Recognize personality styles: Find out who you are in the test

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Recognize personality styles: Find out who you are in the test

Everyone has an individual personality style. How we react in certain situations and overcome challenges depends on our personality.

Our behavior can also have negative effects if it is very pronounced. Weaknesses that manifest themselves result in personality disorders. Knowing the different personality styles and correctly assessing your own personality helps to avoid conflicts.

What does a personality style test reveal? In this article, you will find out what a personality style is and how you can actively shape your own life with your personality.

Discover your personality style

A personality is the sum of all strengths and weaknesses, thought patterns and ways of acting. Although there are different personality styles, every person is unique. However, personality traits can be used to assign a person to a specific personality style.

Characteristics and abilities are not evaluated because they are normal. Just like hair color, height and eye color, psychosocial characteristics are part of a personality. Very distinctive ways of thinking and behaving are assigned to a personality style.

Knowing your own personality and accepting your strengths and weaknesses is an essential prerequisite for the personal development.

What does your personality style say about you?

We are born with some personality traits, while others develop over the course of our lives. Childhood experiences, experiences at school, friendships and challenges all contribute to our personality traits. Development of a personality at.

Our biography contains talents and skills, but also weaknesses and unfavorable developments. If very pronounced, personality styles can develop unfavorably and promote problems on an emotional level.

If negative thinking and unfavorable behavioral and thought patterns predominate, a Personality Disorder the talk. Psychiatry describes antisocial, paranoid and schizoid personality disorders.

Histrionic, narcissistic, anxious-avoidant and dependent personality disorders are also known. What they all have in common is the extreme manifestation of certain behaviors.

Personality styles test: A way to self-knowledge

A personality styles test puts you on the path to self-knowledge. Test procedures developed by scientists are suitable for recognizing the characteristics of your own personality. The test result gives you an understanding of your own way of thinking and the behavioral patterns that shape your character.

The result of a personality style test reveals your personality traits and helps you to change the way you think and act. Understanding yourself enables you to correctly classify the behavior of other people. If you know your personality style, you will find it easier to deal with challenges.

What are the different personality styles called? At least eight personality styles are known in PSI theory (theory of personality-system interactions). The meta-theory of personality developed by Julius Kuhl, Professor of Differential Psychology, describes the following personality styles:

  • Optimistic personality style
  • Self-critical personality style
  • a clueful personality style
  • Ambitious personality style
  • headstrong personality style
  • reserved and sober personality style
  • Careful and precise personality style
  • Self-assertive and self-confident personality style

Understanding personality styles better

People who are usually good-humored, spontaneous and cordial will be able to optimistic personality style assigned. Restraint and sensitivity to criticism characterize a self-critical personality. For the a clueful personality style visions and inspirations are of great importance.

An Ambitious personality style can be recognized by great commitment, determination and a lot of self-motivation. Ambitious types of people always want to be the best and have high expectations of themselves and others.

Headstrong people know exactly what they want, but not always how to achieve it. accomplish goals. With headstrong behavior and great Mistrust this personality style is often unpleasantly noticeable.

What does a reserved and sober personality style about a person? Critical thinking, planning and organization determine the daily routine. There is little room for creativity and spontaneous decisions are avoided wherever possible.

Accuracy and diligence are soft skills that are valued in the workplace. People with a careful and precise personality style recognize errors quickly because they pay attention to every detail. Sensory impressions are analyzed precisely. However, this often leads to a bad mood, as meticulous and precise personalities feel responsible for everything.

Calmness and self-confidence can be seen in people with Self-assertive and self-confident personality style immediately. The great strength of this personality is the ability to assert one's own interests. The downside of this self-confident personality style is the large Assertivenesswhich often has a dominating or intimidating effect on others.

personality style test

The importance of the IDR Labs personality style test

People differ from one another in terms of their personality styles. To find out, Which personality type you belong to, a personality style test is a good idea.

There are various test procedures that promise meaningful results. Due to its importance and frequency of use, the IDR Labs Personality Style Test should be emphasized.

In an IDR Labs questionnaire specially developed for this purpose, relevant parameters are queried that provide information about the behavior and way of thinking. These characteristics and traits are used to assign a personality style.

The IDR Labs personality style test is based on C.G. Jung's theory of personality types. The Swiss psychiatrist, founder of analytical psychology, devoted himself to the Exploring the unconscious.

Although the IDR Labs Personality Style Test cannot be used to make a clinical diagnosis, it does provide valuable food for thought.

5 reasons why you should take a personality styles test

Why is a personality style test worthwhile? What conclusions can be drawn from answering personal questions? The following five reasons show why a personality style test provides important insights for your personal development.

  1. Understand your personality
  2. Recognize strengths and weaknesses
  3. Make private and professional relationships more harmonious
  4. Mastering challenges better
  5. Avoid conflicts in the future

A personality style test is not just about assigning certain characteristics and traits. It is about perceiving you as a personality and finding out how you think and behave.

The test result provides an initial assessment of your personality. You will also find out how you come across to other people. Changes in behavior are only possible if you understand your personality and accept its strengths and weaknesses.

How personality styles influence your relationships

Relationships live from Trustreliability and approachability. Our behavior is shaped to a certain extent by our personality style. Our character traits and life experiences can have a positive or negative influence on professional or private partnerships.

Without the knowledge of the influence of one's own personality style, experiences and events are often perceived as Strokes of fate considered. You can't change fate, can you? However, it is our own personality that controls our actions.

An happy relationship requires flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to compromise. The ability to listen to your partner's needs is crucial for a successful relationship. Satisfaction and the duration of a relationship. If you recognize your personality style, you can strengthen your relationship and develop yourself further.

Coaching and personal development: focus on your personality style

As a counseling method, coaching supports you in your professional and personal development. The focus is on strengthening your self-esteem so that you can Potential can unfold.

With a Personality development coaching you get to know yourself properly and also encounter the hidden parts of your personality. Your Personal growth is possible in every phase of life - provided we are open to other people and recognize challenges as opportunities.

Personal development is seen as a key competence for a successful career. Career considered. With a strong personality, it is easier to achieve goals and lead a team or entire departments as a manager.

Understanding personality tests: more than just pigeonholes

We encounter personality style tests every day. Personality tests are presented in magazines and online media as an amusing pastime. They differ from a serious scientific test in the way the questions are posed and evaluated.

A personality style test records personal characteristics, traits and behaviors. All information for the subsequent evaluation is collected through specific questions or tasks. The final analysis determines which personality style the test person belongs to.

Nowadays, personality tests are commonly used in recruiting, employee development, coaching and therapy. The way people think and behave Understanding peopleis the basis for personal development.

The link between personality styles and professional success

Every personality style is associated with positive characteristics, skills and talents. connected. Recognize the strengths of your personality and use your character traits for your professional success on.

Unfavorable behaviors can be changed. In coaching, you work with your coach to develop strategies for Problem solutionso that you can solve future challenges in just a few steps.

Psychological methods such as the personality styles test enable a reliable assessment of your potential.

Conclusion: Start with your personal development

Your personality style provides information about the way you think and behave. Do you want to develop your full potential?

Take part in our Personality Test and receive a scientifically sound result. Equipped with these facts, the next step is to start your individual personality development. Use your whole personality to shape your own individual life!

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