Clear your head - let go of the old and relax

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Clear your head - let go of the old and relax

Your thoughts are circling and you are constantly thinking about why something went wrong? People who feel responsible for everything find it difficult to switch off and clear their heads.

Negative thoughts block. They loosen inner restlessness and mistrust. The cause of excessive thinking are often Self-doubt and low self-esteem. When circling thoughts arise Fears. Freeing the mind means freeing oneself from mental ballast.

Why is a clear head important?

A clear mind thinks more relaxed and more freely. Solutions are found more quickly when the head is free of mental burdens. The term "clear head" does not mean that it is empty, but that no circling thoughts disturb the thought processes.

Why is a clear head important? Because it allows you to think more clearly and with greater concentration and to make decisions can. Overthinking is a phenomenon of our Time. Everywhere Perfectionism expected. The consequence of high demands on oneself is stress, sleep disorders and depression.

Other causes that lead to the head is not free of worries are:

A free head is free from thinking constraints. We all possess the ability to focus on the good despite everyday problems. Are you one of those people who rack their brains even over "little things"? Be happy about the beautiful things that make life worth living. Getting your head clear means gaining strength inside. These are further advantages of a free, positive way of thinking:

Mindfulness as the key to relaxation

The concept of mindfulness originally comes from Buddhism. The term stands for a non-judgmental perception. In addition, being mindful also means attentive observation with a focus on oneself.

Suppressing or ignoring one's own needs creates emotional, mental and physical overload. A mindful approach to ourselves brings hidden desires to light, promotes stress reduction and relaxation.

Mindfulness sharpens our senses, helps to recognize small moments of happiness. Be mindful of yourself. Mindful behavior is the key to relaxation and well-being. Feel the sweet scent of flowers while walking through fields and meadows. Enjoy your meals consciously and treat yourself to the small Time out.

Practice mindfulness so that you can go through life more freely. Don't just deal with problems. Set aside time for yourself every day. Learn to think positively and look carefree into the future. This will clear your head and help you concentrate better.

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Mindset: Your thoughts shape your reality

Our perception determines what we regard as real. With our Thoughts shape our own reality. It is only possible to clear our heads when we learn to let go of what is weighing us down.

The human brain is in constant exchange with the body. The interaction ensures that your thoughts are transferred to the organism. If you think about something beautiful and are happy, you feel good.

Negative thoughts on the other hand, can trigger a variety of mental and physical symptoms. These include, for example, sleep disturbances, headaches and backaches as well as negative emotions, which affect interpersonal relationships.

Build a positive mindset to clear your head. Positive sayings provide optimism when things are not going well in life.

A quote from the famous writer Mark Twain reads, "Give every day a chance to be the best day of your life." Mahatma Gandhi, pacifist, spiritual and political leader of the Indian independence movement, recommended: "You yourself are the Changethat you wish for this world". To clear the mind means to allow positive thoughts to create a reality worth living.

Letting go: How you shed ballast

Do you put off unpleasant matters rather than solve the problem immediately? Do you find it difficult to expose false principles? Supposed security is not always the best option.

Traumatic experiences from the past or other unfavorable experiences prevent us from clearing our heads and moving forward. When we carry mental ballast let gowe have more energy again and can breathe more freely.

Accept change because it is part of life. Let go of everything that limits you and prevents you from moving forward. The only way to clear your head is to free yourself from unrealistic expectations. The Letting go of long gone Events, such as an unhappy love affair, make room for new, positive experiences.

The power of nature: being outside for clarity of mind

Physical exercise makes you fit and is ideal for relieving stress. Being outdoors is good for the body and helps you switch off. Immersing yourself in nature inspires the soul. Want to clear your head and think clearly again? Go for a walk, cycle or hike.

Does clearing your head help prevent depression? Sport, exercise and relaxation can generally reduce the risk of depression. depressive mood lower. Spending time outdoors improves your mood and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

Fresh air has a positive effect on the brain, favors mental Clarity and gives inner peace. Activities in nature, from jogging to geocaching are perfect for mental well-being.

Breathing techniques: finding calm and focus

In stressful situations, breaths become shallower and shorter. If stress persists, symptoms such as shortness of breath or shortness of breath occur. Consciously taking a breath and breathing deeply is the easiest way to relax again and relieve stress.

Breathing techniques have also proven effective for anxiety and panic states. Do you literally lose your breath during an exam? Can't breathe properly when you're worried? With a short but effective breathing exercise you provide more relaxation.

Breathe in slowly and deeply while counting to four internally. Then exhale again while counting to four. This process is called diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing. Proper breathing supplies the brain with oxygen. If you want to clear your head and concentrate better, you should do regular breathing exercises.

Digital Detox: Spend time without screens

As modern means of communication, electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets have become indispensable in everyday life. How did people clear their heads in the past, when there was no Internet connection and no social media? People talked more with each other and discussed problems face-to-face.

The renunciation of the use of technical communication and information devices for a predefined period of time is considered to be a Digital Detox denotes. During the digital detox, relaxation and vital energy return. Stress caused by the flood of information on the Internet is reduced.

After a few days, a marked improvement in the ability to concentrate is noticeable. People who want to clear their heads and concentrate on the essentials regularly do Digital Detox.

Don't spend all your time in front of the screen. Build a few Internet-free days into your daily routine every now and then and enjoy your life without social media and cell phone ringing. Just switch off, clear your head and relax.

Setting priorities: an organized mind

set priorities facilitates the planning of the day. Good time management enables you to focus on Focus on goals and achieve them. Do you feel the same way? You have a head full of clever thoughts. At the end of the working day, you realize that you have hardly realized any of your plans.

Do you want to clear your head despite many tasks at work or in your private life? Then work on your organization and learn to set priorities. Put your tasks and projects in a sensible order. Decide what is important and how much time to invest in getting it done. Prioritizing helps to correctly assess the importance and the amount of work.

An organized mind thinks clearly and makes decisions spontaneously. You can clear your mind by taking regular breaks. Take a short break from work when you are stressed and need to calm down. Get organized. Create a Weekly plan and structure your everyday life. Learn to delegate and say no to excessive or unwarranted demands.

Conclusion: Free your mind and live a more fulfilling life

Free your head from mental ballast and introduce a fulfilled life. Mindfulness as well as a positive mindset help to detach from negative thoughts. Through conscious breathing and the application of efficient breathing techniques. you find inner peace and relaxation. If you want to clear your head and enjoy the many positive effects of meditation, then try our free Meditation Challenge from. Meditating frees the mind, helps reduce stress, promotes clear thinking and creativity.

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