10 tips against sadness: how to overcome low moods

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10 tips against sadness: how to overcome low moods

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of sadness. There is often a specific cause for this, but sometimes low moods come out of nowhere. Basically, sadness is a completely natural human emotion that you are allowed to experience. However, if it gets out of hand and starts to weigh you down emotionally, our tried-and-tested tips to combat sadness can help.

What is sadness?

Sadness is a human Emotionwhich often occurs as a result of a stressful event. You feel listless and depressed. In other words, sadness is characterized by the temporary absence of (life) joy. Many people cryto express their sadness. Others, on the other hand, feel this Need or have forgotten how to do it.

In contrast to the clinical depression however, sadness is a temporary condition that does not necessarily require therapeutic treatment. We will go into the exact differences in more detail later on.

Why do we feel sad?

Before we turn to tips to combat sadness, we should take a closer look at the causes. The way out of a low mood is self-explanatory and depends on your personal situation. Sadness can have the following causes:

  • Experiences of loss through death or Separation
  • Lovesickness and longing
  • Interpersonal disappointments
  • Struggling with your own path in life
  • Lack of success and general dissatisfaction
  • stressful life events
  • The shattering of lifelong dreams
  • Confrontation with illness or disability
  • Sadness without reason

However, it is important to note that what makes one person sad can leave no trace on another. The causes are individual and it is therefore hardly possible to summarize all the reasons.

10 tips against sadness

How can you best deal with sadness?

The most important basic rule is: don't suppress your sadness! Even if it may seem obvious to avoid unpleasant feelings this approach is not effective. The fact that suppressing feelings can even make you physically and mentally ill is demonstrated in the following scientific articles clearly explained.

To overcome your sadness, you have to deal with it. Only when you find out the cause can you look for specific solutions. If, on the other hand, you remain passive, it is self-explanatory that nothing will change. Sometimes this requires an external impulse, e.g. from a professional coach or therapist.

If this step is too big for you, it can help to talk to trusted people or keep a diary: In which situations do you feel particularly sad? Perhaps you also recognize fluctuations from season to season? What is particularly stressful for you at the moment? Do some thorough research into the causes and don't be afraid to express your sadness: Cry and scream if it sets you free.

10 tips to combat sadness: how to find your smile again

Do you want to finally get out of your low mood and enjoy your life to the full again? Then the following tips against sadness may be helpful for you.

1. avoid isolation

This is one of the most important tips against sadness. People who feel sad often tend to withdraw into a proverbial shell. However, isolation reinforces your gloomy state in the long term. Therefore, meet up with friends and do something together. This may involve overcoming connected but it's worth it.

2. fresh air and sunshine

It sounds banal, but it's one of the most effective tips against sadness: go outside - even if it's just for a short walk. When we move, our brain releases the happiness hormone serotonin. The same happens with sunlight. Serotonin is an effective and endogenous antidote to sadness.

3. rely on music

Music can have a balm-like effect on a burdened soul. Depending on your preference, melancholic songs can give you comfort because they make you feel understood and express your feelings. However, it is also possible that you prefer cheerful songs. Songs that remind you of beautiful events such as your last vacation or the early days of your Relationship help against sadness.

4. express your grief

When it comes to tips against sadness, one thing is essential: Express your sadness! How you do this is up to you. For many people, it helps to get creative and write or paint to get their grief off their chest. Or maybe you're the type who prefers to exercise? Anything that helps (and doesn't hurt) is allowed.

5. set yourself new goals

Sometimes a new perspective on life can help enormously to overcome gloomy Stopping thoughts. What have you always wanted to do? Maybe now is the time to tackle that particular project. Whether it's a job change, a trip or a new hobby, the possibilities are endless.

6. don't put any pressure on yourself

One of the most important tips against sadness is also not to overburden yourself. So don't expect yourself to be in a good mood again tomorrow. Overcoming sadness is a process that can take longer, depending on the cause, and may even involve regression. Much more important than a time limit is that you take small steps every day.

7 Routine is the magic word

Do you spend most of your time in bed and feel listless during the day? To overcome your sadness, you should take care of Structures in your everyday life strive. Create routines that give you a sense of well-being and control over your life. This can include little things such as a leisurely morning coffee followed by a walk.

8. relaxation and mindfulness exercises

Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, yoga or Meditation can help you find your inner peace again and thus stop brooding and sadness. For beginners guided meditations particularly suitable. How about our five-day free meditation challenge? This is the perfect introduction to your personal meditation routine.

9. happiness diary

Speaking of getting things off your chest: It also works the other way around! Instead of writing down what's bothering you or writing melancholy poems, why not keep a happiness diary? Write down what you are particularly grateful for in life. grateful are. Everyday moments also belong in the happiness diary. Whenever a gloomy mood spreads, flick through the pages full of positivity.

10. think positive: trust in life

Surely you've already been in the Past have experienced that sadness passes and difficult situations are resolved. Trust that this will happen this time too. You will definitely not be sad forever. It is a momentary state that you can allow, but still actively counteract.

quick tips against sadness

Sadness or depression? What is the difference?

Now you are familiar with the best tips to combat sadness. But do you also know where natural sadness - which we all know - ends and where depression requiring treatment begins? It's not so easy to differentiate between the two.

The most important indicator is the duration of your symptoms. If you don't notice any changes in your depression for several weeks, it's worth taking a closer look. In this case, make an appointment with a doctor you trust.

The same applies if you have no Joie de vivre and lose interest in people and activities that were previously important to you. Persistent loss of appetite and sleep disturbances are also alarm signals. Furthermore, the tips against sadness do not help with clinical depression.

Tips against sadness: Design your life according to your own wishes

Feeling sad is completely natural and part of life. There are numerous effective tips to combat sadness that you can use to improve your mental well-being. The important thing is not to suppress your feelings, but to deal with the causes of your sadness. In this context, we would like to share our Visions Challenge to the heart.

A common reason for sadness is that you lack a fulfilling perspective for the future. As part of our vision challenge, you will not only learn how to develop your personal vision of your desired future, but you will also be given the tools you need to realize your vision. Achieving goals. Allow yourself to live your dreams against all odds.

To conclude our tips against sadness, it is worth mentioning that you can mindful should be with you. If your depression remains unchanged over a longer period of time and other symptoms are added, you should seek therapeutic treatment. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but shows great courage. You have already taken the first step: Acknowledging that you are not well and that you need support to be able to shine again. Acceptance is your key to finding yourself again, step by step.


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