I feel like I've been run over in the morning: That could be the reason

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I feel like I've been run over in the morning: That could be the reason

You've just woken up, you've actually had enough sleep, but you still feel completely exhausted. "I feel like I've been run over in the morning - that can't be right", you think to yourself? In the Theory Unfortunately, this is often the case in practice. There is even a technical term for this: sleep inertia.

I feel like I've been run over in the morning - why?

Let's first look at the question of how sleep drunkenness actually comes about. During the night, your body switches to standby. It is busy regenerating, recharging your energy reserves and sorting out your thoughts. In the meantime, it reduces blood flow - including in your cerebrum. After you have slept, it first has to be put back into wakefulness mode and, unfortunately, this does not work at the touch of a button.

Your brain only reactivates the various regions bit by bit. It starts with the brain stem, which only fulfills primitive tasks. From there, it continues via the finest branches through the entire bloodstream. This can take up to 30 minutes. If you are also in a sleep deficit, this process can even take up to two hours. Of course you'll say: I feel like I've been run over in the morning!

The role of sleep: quality vs. quantity

I feel like I've been run over in the morning. Why? Because Sleep is not the same as sleep. Just because you have met the recommended sleep duration of at least 7 hours, for example, does not mean that it was actually enough. Much more important than the duration is the Quality your night's sleep. If you just tossed and turned, woke up constantly or had the wildest dreams, the quality of your sleep is rather poor.

Under these circumstances, you will probably feel worse after 10 hours than after 5 hours of good quality sleep. Because only if you sleep peacefully and blissfully can your body fully concentrate on regeneration and ensure that you start the new day rested and fit. Start day you can.

I feel like I've been run over in the morning: Influence of stress and anxiety on how you feel in the morning

Are you incredibly busy at work right now? Things are anything but good in your private life at the moment? You don't even know which construction site you should take care of first and have the Feelingnot having a free minute to breathe? Stress and Fears are among the most important factors that have a negative impact on your sleep. Of course you'll say: I feel like I've been run over in the morning!

Physical and mental well-being are directly related. If you have countless thoughts running through your head and problems pile up on top of problems, you are in a complete mental muddle. Your mind can't rest at all. Conversely, your body feels the same way.

At night, all these thoughts keep you awake and make for restless sleep. This in turn means less regeneration and consequently you wake up completely unrested.

I feel like I've been run over every morning

Feeling run down in the morning due to nutrition and hydration

Yours Nutrition plays a significant role in your overall well-being. It even influences your sleep. You've probably already fallen into the well-known "food coma", haven't you? You've eaten an incredible amount of food, your stomach is so full it's tense. You're so exhausted that you fall asleep on the couch.

As soon as you wake up, you think: I feel like I've been run over in the morning! Right? The reason for this is quite simple. Your body has been Time busy digesting the heavy food. All the energy it actually needs to regenerate its cells while you sleep is used for digestion. There's not much left over for recovery.

And don't forget to drink enough water. More than two thirds of your body is made up of water. This fact alone shows how important it is to drink enough. If you are dehydrated, this can also have a negative impact on your sleep. A deficiency subconsciously puts your body on alert. Restful sleep then becomes almost impossible.

Coaching as a tool to overcome morning fatigue; what is tiring you right now?

Are you sleeping badly but don't really know why? In the Coaching we will help you to find out exactly which factors are causing the problem. Together, we will analyze what you can change so that you can finally sleep peacefully again.

Is it stress in your everyday life that you may not even be aware of? Is it your eating habits, which you actually consider to be relatively good? Or maybe it's simply your environment that is suboptimal. Your bedroom is too bright, too messy or your bed is simply too soft or too hard.

There are so many possible issues that could be to blame for your insomnia. Together we will track them down and soon you will be able to sleep well again, feel rested and go through your everyday life full of energy and in a good mood. Then you'll never again say: I feel like I've been run over in the morning.

5 tips for when you say: I feel like I've been run over in the morning

Want to finally wake up feeling rested again? We've put together 5 valuable tips for you that are guaranteed to help!

1. establish evening rituals

Man is a creature of habit. So give him Habits! Establish rituals that prepare you for bedtime. This could be reading a few pages of your favorite book, writing in a Journal or a cup of warm tea.

You will see that your body will get used to it after just a few days and it will automatically adjust to the upcoming rest mode.

2. eat healthily and at the right time

Unhealthy food is heavy on the stomach, makes you feel tired and is often difficult to digest. Your body is very busy processing all the food and this naturally makes you tired. If you eat large and heavy meals just before going to bed, you will probably be quite tired. fall asleep quicklybut your night's sleep will be anything but pleasant.

Your body needs an incredible amount of energy for digestion. The regeneration that should actually take place then takes a back seat. Valuable hours of recharging your batteries are lost. Then it's simply the logical consequence that you say: I feel like I've been run over in the morning!

3. drink enough and not too late

Do you know this? Do you suddenly feel extremely thirsty just before going to bed and could empty one water glass after another? That's because your body wants to quickly get the fluids it needs for regeneration, but you've deprived it of them during the day.

However, drinking lots of water now is only of limited use - especially if you have a nervous bladder. There is far too great a chance that you will sleep restlessly because you have to go to the toilet or even wake up.

So make sure you provide your body with enough fluids during the day. This way, nothing stands in the way of your nightly regeneration and you don't have to interrupt your sleep because you have to disappear into the bathroom for a moment.

4. ensure an optimal environment

The ideal temperature in the bedroom is between 15 and 18 °C. This can also be explained quite simply on a biological level. If it is warmer, your body has to expend energy to cool down. After all, you are still snuggled up in a blanket. It then lacks the energy it actually needs to promote your regeneration.

A tidy bedroom can also subconsciously help you drift off to a peaceful sleep. If there's something lying around everywhere, piles of laundry or your home office area is even in the bedroom, your mind can't fully relax. relax. It's always in the back of your mind what you still have to do. It goes without saying that this is not conducive to restful sleep.

5. reduce blue light before sleeping

Do you always check your phone and scroll through social media before going to bed? Do you leave the TV on to fall asleep because it gives you the feeling that you are better able to wind down? It may seem that way to you. But let's look at the processes that take place in your body to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. sleep through the night exactly the opposite is the case.

One hormone is essential for sleep: Melatonin. However, your body can only produce it in sufficient quantities if certain criteria are met. This includes darkness. As soon as it gets dark, your body naturally goes into sleep mode. However, if you are still watching TV or on your cell phone, you are preventing your body from producing melatonin and you are not getting a good night's sleep. restful sleep you then wait in vain. Of course, you then regularly say: I feel like I've been run over in the morning!

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