Strengthen self-confidence: the most effective tips and exercises

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Strengthen self-confidence: the most effective tips and exercises

A healthy self-confidence makes you happy and contributes to greater success in life, be it on a professional or private level. Self-confident people automatically appear more competent, open-minded and trustworthy. So it's no surprise that there are numerous tips to boost your self-confidence. Below we show you what really works.

Boost self-confidence: How does it work?

Self-awareness means being aware of yourself. This refers not only to your positive qualities, but also to your weaknesses. Knowing your own personality in all its facets and being able to accept, is the central step if you want to strengthen your self-confidence.

Those who know exactly what they can do - and what they can't - go through life more confidently. Unfortunately, this realization is sometimes painful. In order to strengthen your self-confidence, you must be willing to be completely honest with yourself.

Self-awareness also includes the Faith in your own abilities. It is basically a benevolent basic attitude towards yourself. An essential foundation for this is laid in childhood. This will be discussed in this scientific elaboration clearly.

15 tips to boost your self-confidence

We have already discussed what self-awareness is by definition in a separate article on Self-awareness & self-confidence treated.

Today, we want to give you practical everyday tips for a strengthened self-confidence. The following 15 tips are easy to implement and quickly show a positive effect:

1. be good to yourself

Self-care is essential if you want to boost your self-confidence. Take your needs seriously and make sure you feel comfortable in your skin. This starts in small ways: Set the table nicely for yourself, even when you're eating alone. Are you content with a quick morning shower during the week? Then treat yourself on the weekend to a relaxing Foam bath.

2. give a smile to others

People who smile at other people seem likeable and often get an Smile back. Even the brief friendly social interaction lifts your mood and boosts your self-confidence.

3. keep a diary

Write down what's on your mind. There is hardly a better method to deal with your own personality. As you already know, the latter is very important for strengthening self-confidence.

4. do sports

Experiencing how tough and powerful your own body is can boost your self-confidence. This does not have to be a competitive sport. It is much more important that you enjoy the sport and achieve success accordingly.

how to strengthen my self-confidence

5. make (and maintain) friends

Loneliness is poison for self-confidence. You do not have to have a large circle of friends if this is not your thing. However, you should be able to name two or three people to whom you are important. Maintain these social contacts well!

6. speak out

Not everything in life goes according to plan. Time and again disappointing or annoying situations that attack your self-confidence. However, if you can talk about it with someone you trust, the negative effect will only be half as strong.

7. enjoy being alone

Sure, social contacts are important for a healthy self-confidence. However, you should never make your well-being solely dependent on other people. It's all about finding the right balance. So spend time with yourself more often: Go to the movies, to a spa, or to your favorite restaurant by yourself.

8. be open to new experiences

A language course or an exotic hobby? Maybe even a spontaneous trip to a faraway country with only a backpack? Stay open for adventure and new experiences. The Leaving your comfort zone can strengthen self-confidence.

9. failure is not a disgrace

Do you shy away from a task because you fear that you are not up to it? But failure can also boost your self-confidence. In this way, you learn how you can do better next time. Look at defeat as an opportunity for personal development.

10. support other people

Helping other people has a positive effect on your self-confidence. So stay alert and offer your support when it is needed. If you like, you can also get involved in social activities.

11. request for help

Self-confident people are happy to help and are not ashamed to ask for help when needed. Feel free to actively ask for support. Human interaction is a matter of give and take.

12. pay attention to your posture

An upright posture immediately makes you feel more confident. This is true even if you are still struggling with self-doubt. Your brain does not know that the upright posture is "played". Try it out right now!

13. say no more often

A no to another person is often a yes to yourself. Stand up for your needs and maintain your boundaries. Admittedly, this may be difficult at first: But if you want to strengthen your self-confidence, there is hardly a more effective method!

14. a fulfilling love life can boost your self-confidence

A fulfilled sexuality and self-confidence go hand in hand. Allow yourself to feel your body and express your needs. If you are inhibited, write down your desires before sharing them with your partner.

15. represent your opinion

In order to be liked, quite a few people tend to simply agree with an issue even though they actually have a completely different opinion. Self-confident people, on the other hand, are not afraid to state their opinion (factually). No longer pretending for others strengthens self-confidence enormously.

5 exercises for more self-confidence

Strengthening self-confidence is a process that Patience requires. Perform the following five exercises at least once a week for faster results:

1. work with lists

Take a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line in the middle. On the left side, write down all the qualities that you appreciate about yourself. On the right, write down all the things that bother you.

Take a closer look at the right side and try to see your supposed weaknesses from a benevolent perspective. Suppose you are bothered by your impatience. In this case, you might say to yourself, "It's perfectly human that I would like to see progress."

2. mantra meditation

In situations where you feel small and defenseless, mantra meditation can help. If possible, retreat to a quiet place and recite your personal mantra in your mind. It is important that the latter feels coherent to you. Here are a few examples:

  • I rest in myself.
  • Power flows through my body.
  • I possess the strength to overcome any hurdle.

3. disempower hurtful comments

Inappropriate comments from other people can really hurt your self-confidence. Do not allow this to happen! The next time someone wants to put you down, mentally list five example situations that invalidate your counterpart's statement.

4. strengthen self-confidence with power pose

As mentioned earlier, posture is crucial for a confident look. If you are unsafe then assume the following pose: plant your feet firmly on the floor and place your hands on your hips. Push your chest out and look forward.

5. collect evidence of success

Keep a notebook in which you write down all your big and small successes. Do you have newspaper clippings from your youth when you won a sports or music competition? Stick them in your notebook. Have you been promoted? Write down the date.


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