Francisco Medina: "Avoid these identity crises!"

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Francisco Medina: "Avoid these identity crises!"

In a world that is constantly changing and in which you may also be searching for identity and self-realization, there is a man who masterfully combines two seemingly different worlds: Acting and coaching. Francisco Medina, who you may know from the popular RTL series "Alles was zählt", gives you deep insights into his life, his philosophy and how he manages to harmoniously combine acting and coaching to support people on their personal journey in a revealing interview with Greator CEO Alexander Müller.

Francisco opens the conversation with reflections on how the synergies between his work as an actor and as a coach allow him to touch and inspire people not only on stage but also in real life. With an open and empathetic manner, he shares the challenges and joys that both career paths bring and gives you valuable insights into the art of personal development and coaching. Self-discovery.

Dive into Francisco Medina's fascinating journey from acting to personal development, learn more about his coaching approaches and how he uses the principles of the stage to bring about profound change in his clients. Join us on this inspiring journey that will show you that real life is often the most exciting stage.

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Francisco Medina on old patterns and how to break them

Alexander Müller: Francisco, it's fascinating to see how you work both as an actor and as a coach. successful are. What do you personally draw from these two worlds?

Francisco Medina: Alexander, this question has been with me for years. For me, it's not a question of deciding between acting and coaching, but rather how I can combine the two to reach and inspire people. Whether on stage or in coaching, I am interested in the impact I can achieve.

Alexander Müller: You are known for your role in the RTL series "Alles was zählt". How often are you mistaken for your character in the series and how do you deal with it?

Francisco Medina: In fact, I am often recognized on the street and sometimes mistaken for my series character. But I see that as a positive thing. For me, it's like taking a bow after a theater performance - a kind of thank you from the audience. It's direct feedback that I often miss on television.

I want to help my clients develop a deeper understanding of their lives.

Francisco Medina

Tell us more about your path to acting and coaching. How did it come about?

Francisco Medina: I grew up in an artistic family, but I didn't originally plan to become an actor. My path wasn't direct; I tried different things until I discovered my passion for acting and later for coaching. Both fields have taught me to slip into different roles and put myself in someone else's shoes - a skill that is incredibly valuable in coaching.

Francisco Medina: "Many people struggle with identity issues - I help them to question their beliefs"

How exactly do you combine acting with coaching?

Francisco Medina: In essence, this is what both acting and coaching are about, Understanding people and their perspectives. As an actor, I slip into different characters and feel and think like them. In coaching, I use this ability to reach my clients on a deeper level and help them to understand and redefine their own roles in life.

What challenges do you see in today's world, especially in terms of identity and self-perception?

Francisco Medina: Many people struggle with identity issues and self-doubt. They are trapped in beliefs from their childhood that prevent them from realizing their full potential. Potential to unfold. My work is about questioning these beliefs and creating new, empowering identities. It is a process of becoming, not of finding.

Finally, Francisco, do you have any advice for our viewers on how to deal with self-doubt?

Francisco Medina: The first step is to be aware of this Self-doubt and to realize that change is always possible. This is what it's all about, Taking responsibility for your own life and to be brave enough to break old patterns. Remember, life is a game and it's up to us to make the rules.

Francisco, thank you very much for this inspiring conversation and your valuable insights.

Francisco Medina: Thank you, Alexander. It was a pleasure, and I hope we can reach and positively influence many more people together.

You can also read the detailed interview with Francisco at YouTube view:

About Francisco Medina

Francisco Javier Medina, born in 1977 in Rostock, Germany, uniquely combines his passions for acting and personal development to accompany people on their path to finding themselves. His diverse life story - from his early experiences as a child actor, to experiencing the fall of the Berlin Wall and his formative time in different cultures - forms the foundation of his empathic and profound coaching approaches. Francisco studied at the renowned Rostock University of Music and Drama and has received several awards for his acting performances. In Germany, he became known for his leading role in the popular German TV series "Alles was zählt". 

He has also acquired in-depth expertise in the world of personal development over the last 25 years. His studies in philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin laid the foundation for his lifelong fascination and pursuit of understanding what drives people and how to effect profound, lasting change in their behavior. This was the time when his desire grew to Express knowledge about the powerful techniques of acting.

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Coaching training for personal development

In the course of his career as Coach and as an actor, Francisco deepened his knowledge and skills through a series of demanding coaching courses. He acquired expertise in the rational emotional therapy, in the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), contextual coaching, hypnosis and systematic analysis. Through these techniques in combination with rituals of the Mapuche tribehis indigenous heritage, he combines his cognitive knowledge with the emotional work of an actor and supplements this with physiognomic rituals. 

Francisco was particularly influenced by the teachings of Stephan and Maria Craemer, whose techniques are based on the principles of Albert Ellis, a pioneer in the field of cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These influences reinforced his belief that change can come through a deep understanding and realignment of our thoughts and actions. Beliefs is possible. In addition, his approach was supported by Bernard Hiller, a globally recognized acting and life coachas well as through participation in all programs of Tony Robbinsone of the leading personality developers of our time. These experiences expanded his repertoire to include techniques aimed at mobilizing inner strengthbreaking through limitations and activating unused potential.

Francisco Medina: Achieving sustainable change with coaching

Francisco has already over 2,000 peopleincluding top athletes such as three-time world wrestling champion Frank Stäbler, international politicians, actors and casting directors in workshops and individual sessions worldwide. His work goes beyond traditional methods and integrates physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions to bring about lasting change. 

Francisco Medina is not only an expert in what he does, but also a living example of how the combination of passion, knowledge and the power of transformation can have a positive impact on the lives of many people. In the Momentum Mastery, he shares these insights and tools to help others realize their full potential and take the lead in their lives again.

Momentum Mastery coaching training with Francisco Medina

Have you become curious and would like to immerse yourself more in the art of self-realization? Would you like to find out how you can redesign your life with clarity, enthusiasm and real vitality? Then register now for the coaching training "Momentum Mastery" with Francisco Medina.

In the Momentum Mastery with Francisco Medina, you will experience more than just the transfer of knowledge. It's about taking you on a journey of holistic transformation. Through the application of acting techniques, you will discover ways to come into your full vitality not only mentally, but also physically and emotionally.

With his roots in the Chilean Mapuche tribe and years of experience as an actor, Francisco brings rituals and exercises that go beyond traditional coaching. Explore who you really are, who you want to be and how to realize the vision of your best self. Overcome self-imposed limitations and align your daily choices with your goals!


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