Happy children through love, attention and recognition

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Happy children through love, attention and recognition

Every parent wants happy children. But not every child is happy and carefree. As the most important phase of development, childhood has a formative influence on the whole of life.

Happy children have it easier. They are more communicative, have more self-confidence and are able to.., happy relationships Build up. What makes a happy child? What do we adults model for our children? Do your children experience a lot of ease and relaxation or are they the outlet for your stress?

What values do you pass on to your children? Do you communicate with your offspring at eye level? Happy Educate children is not always easy. Raising children consists of big and small challenges. For your children to be happy, they should feel that they are loved for themselves.

How to raise naturally happy kids

With the birth of a baby, life changes radically. Suddenly you are parents and responsible for the upbringing and well-being of the little person. Making children happy is a beautiful but also demanding task.

What can you do to ensure that your children are happy and develop into confident adults? The most important condition for raising happy children is that you are happy.

Was your own childhood happy? Or did you miss your parents, experience them as distant or dismissive? What experiences did your partner have when you were young?

Children's basic trust in their parents is built up in the first few months of life. Closeness and reliability are of elementary importance for young children. If you want to raise contented children, take plenty of time for your offspring, schedule playtime and cuddle sessions together.

Happy children: this is what matters

Love, attention and recognition are the values that matter in raising children. Money alone, on the other hand, does not make people happy. Expensive gifts cannot replace being with a mother and father. Money is an energy that is also allowed to flow. But priceless are the mental values in the Relationship to your child.

Don't compare yourself to others. The best parenting approach for happy children is not the method of your best friend or colleague, but the parenting style that suits you and that your family feels comfortable with.

You put a lot of effort into raising children and yet you feel that your children are unhappy are? These are possible causes that can lead to your children being unhappy:

  • Frequent absence of parents
  • No relationship of trust
  • Paying too little attention to children
  • Expensive gifts instead of joint activities
  • Do not show emotions
  • Strict parenting style

Question your notions of happiness and success when you find that your children are dissatisfied are. Too strict upbringing and hard rules encourage Fear of failure and lead to a negative basic attitude towards other people.

Rely on intuition

More moderate parenting models are much better for raising happy children. As a mother or father, you are often under enormous pressure. You are expected to be successful in your career and at the same time raise your children to be well-balanced and equally successful people.

Our globalized meritocracy has little understanding for the individual. Raising happy children today is not easy, but it is possible! To find out what your offspring really need, it helps to observe your children and remember your own childhood.

In the search for the "right" parenting concept, parents like to get confused. However, motherly love can be expressed in many different ways. Trust your own feelings and abilities. How can you recognize happy children? First and foremost, happy children have relaxed parents!

the secret of happy children

Happy childhood: when does a child feel good?

As a rule, children are guided by the example set by their parents. If you yourself had a happy childhood, it will be easy for you to pass on your experiences. The situation is different if your childhood and teenage years were less happy. Nevertheless, it is possible to raise happy children even under these circumstances.

Find out about the different parenting styles. Together with your partner, decide on a parenting style that is characterized by trust and attention. Take your child's personality into account. And get tips from other parents. Rely on your intuition - you will quickly find out what suits you or what does not.

How can you recognize happy children? Happy, carefree children who approach other people, socialize easily and enjoy playing with their peers are naturally happy children.

Raising happy kids with a full-time job

Due to professional and private commitments, there is often not much time left for the children. Is it possible to raise happy children despite a full-time job? In the New York Times a study of the Harvard Business School, which concluded that children of working mothers have a higher level of schooling and later work in higher positions themselves.

However, this is only the case if the children see that the parents are comfortable in the workplace, with their career choice happy and are happy all around at work. A happy childhood does not depend on fulfilling all wishes, but on caring lovingly for children.

Do you want to make your children happy so that they become strong people who shape their own lives? Encourage them, but don't overburden them! Create opportunities for your children to try things out. Trust them to do everything right. A sense of achievement helps them to develop a healthy Self-confidence to develop. Happy children are also allowed to have fun while learning.

Check expectations

Expecting too much leads to frustration and encourages a negative attitude. Trials, calm React when your child brings home an F in math. Are you one of those overburdened parents who say to yourself: I am humiliating my child because I myself am afraid of failure? Punishment and/or name-calling are completely inappropriate parenting methods and have a negative impact on your child's development.

If you want your children to be happy, relax. Accept that life is not perfect. Happy children who are treated kindly and respectfully learn to deal with challenges more easily.

Raising happy children is not about wish fulfillment. Your children should learn to develop skills that will enable them to achieve goals in life. The first step on the path to adulthood is a happy childhood. Happy children need happy parents! Your parenting and mood have a significant impact on how happy and successful your children are.

making children happy

7 tips on how to raise happy kids

What is the secret of happy children? Why are some children happy and content, while others are anxious, unsafe and seem unhappy? Prohibitions, lack of attention from parents, unkindness and little understanding for childish Needs make children unhappy. Trust and love strengthen self-esteem.

It is often the little things that decide whether a child is happy or unhappy. Designer clothes, luxury vacations and a new smartphone are no substitute for loving attention. Being allowed to romp around with friends and have fun puts them in a good mood. The memory of beautiful experiences Feelings of happiness arise. These seven tips should help you to raise happy children.

  1. Be happy yourself
  2. Use rituals that make you happy
  3. Show understanding
  4. Stay relaxed
  5. Communicate with your children at eye level
  6. Encourage your kids to try new things
  7. Accept the personality of the child

Positive feelings are contagious! When you yourself are happy, your mood has a motivating effect. Happiness is a way of life. Happiness has nothing to do with material wealth. You can raise happy children even if you live in simple circumstances.

Teach your children the importance of values such as love, trust and care. Pay attention to your child so that he or she feels your unconditional love. Accept each of your children as they are. Give your children the freedom to go their own way and make their own decisions.

Structured daily routine for happy children

Children need a well-structured daily routine. This is how even the youngest children learn to orient themselves in life. Use rituals that make them happy. This could be reading stories before bedtime or drinking coffee together in the afternoon. Plan regular activities with the family. Walks through the park with duck feeding, visits to the zoo or bike rides strengthen the parent-child relationship and make you happy.

Show understanding for your children, but set limits for them. Everyday life is not always peaceful and harmonious. A child may react defiantly or angrily, become aggressive and ignore your instructions. Raising children requires a lot of Patience and empathy. However, well-adjusted children also have problems. Being conformist suppresses part of the personality. Therefore, it is advisable to show understanding when the sparks fly once again.

Always give them a sympathetic ear

Stay patient and relaxed. Listen to your children and encourage them to talk about their problems. In the long run, you will achieve more than with strict education and prohibitions. Always communicate with your children at eye level. Respect them and make them feel taken seriously, but be consistent in difficult situations.

Encourage your children to try new things. Children are naturally curious and want to discover the world in their own way. Prohibitions will not protect them from danger. Children can only become happy and socially competent if they have the opportunity to try new things. Give your children enough freedom. In this way, you help them develop self-confidence so that they will be able to cope better later in life.

Every toddler has his own personality and wants to live it out. If possible, refrain from strict instructions and punishments that restrict your children and make them unhappy people. Explain things to them and learn to trust your children. Accept your child as he or she is, with all the strengths and weaknesses. Happy children experience love, warmth and security, while prohibitions are kept to the minimum.

How do I know if my child is happy?

Is your child happy? There are signs and behaviors you can use to tell if children are happy and comfortable. Happy children say what they want, they act confidently without being naughty or cocky. A child who is happy and content is well-adjusted and outgoing.

Does your child come to you with problems, does he confide in you little secrets? Then you can assume that he or she feels comfortable with you. The family is the crucial place for laying the foundations for a happy life. As a mother or father, you have a role model function.

A good parent-child relationship is created through mutual respect and Appreciation, through trust and love. Happy children are able to show emotions. Not sure if your child is really happy? Listen to your offspring. This way you will find out what your child is concerned about in everyday life and what is important to him or her.

Typical happy child sayings such as, "Mom, I love you" or "I missed you" indicate that your child feels well taken care of and emotionally secure with you.


Recognition, attention and love are the cornerstones for raising happy children. Closeness and reliability contribute to making children happy and content. Use these seven tips to make your parent-child relationship happier. Happy children develop more Self-confidence and have an easier time in life.


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