are already where you want to be.

7. look for role models

Surely there is a rich person you admire. Take a closer look at the career of this person: What did he or she do to become rich? What is this person's attitude toward wealth? Let yourself be inspired by your role model.

8. take care of your health

Your health is essential if you want to become rich. After all, this endeavor requires the use of your full mental and physical powers. Make sure you have a healthy eating and get enough sleep. Also try to avoid avoidable Reduce stress.

9. persevere

Getting rich takes time. So do not lose the Patienceif your standard of living does not change within a few months. It is important that you set concrete goals and give everything to achieve them. Provided you remain disciplined and forgo luxuries in the early days, your perseverance will eventually be rewarded with financial prosperity.

10. find a task that fulfills you

Surely you have already thought about the way in which you want to become rich. It is important that it is something you enjoy doing. Otherwise it is hardly possible to Motivation long enough to maintain.

Get rich in 7 steps

The best way to get rich is to be strategic. The following seven steps can help you on your way:

Step 1: Define your goals

The first step is to answer the question of what wealth means to you personally. Do you dream of a villa with an ocean view or do you already feel rich if you can go on vacation every year and regularly buy new clothes? Define your idea of wealth as concretely as possible.

Step 2: Avoid getting into debt

If you have debts, you can't save. Ideally, therefore, you should not accumulate any debts in the first place. If you do, you should pay off the loan with the highest interest rate first. This is known as the debt snowball method.

Step 3: Keep an eye on your costs and create a savings plan

First, make a list of your monthly fixed costs. In addition, document in a budget book the things you also spend money on. You're sure to discover areas where there's potential for savings.

Maybe you can cook for yourself in the future instead of ordering food? Or perhaps you'll buy second-hand clothes or articles of daily use more often? You put the savings you make aside as a nest egg.

Step 4: Open a savings account

Speaking of nest eggs ... If your savings are readily available, the temptation to spend them on trivial things is great. It's best to transfer a fixed amount directly to a savings account or custody account. Pay attention to the interest rate! This way you can easily passive income generate.

Step 5: Make smart investments

Provided you invest your savings wisely, you can grow them passively. A good way is to invest your money in mutual funds or on the stock market. Get in as early as possible to benefit from maximum returns. It is best to take professional investment advice.

Step 6: Increase your income

Look for ways to increase your current income: Possibly come a Side job is an option for you? Or do you ask your employer for a pay rise at your next appraisal interview? Also a part-time self-employment is possible.

Step 7: Get rich with the right mindset

As explained earlier, the right mindset plays a crucial role. If you have always suffered from money worries, it is quite possible that you do not believe at all that you can ever become rich. This is a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Burdensome beliefs can be released through meditation or coaching.

Getting Rich = Better Life?

Whether wealth leads to a better life can only be answered on an individual basis. Financial wealth can certainly solve a lot of problems. From Money worries Being liberated increases the quality of life considerably, that is definitely undeniable. Nevertheless, the frequently quoted wisdom that money alone does not make you happy applies here.

There are numerous things that money can't buy, but that can be bought for a fulfilled life are essential. These include love and health, for example. So money only makes you happy(er) if the basis is right.


Becoming rich is a major challenge that quite a few people fail at. The right mindset makes all the difference in this case. In addition to the necessary know-how regarding saving and investing, you must first and foremost believe in your success. If you're half-hearted about it, you can't get rich.

Sometimes negative beliefs or unconscious inner blocks are the reason why you don't get ahead. In this case you can Meditation or professional coaching can help you to ground yourself again and focus on your goals. Getting rich is possible for everyone, including you.


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