Improve communication: This is what characterizes good communication

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Improve communication: This is what characterizes good communication

Communication is the means of exchanging information, communicating wishes and expectations. Our communicative skills enable us to communicate and talk about feelings. Communication skills are an important part of social intelligence. In this article we would like to give you tips on how to improve your communication.

After all, one wrong word or careless utterance can lead to misunderstandings, disagreements and anger. Poor communication is often based on a lack of flexibility, a lack of understanding for others or simply thoughtlessness.

Improving communication is the best way to prevent misinterpretations, misjudgments and discord. A good communication style is just as helpful in the job as it is in private life.

What makes for good communication?

The word communication comes from the Latin "communicare," which translates as to communicate, but also to let participate or to do together. In today's common definition, communication is described as the exchange or transmission of information between people. A distinction is also made between a verbal (linguistic) and non-verbal (body language) mode of communication.

There are many different ways to shape interpersonal communication. A good form of communication is characterized by clarity, politeness and commitment. Good communication is closely linked to social interaction.

Improve communication, creates facts and changes relationships

Your communication skills can help you realize plans, both professionally and personally. Communication creates facts and changes Relationships. It is not only words that can cause great things or lead to discord. What is most important is how what is said is received by the other person.

Good communication plays a key role on the job. The way you communicate with superiors, colleagues, business partners and customers has an impact on your career. A friendly communication style helps when working in a team and creates a pleasant working atmosphere. Conflict situations are more easily managed and joint solutions found if you succeed in improving communication.

Change your communication skills with these skills

What constitutes good communication? Are a few kind words enough to settle disagreements? It is well known that an unfavorable choice of words can cause trouble and pave the way for disagreements.

Communication skills are among the most important soft skills required in many professions. Want to improve your communication? With clear, authentic statements, conscious listening, an open, respectful attitude and a friendly smile you can make a big difference.

improve communication in the company

Improve communication: how does communication work?

When people come together, they communicate with each other. Communication takes place on different levels. We become senders and receivers in the process. As senders, we want to communicate something, for example factual information, we express our views and wishes, or we talk about our feelings. With the help of language, writing or body signals, we transport our messages to the receiver. In other words, a signal is sent out.

The person with whom we are communicating, the receiver, must then decode what we have said. Only when our interlocutor has understood the message addressed to him or her can the latter react to it and respond to us. Communication works through different channels:

  • Verbal communication
  • Paraverbal communication:
  • Nonverbal communication

Verbal communication refers to language. Here, the spoken or written word is the basis for communication. Paraverbal communication is about the way of articulation. This refers to the voice as a tool of speech.

For interpersonal communication, tone of voice, speech tempo and volume are particularly important. Non-verbal communication is speechless, i.e. without words, but with the help of gestures, facial expressions and body posture.

Improve communication on content and relationship level

When communicating, a distinction is also made between the content level and the relationship level. In the workplace, people mostly communicate on the content level. In the meeting, at the Sales pitch, at a conference and in the seminar, the focus is on facts and facts, so-called factual content.

At the relational level, we communicate when we talk about feelings, and in doing so, our emotions show. This type of communication largely takes place in the private sphere, but conversations in the professional environment can also be emotional. It is not uncommon, for example, for conversations about supposed injustices or Misunderstandings can become very emotional on the job.

Advantages of good communication

Whether communication is good depends on various factors. For example, the quality of communication is influenced by:

  • Verbal expression
  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Authentic presence

If you want to improve your communication, pay attention to the interplay between body language, word choice and message.

Good communication in the workplace consists of addressing questions and problems openly and directly. This helps you avoid misunderstandings. Other advantages of good communication in the company are:

  • Motivation rises
  • Cooperation in the team becomes better
  • Employee job satisfaction grows
  • The working atmosphere improves
  • Loyalty to the company is promoted

Improving communication means getting efficient to exchange information about everything that concerns the work. Good communication habits make it easier to deal with difficult situations.

Improve communication within the company

Improving communication within the company is one of the tasks of supervisors. As Executive you play a key role in building a positive corporate culture. If you want to improve communication within the team, you should make sure that all employees have the opportunity to participate in conversations. Create an atmosphere of trust in the workplace. A positive working atmosphere helps to improve communication.

Do you listen to your employees and colleagues? Improving internal communication means giving clear instructions, criticizing accept and find solutions together.

Unlike communication at work, feelings play a major role in private contacts. In contrast to professional conversations at work, conversations with a partner are emotional. Personal perceptions and feelings make up a large part of the conversation.

Is improving communication even possible in private life? Human closeness lives from friendliness and Appreciation. The advantages of good communication in private are:

  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • More trust in the partner
improve communication in the team

This is how poor communication skills manifest themselves

Sometimes communication fails. There are many different causes for communication problems. Poor communication skills are a major cause of misunderstandings. Lack of communicative competence manifests itself, for example, through:

  • Misinterpretations due to lack of listening
  • Constantly interrupting others
  • Inappropriate choice of words
  • Mutual accusations instead of constructive discussions
  • Lack Self-reflection

Listening to a monologue can be difficult. Yet it is important, Patience to understand what is being said and to classify it correctly. A lack of listening leads to incorrect conclusions being drawn.

Constantly interrupting others is rude. You don't want to be interrupted when you speak either. Choose your words carefully if you want to improve your communication. Clear language helps prevent misunderstandings.

It is not uncommon for heated discussions to result in mutual accusations. Improving communication means paying attention to objectivity. Regular Self-reflection helps to improve communicative competence.

How can I improve my own communication?

It pays to improve your communication. Good communication skills will help you score points at work and avoid disagreements with your partner, family and friends. These 10 tips will help you review the way you communicate and learn new communication skills.

  1. Listen consciously
  2. Express yourself clearly and unambiguously
  3. Describe facts objectively and without bias
  4. Hold eye contact
  5. Justify your arguments
  6. Let others finish
  7. Pay attention to appropriate volume when speaking
  8. Treat your interlocutors with respect
  9. Avoid accusations or insults
  10. Smiling improves your communication enormously

Good listening is a skill that is very helpful in improving communication. Listen consciously and pay attention to every word so that you know what the other person is talking about before you answer.

Communication problems often arise from unclear announcements and inappropriate wording. Express yourself clearly and unambiguously, regardless of whether it's about an important meeting or a private appointment.

Describe a situation objectively and without judgment. In this way, you can ensure that others arrive at a neutral assessment and that your concerns are heard.

Maintain eye contact when you speak

Maintain eye contact when you speak. If you look down at the floor during a conversation, this will be interpreted as a unsafe Behavior interpreted. If you want to succeed, look your conversation partner in the eye.

Give reasons for your arguments. A good argument is half the battle. Back up your statements with facts. This will convince even critical people.

Politeness is an important prerequisite for good communication. You also want to have full attention when you say something. Therefore, let others finish before you begin to speak.

When speaking, make sure that the volume is appropriate. If you speak too softly or too loudly, even good arguments will hardly be heard. If you want to improve communication, adjust the tone and speed of your speech to the person you are talking to and your surroundings. When speaking in larger groups, a microphone can be helpful so that you can also be understood by listeners in the last row.

Treat interlocutors with respect

Always treat your interlocutors with respect. Wrap up your arguments in polite phrases. You will achieve more with this than with sharp words. Avoid being bossy. Reproaches or even insults are an absolute no-go. If you want to improve your communication, pay attention to your choice of words.

A friendly smile helps to overcome insecurity and to convince your conversation partners of your personality. With a smile you invalidate illogical arguments and show that you can react confidently! Learn more in this video.

In which areas is good communication important?

Good communication will help you advance in your career and defuse conflicts in your private life. Communication skills are just as important in conversations with friends as they are in salary negotiations at work. In principle, good communication is important in all areas of life.

Relationship conversations with your partner will be more constructive if you know how to improve communication. Open up, explain your feelings and describe what is going on inside you.

Avoid reproachful behavior, such as "I can't talk to you" or "You never listen to me. By doing so, you provoke a defensive attitude in your conversation partner. He (or she) will now also argue on an emotional level. If you want to improve interpersonal communication, use "I" sentences, for example: "I get annoyed when you leave your socks on the floor. I would be happy if you put them in the laundry basket".

Good communication helps to resolve conflicts

Always address specific situations instead of generalizing. Generalizations are interpreted as accusations. Use active words to make your statements more understandable. Can proper communication improve partnership? A good communication style helps to resolve conflicts and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Wherever people work together, good communication is important. Improving communication in companies enables better results to be achieved. For example, communication should always be clear so that every employee knows who has to take care of which tasks.

Does communication help improve companies? It is well known that a positive working atmosphere and the feeling of being valued can bind employees to the company. Internal corporate communication also has a great influence on the Productivity. As a manager, you can use a concept and a checklist to improve internal communication.

Exercises to improve communication

An Communication concept should be based on the needs of the company and take into account the interests of the employees. Prepare for conversations by collecting arguments. You can also use exercises such as progressive brainstorming to improve communication.

In this communication technique, an imaginary problem is written on a piece of paper. The piece of paper is then passed from one team member to another along with a pencil. Each team member is asked to write down a suitable solution. The suggestions are then read out loud and the ideas are discussed together.

This communication method can be practiced in any company and ensures that every team member is involved. As part of staff meetings, exercises to improve team communication can be done on a regular basis. Encourage an open conversation culture if you want to improve team communication.


Good Communication Skills are the key competence for professional success. With our tips, you can improve your communication to get ahead on the job and improve your personal relationships.

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