Losing yourself - how to find yourself again

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Losing yourself - how to find yourself again

What is this strange feeling? For some time now, you've been feeling out of control. Are you no longer in control of your life? If you're constantly under pressure, you can really lose your rhythm. In fact, there are many people who lose themselves - at least that's how it feels. This is more than just a moment of doubt. And you know that you have to do something to find yourself again.

Chaos in the head: when people lose themselves

Your thoughts are all mixed up. You lack direction: panic and uncertainty are spreading. Losing yourself is an uncomfortable feeling. Everything seems to be wrong. How does this chaos come about?

Those who lose themselves often feel abandoned. Fortunately, this state is usually only temporary. But you don't know that yet when you doubt yourself for the first time.

Perhaps you were too busy with other things and people and lost sight of yourself? Then it is important to find your way back to yourself and your needs.

Losing yourself: the psychology behind the feeling

It is often stressful phases and personal problems that cause us to neglect ourselves. The psychological causes may also lie deep within you. Losing yourself is a feeling that slowly creeps up on you. It is a kind of self-alienation. If you put a lot on the back burner and take care of others, you forget how to look after yourself - and distance yourself from your own self-confidence and therefore also from your personal feelings.

Recognize the symptoms: How do I know I've lost myself?

As different as people are: The Warning signals for self-alienation are similar. Those who lose themselves suffer mainly from the following Symptoms:

  • diminishing joie de vivre,
  • Excessive demands, also in the social environment,
  • Excessive sensitivity and quick irritability,
  • Insecurity about your own feelings,
  • Difficulties in making decisions even on small things,
  • Withdrawal into isolation.

The fear of losing control over yourself

People who are afraid of losing themselves have a great fear of losing themselves. Fear of loss of control. They feel dominated by a sense of powerlessness. This often develops into a cycle of fear that makes everything even worse.

That is why it is important that you Symptoms and act in good time. If you lower your stress levels, you will feel less overwhelmed. Relaxation techniques help you to manage your anger. Positive beliefs and self-reflection are just as important as realistic expectations. A diary can help with this. Social contacts can also help you regain some control over your own life - although you should be aware that no one has complete control.

Losing yourself - sometimes this is also the start of a rethink. Because on the path to yourself, you recognize what you really want and can develop in a different direction.

What does it mean to lose yourself?

Time and again, people lose themselves. This is an important part of self-discovery. In the loss phase, you are insecure and anxious. Your own feelings seem strange to you and you no longer enjoy the things you used to love.

Reasons for this include strokes of fate or stress. But what does the loss of self-confidence really mean?

If you lose your zest for life, and with it a part of yourself, what you need above all is peace. Look inside yourself and examine your basic attitude. Think about your options and allow yourself to have doubts. Encourage yourself, because you can overcome the feeling of loss.

chaos in the head when people lose themselves

5 steps to finding yourself again

Losing yourself is painful most of the time, but you can Regain control. The following guide will show you how to find yourself again.

  1. Get an impression of your current situation. Through self-reflection, you will learn a lot about your emotional world and the problems that are throwing you off track.
  2. Accept the things over which you have no control. This reduces stress levels. It also teaches you to recognize and set boundaries.
  3. Evaluate your personal motives and goals. Your own values also play a role here. What do you need to feel better?
  4. Stick to your familiar hobbies. This will remind you of what you like and who you are.
  5. Confide in someone. If you are reluctant to talk to a friend or relative, contact a counselor or therapist. Get help.

The role of coaching on the journey to self-discovery

Those who lose themselves sometimes need professional coaching. This shows you where you may be going wrong and helps you find your bearings again. This is often done with the help of a personality test.

For the Self-discovery coaching is about questions about your personality: Are you the person you want to be? What are your wishes? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? With the support of a professional, you will meet yourself in a new way and can free yourself from social expectations. In this way, you will develop into a satisfied person and become more self-confident.

Personality tests: tools on the path to self-discovery

People who lose themselves often need outside help. And the right questions. By looking for the answers, you will understand yourself better. You can experience this with the free Personality Test at Greator.

You can get to know previously unimagined sides of yourself. You may even surprise yourself. Your personal development is closely linked to understanding your behavior, feelings and thoughts.

When you find yourself, you have the chance to live out your strengths better. You are also taking an important step forward, because now you know what is important to you.

Conclusion: finding your way back to yourself

Losing yourself is a great challenge. But such a situation also gives you the opportunity to grow and develop further. Discover your personal desires instead of suppressing or postponing them. Become aware of why you put yourself on the back burner and when your wishes have fallen by the wayside. Find your zest for life again.

Various causes can cause people to lose themselves. Whether it's a break-up, a loss, an illness or a gradual process, you can get back on your feet and find yourself again. It's not just about functioning, but about conscious development.

The important thing is that you Overcome self-doubt. With positive thoughts or coaching, you can strengthen your self-confidence and find your way.

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