What does happiness mean? How to become calm and happy

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What does happiness mean? How to become calm and happy

Everyone wants to be happy, to lead a happy life, we wish each other a happy birthday ... But what does happiness actually mean? Can there even be a universal definition for something as individual as happiness? And most importantly: how do you manage to be happy?

The search for happiness: a personal journey

What does Luck? Hardly any other question is more hotly debated in both scientific and spiritual circles. It is hardly possible to define happiness in a universally valid way. Happiness is always subjective. What makes you happy can leave someone else completely emotionless or even make them sad.

To answer the question "What does happiness mean?", there is only one way: you have to find your own definition of happiness! This often happens automatically as you gain life experience. Over the years, you learn what really matters to you and what fulfills you inwardly.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to question entrenched beliefs about happiness: Are they really your own beliefs? Or are they inherited Beliefs? Furthermore, it's important that you don't just see happiness as Life goalbut as a constant companion on your path through life.

Mindset for happiness: How your mindset influences your feelings

Whether you are happy or not depends to a large extent on your inner convictions. At this point, we come to the famous quote by the French writer Maurice Barrès (1862 - 1923): "Happiness is basically nothing more than the courageous will to live by accepting the conditions of life."

Put simply, this means that You cannot always influence what happens to you in life, but you do decide how you deal with adversity. In this way, people are able to experience happiness again even after losses and other heavy blows of fate.

what does happiness mean to me

Happiness in everyday life: learning to appreciate small moments

As previously mentioned, it is important not (only) to work towards the one great happiness, but rather to take the many Moments of happiness of daily life and to appreciate them. You may also then happy be happy when everything is not yet perfect and your big life goals are not yet within reach. Your happiness is not tied to achieving a certain state or goal!

When was the last time you enjoyed the beautiful weather or a spring flower from the bottom of your heart? This may sound trivial, but it has a hugely positive impact on your mental state: By noticing small positive impulses, you immediately feel better, which in turn helps you to cope better in crisis situations. more serene to stay. Small moments of happiness give you strength, hope and confidence.

Try to consciously notice all the little moments of happiness. Even a smiling sales assistant or a nice chat with colleagues during the lunch break are part of this. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes lose sight of such small things. That's why it's all the more important to sensitize your perception. Perhaps you would also like to keep a happiness diary?

The role of relationships: Sharing and experiencing happiness

When it comes to the topic "What does happiness mean?", it is important to distinguish between random happiness and happiness in life. You cannot influence the former, but you can influence the latter! Happiness in life includes interpersonal relationships. You can actively ensure that you build up a circle of friends and family in whose midst you feel comfortable and accepted.

The fact that loneliness has a negative impact on the human psyche and can even make people ill is well known. scientifically proven. Conversely, harmonious, trusting relationships Relationship to your perceived happiness in life.

Building positive relationships is all about the right communication: Take the Timelisten to your loved ones and express your needs clearly. Keeping quiet is not an option! Empathy also plays an important role. Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes, even if you disagree.

What does happiness mean to you personally?

If you try to find a definition of "What does happiness mean?", the following happiness factors are often mentioned:

  • financial independence
  • personal freedom
  • A fulfilling career choice
  • intact interpersonal relationships
  • Satisfaction with your own life and identity

But do these factors - apart from personal freedom, which is certainly important to everyone - also apply to you? Does your high income really make you happy or would you rather have more free time with your family? Or vice versa: does the thought of starting a family really make you happy? Or are you just toying with the idea because it's expected of you? Would you rather have realized yourself professionally?

Stay with yourself and ask yourself which Values really count for you. Only you know what makes you happy. Let go of social expectations and allow yourself to shape your life according to your own wishes.

What happiness means: 5 tips for a happier life

What does happiness mean? Even if it is a subjective feeling, there are still a few tips that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. Sometimes even small changes can have a big impact on your well-being:

1. what happiness means: live in the present

Are you constantly busy looking remorsefully into the Past or to look anxiously into the future? If you want to feel happiness, this is extremely counterproductive. Focus on the present and on everything you can actively influence today in order to be happy.

2. what does happiness mean: stay curious

Stay curious about the world. That way, you'll discover all the beautiful things life has to offer. You don't have to travel to faraway countries or learn a foreign language. Sometimes it helps to take up a new hobby.

3. what does happiness mean: support others

Supporting other people - in whatever way you can - fills up your own happiness tank. Having made someone else happy can be very fulfilling. If you haven't had this experience yet, you should definitely give it a try.

4 What does happiness mean: maintaining friendships

Maintain contact with the people who are important to you. Good friends can enrich your life and support you in difficult times. Don't forget to check in with your loved ones regularly.

5 What does happiness mean: self-love

Be proud of yourself and try to be yourself. acceptas you are. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't work on aspects that bother you. The important thing is that you are at peace with yourself.

Happiness as a life goal: setting realistic expectations

Do you know what most often causes happiness in life to fail? Expectations that are too high and, above all, unrealistic. If you set your goals too high and fail, this can plunge you into deep despair. That's why it makes more sense to break down big goals into smaller steps. Every small success will inspire you and provide a small moment of happiness.

You should also know that happiness doesn't have to be perfect. Let go of the idea that there is absolute happiness. Even if you have achieved a major goal, there are bound to be little things that you are not happy with: and that's okay!

The link between gratitude and happiness

Gratitude has a direct impact on your sense of happiness. Being grateful means appreciating all the good things that happen to you in life. Of course, this also applies to the little things that we all too easily overlook in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If, on the other hand, you focus on the (supposed) shortcomings of your life, frustration is inevitable.

The problem is often that, in our affluent society, we take many comforts for granted and therefore don't take any time for ourselves. Happiness is set. It's worth changing your perspective here: While you can sleep in your cozy bed every night and take a hot shower, other people live on the streets or have no access to drinking water elsewhere in the world.

But what can you do specifically to train your gratitude? The following three tips can help you:

  1. The classic: keep a gratitude diary.
  2. Gratitude vase: Set up a glass vase. For each beautiful experience, throw a colorful stone, an (artificial) flower petal or similar into the vase.
  3. Mindfulness: What do you smell, hear and taste when you walk through a forest or by the sea? What pleasant sensations do you perceive with your senses every day?

Happiness and self-love: the basis for a fulfilled life

Anyone who is extremely self-conscious cannot be happy. This is certainly no secret. It is therefore worth working on your Self-love and self-care. You are important and deserve to feel good. Once you have internalized this, the topic of self-care will certainly be much easier for you.

Listen deeply to yourself: what are your wishes and needs? Only if you make sure that you feel good about yourself will you have the strength to support other people.

What does happiness mean? The continuous journey to happiness

What does happiness mean? As you now know, happiness is a purely subjective feeling and it depends solely on your definition: What is important to you in life? What values do you hold? Based on your personal vision, however, you can make a targeted contribution to your happiness in life: go your own way and surround yourself with people who are good for you.

The journey to your personal happiness is an ongoing process in which the journey should be the destination. Pay attention to the small moments of happiness in everyday life. With a positive mindset you learn to appreciate the little things and achieve your goals through your own efforts.


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