Job application coaching - get off to a flying start with professional support

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Job application coaching - get off to a flying start with professional support

Economic crises lead to difficult situations on the labor market. An oversupply of qualified applicants is matched by a shortage of available jobs. The competitive situation contributes to making the job search a challenge.

The application phase is the first and most important hurdle on the way to a professional career. Usually, an interview triggers ambivalent feelings. What if I don't present correctly? Do I have chances if I am already a bit older or just returning from parental leave?

Uncertainty and lack of Self-confidence have a negative impact at the job interview. Those who are not properly prepared and cannot answer the potential employer's questions satisfactorily will lose out. Applicants with the best references do not always get the job. Soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, organizational skills and empathy as well as the ability to present oneself convincingly, lead much more often to a positive result.

The application documents also have a major influence on career opportunities. Application coaching is a good support to help you through the selection process. successful to master and get the job of your dreams. With the support of a Coaches different application situations are played out, meaningful documents are created and career goals are defined.

What is application coaching?

A job application coaching is a professional job application help. You learn to deal with your personal strengths and weaknesses. In a coaching session, you will practice the right appearance in the job interview. In addition, you will receive valuable tips on the application process and learn how to best design your application documents. Application coaching contents are:

  • Clarify career goals
  • Research and understand job ads
  • Create application documents
  • Create and/or improve online profile
  • Discuss application strategy
  • Preparation for the interview

Job application coaching is designed to increase the chances of a successful job application. In order to achieve this Achieve goalA coachee is trained with the help of practical and theoretical measures. During application coaching, for example, you learn how to optimize your application documents, formulate salary expectations correctly, and present yourself confidently.

Your application coach will provide guidance and support throughout the application process to answer any questions you may have. Are Personality Coaching and application coaching the same thing? A Coaching can best be described as advice, guidance and support. Application coaching is about empowering you to score at the interview to get the job. Together with you, the coach develops a strategy to achieve the targeted goals.

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What topics does job application coaching cover?

An application coaching focuses on topics such as application and career. Your coach accompanies you step by step through the application process. Beforehand, your professional goals are defined. An application coaching covers the following topics:

  • Goal setting and priority setting
  • find individual ways to find a job
  • illuminate current application situation
  • Job search
  • Development of an application strategy
  • Writing speculative applications
  • general tips for the application
  • Personal appearance and body language
  • Preparation for telephone interviews and assessment centers
  • Dealing with questions during the interview
  • Discuss career opportunities
  • Improve self marketing

Job application coaching is a kind of all-round training designed to bring you closer to your goal of finding a new job. Before the first coaching session, the topics that are important for your current situation are selected. The aim is also to uncover weak points that have an unfavorable impact on your chances of applying for a job. These can be inadequate application documents, a resume that contains gaps or an unflattering application photo.

Support with self-marketing

In the application coaching, you learn to review and optimize your application documents. You will learn how to write a cover letter that arouses the employer's interest. In addition to general tips on job applications, you will also receive support in self-marketing during application coaching. The interview process is explained and self-presentation is practiced.

Your personal appearance has a great influence on your chances of success. The practice of a job interview as well as specific preparations for telephone interviews and assessment centers are important topics that are covered in the Coaching be treated. You will learn to present yourself confidently and answer questions confidently.

Beforehand, you have already talked to your coach about your career options. Since most job searches nowadays take place online, you will also learn in the application coaching how to create a good online profile and what is important when searching for a job online.

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For whom is application coaching suitable?

In principle, job application coaching as support in preparing for a job interview is suitable for all people who are changing careers. From a professional accompaniment of the application process benefit, for example:

  • Older applicants
  • Career starters
  • Employees returning from parental leave
  • unemployed job seekers

Older employees have a hard time on the job market. Younger people are often preferred because applicants of a higher age are erroneously assumed to be less efficient and to take more frequent sick leave. Solid work experience, Motivation and motivation of the older generation is often overlooked.

Even for newcomers to the profession, entering the working world is by no means easy. They do not yet have any experience in their field. It is difficult for potential employers to correctly assess the skills of young professionals. That is why they are often not considered when jobs are awarded.

Returning to work from parental leave is fraught with challenges connected. Children have to be cared for and the household has to be organized. Many companies are skeptical of young parents. It is feared that they will be less flexible due to their child-rearing duties and that they will not be available for overtime.

Individual one-to-one coaching

In application coaching, we work on credibly presenting your suitability for the job and your personal motivation. The individual one-on-one coaching serves to support you on your way into the new job and to make it easier for you to start your career.

Application coaching can also be helpful for "semi-skilled" jobs that do not require any special degrees or work experience. Especially for simple jobs, there are numerous applicants, so the competitive pressure is particularly high. With well-designed application documents, an attractive online profile and the right presentation at the interview, you will stand out from the competition.

After a longer professional break, it is not easy to reconnect. In this special situation, job application coaching helps you to find your personal strengths in the right light. In this way, you convey to the employer that you are capable of fulfilling the described areas of responsibility.

Application coaching online or offline?

There are various options for job application coaching. You can train online or offline, clarify questions in a personal conversation in a coach's office, or discuss problems in a chat. Which coaching form is the better one depends on your personal ideas and on your particular situation. Both options can have advantages or disadvantages.

With online job application coaching, the training takes place within your own four walls. You need a computer or laptop to communicate online with your coach. The advantages of online training are flexibility and spontaneity. No appointments have to be made and you can practice spontaneously. Application coaching that takes place online and is possible at any time without an appointment is more suitable for everyday use than offline coaching.

For individual application coaching, an appointment must be made in advance. During the coaching session, everything revolves around your concerns. The coach is there exclusively for you and takes plenty of time to answer all your questions. For people who prefer personal contact and direct communication, this form of application coaching brings better results.

How does application coaching work?

Before the actual application coaching, there is usually a preliminary meeting. During the preliminary meeting you agree on the goal of the coaching and discuss some formalities. However, the main purpose of the first coaching meeting is to get to know each other personally. If you feel in good hands with your coach and the "chemistry" between the two of you is right, a successful collaboration can begin.

Prepare for the first meeting by writing down important questions. A coaching session usually begins with an analysis of the current situation. In the process, the coach will also give you some ask questions. What do you expect from job application coaching? What goals do you want to achieve with it?

The basic analysis forms the foundation for the coaching. The subsequent coaching sessions focus on developing a suitable strategy to help you land your dream job. Job application coaching includes practical exercises as well as theoretical learning.

From the perspective of the application coach, the question is what profile the applicant has and what prerequisites he or she brings with him or her. Regardless of how long an application coaching session lasts, the aim is to enable the coachee to present him or herself successfully in the job search.

What does job application coaching cost?

What application coaching costs can I expect? An application coach usually works on an hourly basis. The amount of the rate depends, among other things, on the scope of the agreed services, but also on the qualification and Coach experience as of.

Internet searches reveal coaching rates of around 100 to 250 euros per hour for a coaching session. However, there are no upper limits. Especially if you train and advise executives in job application coaching, you will often be charged more. When it comes to rates, it also depends on whether it's an individual or group coaching session. Our tip: find out whether you can deduct the job application coaching from your taxes!

Online, you can often find coaching offers that include different service packages. You have the option of choosing a specific coaching model. In this way, you determine yourself which topics your application coaching should focus on and how long it should last.

How long does application coaching last?

It is not always possible to set a specific time period for coaching. In most cases, the support provided by the coach lasts until the defined goal has been achieved. Application coaching is rarely a one-time appointment.

In most cases, several sessions are necessary to optimize your chances of being successful in the application process. Basically, there is no time limit for an application coaching. An application coach can accompany you until you have found a suitable job.

Advantages of application coaching

In job application training, you learn how to promote your strengths in a targeted manner. With the help of suitable measures, you will learn how to assert yourself in a job interview. The coach adapts to your individual situation. Together with the coach, you develop smart solutions to make your application convincing.

The benefits of job application coaching are:

An application coach offers active support even during difficult application processes, selection procedures and telephone interviews. Qualified coaching helps you to recognize your abilities and to use them in a targeted manner. In application coaching, you work on your personal presentation and learn to convince with good arguments. Your coach is there to help you with questions and problems.

How to find a good job application coach?

How do you find a good application coach who supports you and gives you the necessary freedom to develop? A good coach listens to you and looks for solutions together with you. Certified coaches you can also find online. Look at the profile before you make a decision.

Find out about the qualifications of your application coach and the coaching method. Arrange a preliminary meeting (in person or online). Only when you determine that your expectations have been met 100%, you start with the first coaching session!


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