Headaches and tired every day: how to change it

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Headaches and tired every day: how to change it

Headaches and fatigue can have a massive impact on quality of life if they persist over a long period of time. The condition can have a variety of causes. It is therefore sometimes not so easy to find the specific trigger. Nevertheless, there are a number of things you can do to feel productive again and alleviate the headache.

Why you are tired every day and have a headache

Headaches and tired every day ... What sounds like a trifle at first is extremely agonizing for those affected. Because although your body is on strike, the daily challenges of your job, everyday life and family don't get any less. You are expected to perform at your best despite your symptoms. This can push you to the limit.

Taking physical symptoms seriously and getting a Time out is unfortunately often misjudged as laziness and weakness in our performance-oriented society. People who suffer from headaches and fatigue therefore try to cope with their everyday lives somehow. However, this makes the problem worse. Because you don't clarify the causes and don't do anything about it, the symptoms get worse.

Escaping this vicious circle is not that easy. However, it is important to know that you are not alone with this problem. According to a DAK study almost one in three employees suffers from stress headaches. As the specific causes of headaches and fatigue can be varied, the first thing to do is to take a closer look at yourself and your everyday life.

Headaches and tired every day: an overview of the most common causes

Did you know that there is a direct link between tiredness and headaches? In fact, a lack of sleep or poor sleep can trigger throbbing and stinging in the head. If the body lacks the Nightly regenerationyour body's stress hormone levels remain constantly high. This causes the neck and shoulder muscles to tense up, which can contribute to tension headaches.

Let's take another step back: Why sleep you sleep badly? Psychological stress is often the cause, causing you to lie awake at night brooding or startled out of sleep by nightmares. In this case Relaxation techniques which we will discuss in more detail later.

Headaches and fatigue every day: Let's summarize the possible triggering factors once again:

  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lack of exercise
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Too intensive screen work
  • Lack of fluids
  • Skipping meals
  • protracted infections
  • undetected diseases of the paranasal sinuses
Headaches and tired every day

5 first steps if you have a headache and are tired every day

If you have a headache every day and feel tired, then you can be sure that the Body about these body symptoms wants to say something. In a Coaching you can definitely get to the bottom of the real cause. Before that, we would like to give you 5 steps to reduce the symptoms.

Headache and tired every day; Step 1: Pain diary

Make a note in a pain diary of the days on which your pain is particularly pronounced. This will help you to recognize certain patterns and thus Change of your lifestyle.

Headaches and tired every day; Step 2: Stress reduction

Deal with the issues that are causing you emotional stress. Sometimes it makes sense to seek professional help from a coach or therapist. This can help you to look at your worries from a different perspective and overcome negative Beliefs to dissolve. You are also welcome to honestly ask yourself the Ask questions: "What gives you a headache?", "What do you find tiring?", "How long have you had these symptoms? Was there a significant change in your life about six months ago?" Feel free to write down your thoughts.

Headaches and tired every day; Step 3: Sleep hygiene

Make sure you have a regular sleep rhythm that your body can adapt to. accustom can. Go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time. Maintain this rhythm at the weekend too. Banish electronic devices from your bedroom and ensure a comfortable room temperature of around 18 degrees.

Headaches and tired every day; Step 4: Get relief

If tension headaches are left untreated, they can quickly become chronic, regardless of the cause. Find out what helps you to relieve the pain. In an emergency, painkillers are of course allowed. But maybe heat or cold, silence or relaxing music will also help? Another popular home remedy without side effects is peppermint oil, which you can drizzle on your temples.

Headaches and tired every day; Step 5: Listen to your body

Headaches and fatigue every day: your body is sending you a warning signal. So shift down a gear in your everyday life and take your Need as well as possible after recovery. Sometimes even small changes can make all the difference. You don't have to agree to every request for overtime or let other people shift obligations onto you. Stand up for yourself.

The importance of mindfulness for your health

Everyone is talking about mindfulness. However, this is by no means just a trend, but scientifically recognized methods. The latest Studies show that headache patients can benefit enormously from mindfulness practices.

There is a wide variety of mindfulness techniques. Find out exactly what this topic is all about here. Whether MeditationYoga, breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation: find out what makes you feel good.

Changing your diet: a key to improving your symptoms

Many people do not realize that the causes of headaches and fatigue can be diet-related. However, it is generally known that heavy meals before bedtime affect sleep. You torture yourself with a full stomach and are unable to rest, meaning that the quality of your sleep suffers and you literally wake up the next morning with a headache.

Sugar and alcohol are also common triggers for tiredness and headaches. Alcohol dehydrates the body and at the same time inhibits the dream sleep phase (REM sleep), which is important for regeneration. High sugar consumption, on the other hand, leads to a rapid release of the hormone insulin. This process can also lead to headaches.

These facts make it easy to derive tips for changing your diet to combat headaches and fatigue:

  1. No heavy meals before going to bed
  2. Abstaining from alcohol
  3. Eat as little sugar as possible
  4. No bloating raw food before going to bed
  5. Avoid ready-made products (flavor enhancers and preservatives are bad for digestion)

Why sufficient exercise should not be underestimated

Headaches and tired every day: it's understandable that your desire to exercise is limited. However, exercise and moderate Sports help you to feel fit and efficient again.

Even a brisk walk in the fresh air supplies your body with oxygen and promotes blood circulation. Both are effective against headaches and tiredness.

However, make sure that you do not exceed your exercise limit. Avoid training too intensively. You should still be able to have a relaxed conversation while running.

The role of coaching in coping with fatigue and headaches

As headaches and fatigue are an extreme physical and psychological burden in the long term, it can be very helpful to seek professional support. A coach can help you to deal with your symptoms better and find out the causes. This is an important step towards improving the situation.

Long-term strategies against daily headaches and fatigue

To reduce fatigue and headaches in the long term, you need to adjust your lifestyle. Identify your personal stressors. If you are unable to avoid them, you need to find a way to cope with them better. As explained above, coaching can provide valuable support here.

You should also make sure you get enough exercise, healthy eating and a regular sleep rhythm. It is also important to listen to your body and allow it to rest.

Headaches and tired every day: when you should seek professional help

If the condition lasts longer than three months and is extremely troublesome, you should have the cause checked out by a doctor. This will prevent the headache from becoming chronic. The first port of call is your GP, who will most likely refer you to a neurologist. They will carry out special tests to rule out physical causes for your headaches.

Your path to more energy and fewer headaches

Nobody has to put up with tiredness and headaches forever! There are many ways to actively tackle the problem and alleviate the discomfort. With stress playing a common role, it's important to listen to your body and stand up for your needs. If you constantly overload yourself and break down, this won't help anyone - least of all yourself.

Even small changes can have enormous positive effects in everyday life. Try to to eat a balanced dietget enough exercise and establish a sleep routine. This way, with a little Luck You will soon notice that you feel better again. Relaxation techniques are also an effective strategy that is worth trying out.


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